Chinese Motorcycle Insurance Problems, Deja Vu Again?

As anyone knows, owning a Chinese-built motorcycle has its challenges—quality of parts, safe assembly issues, and recognition of your Chinese motorcycle VIN. (Vehicle Identification Number). This VIN recognition issue can cause problems getting Chinese motorcycle insurance coverage, and my Boom Vader is going through it. I went through problems with getting registrations for my 2021 … Read more

What Is The Vermont Motorcycle Registration Loophole?

My intent is not to cover a legal loophole(if the Vermont Loophole actually existed), but discuss what others are calling the “Vermont Motorcycle Registration Loophole.” Accept information here purely as entertainment purposes and to initiate discussions between motorcycle owners. I am NOT a Lawyer and intend to cover this topic with only my opinions, registration … Read more

What Is The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance In Pennsylvania?

Now, this thinking-out-loud post isn’t about actual motorcycle insurance quotes. Still, me trying to figure out what types of insurance coverages lend to getting the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania. If you think the cheapest motorcycle insurance is NO motorcycle insurance, please read my past posts. It hoped that by buying car insurance, and cars … Read more

So, What Are Pennsylvania’s Motorcycle Insurance Requirements?

Now that I finally bought my first motorcycle, I can get down to getting motorcycle insurance. Before I started shopping around, I first had to find out Pennsylvania’s motorcycle insurance requirements. An informed consumer is the best consumer. Because of this, I found myself considering numerous questions I hadn’t asked since I first moved to … Read more