Looking For Motorcycles For Sale?

Wanting and Looking for motorcycles for sale, in want ads.

Are we all in the same boat? I am constantly looking for motorcycles for sale in my local area, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I might go as far as New York for a good used motorcycle, but I haven’t too many that are worth the travel. So, why am I looking for another motorcycle? If … Read more

Bought A Boom Vader Motorcycle; Now What?

My 125cc Boom Vader Motorcycle still in box.

I see this question a lot in the groups and forums. You just bought a Boom Vader and now want to know what to do when it comes in. Now these tips apply to any Grom Clone motorcycle since they are all basically similar in their engine type. A carbureted 125cc Honda Grom Clone type. … Read more

Hearing Protection: Motorcycle EarPlugs

Now you follow my blog, you know I am an over-thinker and often think the worse and try to prepare for it. I wear a motorcycle jacket for slide protection, with motorcycle armor inserts, great motorcycle gloves, and motorcycle boots, and now you know I wear hearing protection. I use simple earplugs when riding my … Read more

Interested In A Honda Grom or Grom Clone?

I ride a Chinese Dual-sport TaoTao TBR7. The TBR7 is my first motorcycle, and even though it’s been fun learning to ride and work on that motorcycle, I feel I am ready to expand my fleet from one motorcycle to two. I am actually looking at the Honda Grom, but then came across the Grom … Read more

Is The Motorcycle Safety Course Worth It?

Simple answer: Yes! The Motorcycle Safety Course Is Worth It! I have spent time and money on my first motorcycle, but the time I spent taking the motorcycle safety course was the best. Motorcycle Safety Is No Accident! I witnessed many motorcycle riders getting hurt, often resulting from being hit by other drivers. I concluded … Read more

Looking For Motorcycle Riding Buddies…

OK, as time progresses, my only communication with other motorcycle riders has been online. I have been looking for motorcycle riding buddies locally, but most of my friends ride big Hog’s and ride around in circles. I am a destination, sightseeing-oriented person. I like knees in the breeze and wind in my face, but I … Read more

I Got A Chinese Motorcycle In A Box!

Yes, A Real Chinese Motorcycle In A Box! A TaoTao TBR7! It’s here! After much going back and forth indecisiveness, I decided on getting a dual-sport motorcycle. I thought I had to settle for a beat-up used dual-sport motorcycle, but I found a way to get a new dual-sport, The Chinese Motorcycle In A Box … Read more

ISO Cheap Dual-Sport Motorcycles!

OK, I finally settled my fickle mind and decided to go with a dual-sport motorcycle as my beginner bike. Also, a used one so I don’t cry the first time I drop it. A small dual-sport motorcycle matches my riding experience on mountain bikes. After convincing myself, I can’t seem to find a cheap one. … Read more

Best First-Time Motorcycle To Buy?

Now I have my Pa motorcycle license, after the motorcycle safety course, I want to ride on the street. Considering my options, what is the best first-time motorcycle to buy? I decided to buy a motorcycle was the best choice, versus borrowing one, so now left with the question, what is the best first-time bike … Read more

Last Day For Motorcycle Safety Course In Pa

It’s my last day for the motorcycle safety course in Pa! This Safety Course comes in four parts, over three days. The first day was a remote learning session. The second day was split into two parts: the first half being taught on a closed motorcycle riding course and the second half in a remote … Read more

Pa Motorcycle Safety Course: Day 2/Part 2.

Today’s Motorcycle Safety Course Format As with Day 1 of this Motorcycle Safety Course in Pa, this is done via teleconferencing. As before to participate in class, a virtual classroom format is performed. Please read the previous post for more details. Motorcycle Safety Course Material We covered much of what we learned from the Pennsyvlanial … Read more

Day 2, Part 1 of Motorcycle Safety Course In Pa.

Day 1 of this Motorcycle Safety Course in Pa is complete. Today is split into two parts, and this post will cover the first part. The most fun part. The part where we ride motorcycles!!! Yay!!!! Motorcycle Course Checking in Process.The instructor collected our Pa Driver’s licenses and Pa Motorcycle Learner’s Permits. We filled out … Read more

Day 1: Motorcycle Safety Course In Pa.

On my first training day, I am finally taking my motorcycle safety class. Yay! The Basic Rider’s course, provided by Total Control Training, is the motorcycle safety course in Pa that is also recognized as the road test. Pennsylvania prepays this motorcycle safety course, so technically ‘free’ to students with a Pa Motorcycle Learner’s Permit. … Read more

My Beginner Motorcycle Protective Gear.

I am registered for Total Control Training’s Basic Rider Course, and I talked about my Required Items in my last post, Motorcycle Safety Class Information. This motorcycle safety class isn’t just obviously crucial for my safety as a rider but also counts as my rider test for turning my motorcycle learner’s permit into a full … Read more

My Motorcycle Safety Class Information.

Motorcycle Class Background Information I found. Now was you have read before, I’m a total motorcycle novice. I have just gotten my Motorcycle Learner’s Permit and decided against buying or borrowing a motorcycle for now. So I am focusing on taking the Motorcycle Safety Class. After some research found Pennsylvania both chooses and prepays for … Read more