What Is An Oil-Cooled Motorcycle Engine?

TBR7 Motorcycle Oil Cooler.

An oil-cooled motorcycle engine is an engine that diverts the normal flow of oil from the engine to an air-oil heat-exchanger, which allows the oil to give up some of its collected heat to the air. Typically, a motorcycle’s engine oil is housed 100% within the engine. With oil cooling, the oil can exit the … Read more

Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Clutch Springs Replacement (TBR7 / Hawk 250)

Motorcycle clutch springs.

Now I replaced my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle stock clutch springs with heavy-duty motorcycle clutch springs. This upgrade was easy to do with one set of aftermarket clutch springs, and the results were interesting. So, in this post about upgrading my motorcycle clutch springs, I will cover how I replaced them, why I replaced them, and … Read more

A Wireless GPS Motorcycle Speedometer For My Boom Vader!

Now no secreted factory-installed motorcycle speedometer on the Boom Vader, like most Grom-Clone motorcycles, is ‘off.’ Meaning it’s not accurate. This was first noticed as I was doing top speed tests for my Boom Vader; I was getting faster speeds on the speedometer than on my cellphone’s GPS app. I Tried To Fix My Motorcycle … Read more

How To Install A Phone Charger On A Motorcycle (Boom Vader/Grom Clone).

As I mentioned, I upgraded my first motorcycle, a TaoTao TBR7 Dual-Sport Motorcycle, which made it more comfortable and reliable. These improvements made me ride the bike for long distances from home. I solved my directional challenges by installing a cellphone holder on the motorcycle, but then I needed a way to charge that cell … Read more

Boom Vader Gen 2 Exhaust Shipping Update!

My latest update from Amazon about my Boom Vader Gen 2 exhaust moved! Yes, I’ve checked the Amazon site every couple of days and found the last part of my Boom Vader’s exhaust upgrade has had its tracking information updated. Drum roll, please! Some News Is Good News! With an update on the package’s tracking … Read more

Boom Vader (Grom Clone) Front Sprocket Upgrade Considerations.

Boom Vader Motorcycle Front Sprocket, Size 17t.

I was unimpressed when I tested my Boom Vader’s top speed with the stock setup( Stock Boom Vader’s Top Speed Test ). I expected more speed, but I didn’t get it, so I figured I would change this Grom Clone’s gearing and be off with it. However, some front sprocket upgrade considerations need to be … Read more