How I Clean A Matte Black Helmet(Icon AirFlite Motorcycle Helmet).

Now, we aren’t all blessed with a taste for those loud, graphics-covered, smooth-skinned helmets; some of us are too practical and go for the basic black and, worse, one with a matte finish.   So here is some info about how I clean a matte black helmet.

Now, matte-finished motorcycle helmets have a texture that interferes with wiping off grim and bugs. If you work too aggressively, you will ruin the helmet’s surface. So this is how I clean my matte black helmet, and it should apply to all matte-finish motorcycle helmets.

How To Clean A Matte Finish Helmet Warning.

First things first, don’t rush. It is better to clean your helmet than rush cleaning when you don’t have time. Motorcycle helmet cleaning takes little time, but the matte finish should be given extra care.

Also, I need to cover the Icon Airflite visor cleaning in a different post since this information is specific to my type of helmet and is a general post about matte-finished motorcycle helmets.

How I Clean My Matte Black Helmet.

The Icon AirFlite helmet has been my main riding helmet, the second motorcycle helmet I bought after the Fuel Full-Face motorcycle helmet. One I primarily used for my motorcycle safety course and as a backup helmet.

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1.- Collect Your Helmet Cleaning Gear.

For the outside of my helmet, I use these items.

* Microfiber towels(click for current prices: Small Stack of Micro-fiber cloths)

Lint free micro towels for cleaning the the matte finish

* Basin/pot of warm water.

* Mild dish soap.

I use an unscented laundry soap if you read my How To Wash The Icon Helmet Liner post. Although laundry soap can clean the helmet’s exterior, the lining has much less tough dirt.

The outside of my motorcycle helmet is often encrusted with dead bugs that become one with my helmet exterior. So, a good, mild dish soap works wonders for me.

2- Pre-Wet/Soften Those Bugs!

Wiping dry bugs and carcasses across my helmet will damage and mar the exterior differently.

So, to soften up and loosen those dry critters, I apply a wet towel, one of my micro-fibbers, soaked in a bit of dish detergent and water.

I leave the towel on till the buggers can be moved by the simple touch of my finger.

Note: I don’t let the towel become dripping wet since the road, water, and floaty bug bodies might wash down into crevices of my helmet. I want to soften their bodies for later removal.

3.- Wiping The Helmet In A Flicking Motion.

I wad up a wet towel with some dish soap; I used small sweeping motions to flick off the road grim and bugs. I flick away from me and into an area I can easily clean up.

I do not scrub the helmet to prevent ruining the matte finish.

Also, I frequently use a stack of microfiber towels to swap to a clean towel as bugs collect in the one I’m using.

4- Rinse Time For Motorcycle Helmet.

Using a clean, water-only, dampened towel, I remove the remaining soap(since grim and bugs should be gone) in more of a blotting motion.

I push the wad of balled-up towel onto the helmet surface, trying to remove as much soap as possible.

I use a watery towel for the last rinse and do a final wipe-down. 

Ensuring no soap is left; don’t want to find out there is still soap during a rainy ride. 😀

5- Final Helmet Inspection.

I looked for any remaining dirt on the motorcycle helmet’s surface, but by this time, there wasn’t. I am just checking my work.

I look for any water/grim/dirt/soap that might have accidentally gotten into seams and try to clean those out.

6- Clean Up Cleaning Up.

I collect and wash all my microfiber towels and wash out the basin/pot I use. Also, clean up any bug carcasses that are ‘flicked’ on the ground.

I often do this simple helmet finish wash outside, and the bugs and grim are returned to nature in my driveway—no mess to clean up.

Cleaning A Matte Finish Motorcycle Helmet Tidbits.

— During the cleaning, it’s good to check the condition of your helmet’s surface. The nice thing about a matte black helmet is that marks and scuffs blend in with the surface.

I fear that with time, there might be some material breakdown from the Sun and wind abuse, and the helmet might have micro-cracks or tears. This cleaning makes the matte black surface look good and lets me know that my helmet’s exterior is in good condition.

— I often start with cleaning the outside surface of my helmet and then move on to interior services like the helmet visor and the motorcycle liner( How To Wash The Icon Helmet Liner ).

Handling a dirty helmet wheel and trying to clean these items seems too easy to transfer grime/bugs to the interior surfaces. So, the motorcycle helmet exterior gets washed first for me. 

How I Clean A Matte Black Helmet, my filthy Icon AirFlite Motorcycle Helmet.

How To Clean A Matte Black Helmet, Wrap Up.

What do you do to clean your helmet? 

I have friends that make jokes like, “I ride in the rain.” 😀

Seriously, comment: what is your favorite product for cleaning a matte finish helmet’s surface?

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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