My TBR7 Unboxing Event!

TBR7 Boxed
TBR7 Boxed and fresh off the delivery truck.

TBR7 Motorcycle Unboxing Warnings!

My “Cheap Chinese Dual-Sport Motorcycle,” specifically my new 2021 TBR7, has arrived and sat in my garage till now(The I Got A Chinese Motorcycle In A Box Post). I put aside a few hours to get the motorcycle packing removed. I was warned, the unboxing will take a while if you don’t want to damage the motorcycle in the process. The motorcycle is integrated into the box’s structure, and the box’s material is weak. Based on my research, this warning about unboxing could damage your motorcycle is valid with the other bikes like Hawk 250 and Brozz, etc. Take your time, and welcome to my TBR7 unboxing event!

TBR7 Boxed, notice the curved box bottom.
The box’s structure is flimsy; notice the unsupported ends are bowed downward.

Before you unbox your TBR7, read what I learned from my experience.

Safety First, Unboxing Second!

  • 1. Safety Glasses, yes, I went there. Total shop teacher geek mode. There are shipping box parts that I can only imagine fastened together easily, but now after thousands of miles of travel and bending of material, they are under tension. You lose a bolt or cut a wire tire; it might spring forward and strike you. So wear safety glasses.
  • 2. Gloves. Even cheap basic gardening ones provided some protection against sharp edges and pinch points. 

Unboxing Tools.

  1. Metric combination wrenches. These work well with the following tool.
  2. Metric ratchet set. Ratchet-set helps speed up the process, and since some bolt/nut fasteners require holding bolts(or nuts) secured while turning the nuts(or bolts respectively). 
  3. Wire cutters. You can untwist the twist-ties, but wife cutters are faster. Also, that single metal strap holding the box to the pallet will require a cutting tool, and I did mention the strap was metal. Hindsight comment, I think the metal strap was made of tougher material, the box’s structure, and some parts on the TBR7.

Caution!!!!! If you are planning to unboxing the TBR7 while still it is still on the pallet, please learn from my mistakes. Inspect the pallet. You may find, as I did, the pallet was damaged and could not support my weight when I stood on it. Be careful where you step; You might trap your foot, fall, or even knock over the TBR7.

If Unboxing The TBR7 On The Pallet, Additional Items/Precautions Needed:

Weight support items. This need is from hindsight knowledge. The ends of the boxes are drooping were not supported by the pallet. Those areas will sag more as you remove the box’s internal metal structure to get access to the motorcycle. The TBR7 might be light by motorcycle standards, but it’s heavy compared to how well the box is made. You will need supports under the ends. A couple of 2×4’s, or other material, will keep the working surface safe and ‘level.’

TBR7 Motorcycle Unboxing First Step.

TBR7, Cardboard removed from box.
Removed outside coverings from the TBR7 Box. It looks like the ends are sagging more.
  1. Ensure the box is stable before cutting or removing any items. The box can become very unstable if it remains on the pallet. Work safely.
  2. Look for stickers, shipping labels, or shipping documents for your TBR7 and place them in a safe place. The printed stickers will have clearly labeled VINs, making them easier to read when compared to the etchings on the motorcycle.
  3. Cut the metal strap, attaching the box to the pallet. I cut this metal strap was cut with wire cutters, and I nibbled at the strap. Be prepared for the ends to fly free; again, gloves and eye protection are wise choices.
  4. Cutaway the plastic straps holding down the cardboard. Again, there might be tension on these straps as well. 
  5. Lift, or rip gently, the cardboard away and recycle.

Now the TBR7 Motorcycle is exposed. This moment is your chance to see what scratches and damages are apparent at this point. Fun tidbit, if you follow forum posts by other cheap Chinese motorcycles, you will find many come with cosmetic shipping damage. They are revered as ‘birthmarks.’ Don’t be surprised your motorcycle(TBR7, Hawk 250, Brozz, etc.) have one(or more), and they are conversation pieces for these type of bike owners.  

TBR7 Freed From Its Cage.
Notice how the front end is now drooping lower? Brace the TBR7’s Ends.

Removing the TBR7’s “Cage”. Release The Animal.

  1.  Slowly remove all items attached to the TBR7 and the bottom section of the boxes framework. Heavy twist ties provide lateral support; you can untwist them or use your wire cutters. Just be careful of anything under tension. As you remove supporting parts, prepare for things to shift. Have a sound footing, and don’t be surprised. This moment might be a good time to remove boxes and small items removed before removing the top of the box’s frame.
  2. Remove the support bolts from the box’s top frame from the TBR7’s TripleTree. You will notice something at this point. The top frame attached to the triple tree was there for lateral support, but it held up some of the motorcycle’s weight. After I removed the bolts, I noticed the fork end of the box’s base start to sag. I thought it was nothing and continued.
  3. Remove the bolts of the frame from the box’s lower portion. It will be a nut and bolt combination, and using combination wrenches with a ratchet sped the removal process up.

Once you have all the lateral supports, heavy wire ties, the triple tree box frame disconnected, and the lower box frame disconnected from the upper metal selected, try to gently lift the box’s upper structure from the base frame. No jerky motions, the bike sways, and the lower section will possibly sage more without proper supports. Check for any still attached points and when ready, in one, careful motion, lift the upper frame away. To avoid scratching the bike or harming self, more than one person should do this. I did it by myself and was lucky, and both the TBR7 and I survived.

The TBR7 is bending the box.

This step is where I noticed the front, fork, end sagging and thought it was OK. I convinced myself the oversight was nothing. However, I would have used something to brace the ends if I knew beforehand. This lack of foresight offered by an assembly manual will be a problem in the future.

TBR7 Box Upper Frame being used to store body parts.
Improvised Storage of TBR7 Body Parts.

I used the upper portion of the box frame to keep items off the floor. I would NOT recommend this, it’s flimsy, and many of these plastic parts are brittle and will break if they strike the floor.

TBR7 Unboxed, And Supported By Box’s Bottom Frame.

TBR7 is freed from it's metal cage, and resting on the Box's base frame.
I like the TBR7’s Black Tank against the white body panels.

Now you can cautiously remove the foam and paper and grab any trapped parts you will later use during assembly. Try to careful; some items look like junk but may be essential parts for the bike.

At this point, I decided to stage items for later and stop here. I didn’t get to ride the TBR7 on day one, but that was due to only committing limited time to the project and working alone.

I hope you have as much fun unboxing your new crate motorcycle as I did. Comment below your with your feedback, and Thank you!

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