Boom Vader 125cc Exhaust Review

I’ve been asked directly and indirectly, through FB groups and forums, what is the best way to upgrade your Boom Vader’s exhaust sounds first?

First, I still have a stock engine, so my Boom Vader is still a 125cc engine, so the amount of sound the little machine can put out is minimal. However, the bike’s little sound can be tuned to sound better. So here is my review of my Boom Vader 125cc exhaust sounds before and after my upgrade.

Just a statement of fact, I picked a simple exhaust upgrade for my Boom Vader. I went with exhaust piping, a drop-in upgrade, with a similar drop-in muffler upgrade. Very vanilla upgrade for the Boom Vader, and we might consider more exciting exhaust upgrades in the future.

Maybe a dual exhaust upgrade? Maybe after I do a Big-Bore-Kit upgrade? 😀

Well, for now, here are my simple exhaust upgrade sounds with my little stock engine.

Stock Boom Vader 125cc Exhaust Sound.

If you are reading this, I’m guessing you already own a Boom Vader and still have the stock 125cc engine. Also, you know what the stock exhaust system sounds like.

I can be wrong if I am wrong, and you haven’t picked up your little Grom Clone motorcycle yet. So, if you are the type that orders your bikes, and before you get them, you also pre-order the motorcycle upgrades, here is the stock exhaust sound you should expect.

As you can tell, the stock exhaust on this little motorcycle is more or less very silent. At best, it’s ‘tinny,’ as it sounds like the exhaust is made of tin cans. 

It’s a ‘nice’ sound if you want to keep your motorcycle silent and your neighbors happy, but who does?

In case you are wondering, I can say in hindsight that I got better sound with the exhaust upgrade(you’ll hear this soon here, I hope), and I felt a little more boost in power.

After My Boom Vader 125cc Exhaust Upgrade

Now with any motorcycle exhaust upgrade, you expect an improvement in your motorcycle’s sound and sometimes performance.

After the upgrade, I only recorded my motorcycle’s sound and fine-tuned the muffler’s baffle. I hope this helps you decide if you want to do this upgrade yourself.  

I went with a cheap Boom Vader muffler upgrade and might change this out later, but I have to say the exhaust piping is excellent ( Boom Vader Exhaust Piping Upgrade Arrived! ). It’s one piece, so no more condensation dripping from the bike at start-up.

Also, with this larger pipe and how it’s routed, I can do oil changes easier( Boom Vader 125 Oil Change (Stock Motorcycle Exhaust). ) without removing the exhaust piping to drain the oil. And, of course, this pipe has less resistance with a wider inside diameter.

What Is The Muffler Baffle?

The muffler baffle I found is a two-part system(with Allen head screws) that restricts sound and exhaust flow.

It can be fully assembled and installed. What I call “Full Baffle.”

Boom Vader muffler baffle assembled.
Muffler baffle assembled and ready for installation.

Or it can be separated, removing the end cap and installing a Partial Baffle.

Boom Vader muffler baffle disassembled.
The muffler baffle can have the end cap removed allowing more easy exhaust gas flow.

This Baffle is installed at the outlet of the muffler or not installed, which is the point of this post.

Outlet of Boom Vader muffler with baffle.
Boom Vader Muffler upgrade with baffle installed.

For you to listen to the differences with this simple exhaust upgrade. Some people don’t want like the sounds of an un-baffled muffler.

New Muffler With The Full Baffle Installed.

New Muffler With A Partial Baffle Installed.

New Muffler With NO Baffle Installed.

My Goal…

These are the first videos I posted to YT, and I hope extra information like this will help inspire you to do upgrades.

If you have upgrades you want to share, please leave a comment below.

I am interested in doing the Big Bore Kit upgrade to my little bike and wonder if you have any feedback if you did this upgrade.

Also, looking for tips for my next motorcycle since I’m always Looking For Motorcycles For Sale.

BTW: Boom Vader Exhaust Upgrade List Of Parts I Used:

Boom Vader Exhaust Upgrade Shopping List

MSX Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe System(Muffler Sold Separate). Boom Vader Exhaust Upgrade
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Universal Slip-On Motorcycle Exhaust Muffler Boom Vader Muffler Upgrade
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Exhaust Crush Gaskets (32×24.5mm) Motorcycle Exhaust Gasket
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