2nd Chinese Motorcycle, A Grom-Clone, Ordered -Timeline.

If you are a “long-time” reader of my motorcycle blog, you know I suffer from analysis paralysis. So finally, deciding on getting a second motorcycle and picking a Chinese Grom Clone was very difficult. I believe some others sweat the small stuff, too, like me, so I decided to keep a log of events to receive the motorcycle. 

To give a little background:  These Chinese motorcycles are affordable ( Cheap Chinese Dual-Sport Motorcycles ). Working on them pleases me.

It took forever to decide on my first motorcycle, the TaoTao TBR7 Dual-sport motorcycle, and since then, it’s been a pleasure to share my adventures with that motorcycle with you. Plus my TaoTao TBR7 Upgrades To Do List.

My first motorcycle, TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport motorcycle.
My TaoTao TBR7 Motorcycle.

However, finally buying a second motorcycle was a challenge ( Ordered My Second Motorcycle, A Grom Clone! ).

Nuff said, right?

This delivery log will be kept up to date as we advance and include any correspondence with the Grom Clone dealership and/or delivery company.

My Grom Clone (Boom Vader) Journal.

1.- 14th February 2022 – Finally ordered my Grom Clone (Boom Vader 125-10) from Kronik Racing via their online website KronikRacing.com

FAQ: Where To Buy Boom Vader Motorcycle?

Spending Pile of money on another Chinese Motorcycle.

2.- 14th February 2022 – I received a confirmation email summarizing my completed order.

Note: in the confirmation email was these sentences, and I quote:

“This email confirms that your order was received at Kronik Racing USA. You will receive an additional email once your order is shipped. Contact us if you have any questions about your order.”

3.- 22nd February 2022 – I had not received an update, so I replied to the confirmation email asking for an update.

Sands of time wait for no one.

4.- 24th February 2022 – Received an unexpected text from R&L Carriers. The message stated I had a delivery planned given a date and a time frame of six hours. R&L requested a response text to confirm the appointment time or reschedule, and I approved their delivery information.

Now that I had some information about the delivery package, there was an order number in the R&L Carriers text message. I searched for their website and found I could track the Grom Clone’s travel across the country to me. Some of this information is what I pieced together from the R&L Carriers website.

Celebration fireworks.

5.- 24th February 2022 – Per R&L Carriers Website – The Grom Clone (Boom Vader) motorcycle was picked up in Ontario, CA.

6.- 24th February 2022 – Per R&L Carriers Website – The Grom Clone (Boom Vader) motorcycle arrived at their terminal.

7.- 25th February 2022 – Per R&L Carriers Website- The Grom Clone (Boom Vader) motorcycle began its trip across the US. It left the Fontana, Ca terminal.

8.- 2nd March 2022 – Per R&L Carriers Website – The Grom Clone (Boom Vader) had arrived at the destination terminal.

9.- 4th March 2022 – Per R&L Carriers Website – The Grom Clone (Boom Vader) is out for delivery, and I stop #9. Being stop #9 isn’t enough information other than figuring out I’m not first. So the wait begins—time to either clean the house, garage, or play video games. 

If you can guess what I will be doing, feel free to comment below.

10.- 4th March 2022 – Around 2pm – It’s here! The Boom Vader arrived!

Boom Vader, BD125-10, A Grom Clone Inside Its Box.
Boom Vader, BD125-10, A Grom Clone Inside Its Box.

Afternoon of the 4th March 2022, the Boom Vader, a Grom Clone motorcycle, has arrived!

It was a quick delivery, but I have to say the R&L Carrier delivery man was very friendly. We discussed motorcycles a little, what he owns, his plans, and how sad my collection is with only (Now) two cheap Chinese motorcycles. Of course my TaoTao TBR7 being my first motorcycle.

Regardless it was an excellent delivery process, the motorcycle box cam ‘undamaged’ from what I can tell. And I quickly wanted to rip off the cardboard to see what was inside. However, I did snap a pic first.

This is a photo of the timid Boom Vader, all asleep nestled up in its storage position. My goal is to wake up this giant and get the Boom Vader out on the road asap! Follow along!

Boom Vader, BD125-10, A Grom Clone Inside Its Box Frame.
Boom Vader, BD125-10, A Grom Clone Inside Its Box Frame.

What Are My Boom Vader Ownership First Steps?

