Icon AirForm Helmet Review

Icon AirForm Motorcycle Dark.

My new Icon AirForm Helmet review will be in two parts. The first part I can do immediately, it’s the unboxing review. With time, as I use my Icon AirForm Helmet, I will have more of a use review. Let’s talk about Part 1; being an out-of-the-box review, I will review some specs, looks, and … Read more

Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket Review (My Jacket).

My Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket

In this Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket Review, I want to share my experience purchasing, owning, upgrading, and riding with my Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket, starting at the high-level review and getting deeper into the ownership and customization of the Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket. Just my opinions contained in this beginner motorcycle jacket … Read more

Boom Vader 125cc Exhaust Review

I’ve been asked directly and indirectly, through FB groups and forums, what is the best way to upgrade your Boom Vader’s exhaust sounds first? First, I still have a stock engine, so my Boom Vader is still a 125cc engine, so the amount of sound the little machine can put out is minimal. However, the … Read more

My Chinese Motorcycle Exhaust Review

After owning two Chinese-made motorcycles, living with both stock exhaust systems, followed by upgrading them with new Chinese-made exhaust systems, I thought a quick review could help you. Let’s face it. As a Chinese motorcycle owner(TaoTao TBR7 and Boom Vader Gen 2 125cc), I follow forums, YT channels, and FB groups with other Chinese motorcycle … Read more

A Boom Vader 125cc Top Speed, Pushed Harder!

If I was obsessed with turning these little Grom Clone motorcycles into a speed-demon, I could say at least I wasn’t alone. Many ask, What is the Boom Vader 125cc top speed at full throttle? “At full throttle?” “Riding The 125cc Bike At Top Speed!“ Oops, Got me. This whole time with all the performance … Read more

Boom Vader Gen 2 Crossed 1,000 miles! (My Grom Clone)

My little Grom Clone motorcycle has crossed over 1,000 miles and is still strong. This Boom Vader Gen 2 (BD125-10) motorcycle has impressed me. I was a little concerned with some items I found wrong with the design( Boom Vader / Grom Clone Assembly Problems & Concerns ) and assembly(shakedown cruise), but it improves with … Read more

Boom Vader Vapor Lock? No, But No Fuel? Yes!

Well, my Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle has gone through some troubled times, right out of the box ( Boom Vader / Grom Clone Assembly Problems & Concerns ), during the first couple of rides ( Boom Vader (Chinese Grom Clone) Review (First Ride) ), and including the leaky gas tank ( My Boom Vader … Read more

Boom Vader Motorcycle Engine Vapor Lock, What?

I’ve noticed engine performance issues with my Boom Vader, a Grom Clone motorcycle, and my Boom Vader would stop running right in the middle of riding. After a few web searches, I keep getting results saying my motorcycle engine is in vapor lock. The number of responses I got for my problem and people saying … Read more

My Boom Vader (A Grom Clone) 200 Mile Review.

This Grom Clone review is a quick review of my Boom Vader after finally driving 200+ miles. Here is my previous review of my Boom Vader: Boom Vader (Grom Clone) Review (@100 Miles). Quick Boom Vader Upgrade Review Just covering all the upgrades and changes, I did to the Boom Vader motorcycle. What I’ve Done … Read more

Boom Vader 125cc Review: First 100 Miles!

My Boom Vader motorcycle, out for a ride.

Now that I crossed the 100-mile mark on my Boom Vader motorcycle (BD125-10), I thought I would take the time to give a little review of my newest motorcycle. This little Grom Clone motorcycle is brand new and isn’t perfect out of the box, however I want upgrades. This Boom Vader 125cc review can be … Read more

Boom Vader Assembly Problems & Concerns.

Now that my Boom Vader is here ( My 2nd Chinese Motorcycle, A Grom Clone, Ordered. ) and assembled, I am looking back on the problems and concerns that I ran into. The Boom Vader being a Grom Clone, I can find a lot of information online from other Grom Clone owners.   None of these … Read more

Nibbi Carb vs. Stock Carb (TBR7/Hawk 250)

NOTE: I finally got around to installing my new Nibbi Carburetor on my TaoTao TBR7. Here is the post: My TBR7 Nibbi Carburetor Installation Instructions (Hawk 250 info). Here I compare my new Nibbi carburetor(PE30) to the TBR7 Stock Carburetor. One of the first upgrades to new TaoTao TBR7 and RPS Hawk 250 owners is … Read more

TaoTao TBR7 Motorcycle One Year Review!

Now that I have had the TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle for over a year, I thought it was time to share my latest TBR7 review. So here is my one-year review of the TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle, where I share my opinions and evaluations about my year-long adventure with my first motorcycle, A Chinese Made Dual Sport … Read more