My Pilgrimage To SRK Cycles.

SRK Cycles Front Door In Pennsylvania.

Today my daughter and I wanted to make a simple road trip. Time to enjoy the open air, windows down, and watching farmland rolling by. An idea that crossed my mind, head out to Lancaster, Pa. Then the idea started to snowball. Pick a destination in the area and the first place that came to … Read more

Overheated Motorcycle Engine Problem(s).

Well it finally happened, I overheated the motorcycle engine. I wasn’t sure when, but didn’t suspect I could overheat the TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle’s engine with it only being 83F outside. With it being not hot outside, you might be asking how did I overheat my engine and what were the symptoms? Let me break it … Read more

TBR7 Motorcycle Built In A Day, Nope.

Neither was Rome built in a day. However, I too envision an empire of motorcycles for myself. I may have let a few followers down since I thought I could have my TBR7 built in a day. In my last post(“TBR7 Unboxing Event!“), I only unboxed the the unassembled TBR7 motorcycle. I only spent a … Read more

My TBR7 Unboxing Event!

TBR7 Motorcycle Unboxing Warnings! My “Cheap Chinese Dual-Sport Motorcycle,” specifically my new 2021 TBR7, has arrived and sat in my garage till now(The I Got A Chinese Motorcycle In A Box Post). I put aside a few hours to get the motorcycle packing removed. I was warned, the unboxing will take a while if you … Read more

A Motorcycle Safety Course Accident?

Yes, a student rider had a motorcycle safety course accident. On the last day of my Motorcycle Safety Course, we rode around covering the basics we performed during the first riding day. What was added was emergency-stopping. What Motorcycle Accident, What Happened? We already learned how to make regular turns, but emergency stops were added … Read more