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Some Boom Vader Gen 2 125cc Motorcycle Information

Who Makes The Boom Vader?

My Boom Vader 125 (Grom Clone) Upgrades To-Do List

Picture of me, as a New Motorcyclist.
Just Me…Newly Licensed.

Hi I’m Tom, A New Motorcycle Rider and Blog Author.

I am a new rider(Pa Learners Permit at the end of 2020, and I received a Pa Motorcycle License in 2021 after passing a Motorcycle Safety Course).

I bought my first motorcycle, a TaoTao TBR7, at the beginning of 2021 and have been doing upgrades on that motorcycle since.

I added to my motorcycle collection by buying a Boom Vader Gen 2 in 2022, and that Grom-Clone motorcycle has been upgraded by me as well.

I continue to ride my Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle as well as my TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport bike.

Read more on my About Me page.

Fun Fact: I’ve only been on one group ride.

5 thoughts on “2nd Chinese Motorcycle, A Grom-Clone, Ordered -Timeline.”

  1. Price you can go with a hellcat 125, I personally find it more aesthetically pleasing then the Vader, granted both are probably better off with swapping the body panels from a real grom

    • Hi Jay!

      Thanks for your comment. First, I agree and partially agree.

      I agree beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I agree they are both(Boom Vader and TaoTao Hellcat) are great bikes.

      What I only partially agree with, I should say my wallet partially agrees; I had to decide and only buy one. I picked the Boom Vader since I did like the Gen 2 looks. I wish I could have purchased both motorcycles.

      I follow MotoCheez on YT, and he has videos on the TaoTao Hellcat, and they are fantastic. For some reason, even though I did initially go with the TaoTao brand for my first motorcycle(The TBR7), I still went with the Boom Vader.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you share your experiences with the Hellcat!


      • I don’t have the hell cat, I bought a tbr7 myself and have a friend with a Vader and one with a Honda Grom(1st gen) personally I think the gen 1 looks better, and surprisingly for the hellcat to have relatively tasteful graphics (not sure why the tbr7 has such ugly ones since it shows they can make good stickers) the grip being the fact it doesn’t use LEDs for the headlight, either way in the looks department you can always make it look like anything since everyone has compatible panels, heck you could mix and match between OEM Honda, Vader, and hellcat panels if you feel like. On a side note any plans on doing the 190cc upgrade?

        Ps: noticed all the typos after I submitted in my first comment, was tired and didn’t notice till to late whoops…

    • Excellent comment. Many people are confused by Boom Vader Gen 1 and Boom Vader Gen 2. What is the difference?

      It confused me when I was looking at buying a Grom Clone. There was only one TaoTao Hellcat 125 and one Ice Bear Vader motorcycle, and let’s not forget the Ice Bear Fuerza. I can go on and on with the Lifan and Kymco bikes, but we get the hint.

      However, when I settled for a Boom Vader Motorcycle, there were two types, Gen 1 and Gen 2. So I had to figure out the difference between the Boom Vader Gen 1 and Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycles.

      First, I found out their backgrounds. Gen1 is based on the Gen 1 Honda Grom body design, and Gen 2 was based on the Gen 2 Honda Grom body design. That was it.

      Under the plastics, there was no difference in the engine or engine performance. Naked Boom Vaders Gen 1 and Gen 2’s are supposed to look the same.

      For me, the big tip-off, which one was a Boom Vader Gen 1 vs. Boom Vader Gen 2, is the headlight.

      The Boom Vader Gen 1 motorcycle has headlights (high and low beams) under one clear plastic housing. Like one oval bubble headlight.

      The Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle has headlights (high and low beams) as separate rectangle headlights. One headlight atop the other.

      Otherwise, the Gen 1 and Gen 2 motorcycles look very similar to me.

      As for what year, another good question. With the Boom Vader motorcycles, not much changed between the model years lately, so I had to go back to my motorcycle title to be sure. I have a 2021 Boom Vader Gen 2.

      Again, my separate headlights indicate it’s a Gen 2 Boom Vader motorcycle.

      Too much info? I hope not. It took me a little research to find the difference between the motorcycles before I bought a Grom Clone. Like the headlight design on the Gen 2, so I picked that up. If I wanted a Gen 1 design, I might have leaned more towards getting the TaoTao Hellcat 125 motorcycle.

      There are so many Other Bikes Like The Honda Grom? choosing can be difficult.

      Happy Riding!!!!


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