New Third Bike: 1978 Suzuki GS750 Motorcycle.

1978 Suzuki GS750 in front yard.

Well, it came time to get my third motorcycle, a 1978 Suzuki GS750, in “good” condition.   This motorcycle is credited with putting Suzuki on the map for four-stroke motorcycles. Suzuki was dominating the two-stroke motorcycle arena, but with the increasing pressures of the US EPA, two-stroke engines were on their way out. 2-stroke engines burn … Read more

Icon AirForm Helmet Review

Icon AirForm Motorcycle Dark.

My new Icon AirForm Helmet review will be in two parts. The first part I can do immediately, it’s the unboxing review. With time, as I use my Icon AirForm Helmet, I will have more of a use review. Let’s talk about Part 1; being an out-of-the-box review, I will review some specs, looks, and … Read more

How I Clean A Matte Black Helmet(Icon AirFlite Motorcycle Helmet).

My Icon Airflite Black Matte Finish Motorcycle Helmet.

Now, we aren’t all blessed with a taste for those loud, graphics-covered, smooth-skinned helmets; some of us are too practical and go for the basic black and, worse, one with a matte finish.   So here is some info about how I clean a matte black helmet. Now, matte-finished motorcycle helmets have a texture that interferes … Read more

What Is An Oil-Cooled Motorcycle Engine?

TBR7 Motorcycle Oil Cooler.

An oil-cooled motorcycle engine is an engine that diverts the normal flow of oil from the engine to an air-oil heat-exchanger, which allows the oil to give up some of its collected heat to the air. Typically, a motorcycle’s engine oil is housed 100% within the engine. With oil cooling, the oil can exit the … Read more

Looking For Motorcycles For Sale?

Wanting and Looking for motorcycles for sale, in want ads.

Are we all in the same boat? I am constantly looking for motorcycles for sale in my local area, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I might go as far as New York for a good used motorcycle, but I haven’t too many that are worth the travel. So, why am I looking for another motorcycle? If … Read more

Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket Review (My Jacket).

My Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket

In this Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket Review, I want to share my experience purchasing, owning, upgrading, and riding with my Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket, starting at the high-level review and getting deeper into the ownership and customization of this Motorcycle Jacket. Just my opinions contained in this beginner Alpha Cycle Gear Jacket review, … Read more

How and Where To Buy Motorcycle Gloves.

My First Motorcycle gloves, Street & Steel leather gloves.

First, I will not harp on wearing gloves while riding a motorcycle. I strongly believe in All The Gear, All The Time (ATGATT), and motorcycle gloves are part of your gear. But initially, as a new rider I wasn’t sure how or where to buy motorcycle gloves. Now that I’ve been riding for a couple … Read more

Bought A Boom Vader Motorcycle; Now What?

My 125cc Boom Vader Motorcycle still in box.

I see this question a lot in the groups and forums. You just bought a Boom Vader and now want to know what to do when it comes in. Now these tips apply to any Grom Clone motorcycle since they are all basically similar in their engine type. A carbureted 125cc Honda Grom Clone type. … Read more

My Motorcycle Heavy Duty Clutch Springs Upgrade Review.

TBR7 Motorcycle clutch and clutch springs.

Now that I’ve done the upgrade(TBR7 Heavy Duty Motorcycle Clutch Springs Replaced) and got the chance to ride around on my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle, I can have a reasonable opinion about the heavy-duty clutch spring upgrade I did. Short Clutch Spring Upgrade Review Answer: I like it!   I wish I had upgraded my clutch springs … Read more

Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Clutch Springs Replacement (TBR7 / Hawk 250)

Motorcycle clutch springs.

Now I replaced my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle stock clutch springs with heavy-duty motorcycle clutch springs. This upgrade was easy to do with one set of aftermarket clutch springs, and the results were interesting. So, in this post about upgrading my motorcycle clutch springs, I will cover how I replaced them, why I replaced them, and … Read more

Why Is Gas Leaking From The Carburetor (Boom Vader Motorcycle)?

Boom Vader Motorcycle, with drain pan underneath.

One of the common questions asked soon after getting your new Boom Vader motorcycle built and riding is why gas is leaking from the carburetor. Yes, this is a common problem with the little Grom Clone bike. The stock carburetor has some inherent issues, and we can start from the most common gas leaking causes … Read more

A Wireless GPS Motorcycle Speedometer For My Boom Vader!

Now no secreted factory-installed motorcycle speedometer on the Boom Vader, like most Grom-Clone motorcycles, is ‘off.’ Meaning it’s not accurate. This was first noticed as I was doing top speed tests for my Boom Vader; I was getting faster speeds on the speedometer than on my cellphone’s GPS app. I Tried To Fix My Motorcycle … Read more