How and Where To Buy Motorcycle Gloves.

My First Motorcycle gloves, Street & Steel leather gloves.

First, I will not harp on wearing gloves while riding a motorcycle. I strongly believe in All The Gear, All The Time (ATGATT), and motorcycle gloves are part of your gear. But initially, as a new rider I wasn’t sure how or where to buy motorcycle gloves. Now that I’ve been riding for a couple … Read more

Wear A Motorcycle Jacket All The Time?

Well, I’ve become more comfortable riding my motorcycle. Jumping on my two bikes(TaoTao TBR7 and Boom Vader Gen 2) is sometimes too much fun to do the right thing. Yes, you guessed it, I sometimes get so comfortable with riding that I ask myself should I wear a motorcycle jacket all the time?   If you … Read more

How To Make Your Motorcycle Seat More Comfortable.

Well, with better and better upgrades I’ve done on my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle( Recommended TBR7 Upgrades ), I’ve done longer and longer rides. Given the characteristics of a single-engine bike and lots of vibrations, the rides can get more uncomfortable as I ride the bike. So I wondered how to make your motorcycle seat comfortable … Read more

Exhaust Wrap For Motorcycles, My Experiences.

Now that I have wrapped my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle and ridden the bike for a while, I wanted to cover some information I learned about exhaust wrap for motorcycles.  I asked questions before thinking about doing an exhaust wrap on my TBR7 motorcycle( Wrap My Motorcycle Exhaust? ), but I only could find the majority … Read more

My TaoTao TBR7 Is A Dirt Bike!

This post is weird, but some people have been giving feedback that my motorcycle is starting to look like a science project and not a dirt bike. I am here to say and comment that my TaoTao TBR7 is a dirt bike.   I plan to make the necessary changes to have my dual sport motorcycle … Read more

Let’s Talk Motorcycle Engine Vapor Lock.

I’ve been having issues with my new Boom Vader motorcycle, a Grom Clone, and found references to the source being a motorcycle engine vapor lock. I felt much of the information posted was incorrect and thought I would do a quick post not about how motorcycle engine vapor lock isn’t affecting my Boom Vader, but … Read more

Where To Buy Boom Vader Motorcycle?

Now that I figured I was going to buy a Grom Clone motorcycle versus a Honda Grom Motorcycle, I wanted to first narrow down to what actual bike and where to buy it.   I picked the Boom Vader 125cc motorcycle as my next motorcycle to buy. Without going into detail, the Boom Vader is a … Read more

Time To Buy A Good Second Motorcycle!

Since I bought the TaoTao TBR7, I’ve had fun riding it as a new motorcyclist ( I Got My Pa Motorcycle Learner’s Permit! ), and of course, being a Chonda(like a Hawk 250), I’ve had fun doing upgrades ( My TaoTao TBR7 Upgrades To Do List. ). It’s amazing what results I got out of … Read more

Other Bikes Like The Honda Grom?

Now that I am thinking about now getting a Honda Grom while at the same time still getting another bike LIKE the Honda Grom, I was wondering. What makes the Honda Grom a Honda Grom, and are there genuinely other bikes LIKE the Honda Grom? Often these motorcycles are called Grom Clones. You can search … Read more

Is The New Honda Grom Worth It?

I typically overthink too much and waste time with analysis paralysis. I am rethinking what to get as my second motorcycle, and the Honda Grom seems to meet my latest desires. However, I am wondering, is the new Honda Grom worth it? First, I have to overcome still, will I get a second motorcycle, and … Read more

A Grom Dual-Sport Build?

Now that I’m getting bit by the Grom bug( Interested In A Honda Grom or Grom “Clone”? ), I wondered what I could do to customize the Grom? The Honda Grom has an impressive aftermarket selection of customization options. Then it came to me, how about I make an off-road Grom? I make it into … Read more

A Motorcycle Battery Tender Means To Me.

No Dead Motorcycle Battery! No Problems Starting and Riding My Motorcycle! I have had my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle for a year now, and I still have the original stock motorcycle battery. Nope, not making this up; I still have a good battery that cranks up and starts my motorcycle each time. All because of one … Read more

The Cycle Gear Store Near Me Rocks!

Local Cycle Gear store front, Allentown, Pa.

I have the pleasure of having a Cycle Gear Store near me, right in Allentown, Pa. A little of a drive but always worth it. Let me brag about the latest find I made at Cycle Gear. Bragging Time, Cycle Gear Stuff On Sale. I was driving by and figured I would pop into Cycle … Read more

My Motorcycle Blog’s First Emailed Review.

First things first: I am not a motorcycle expert. I started this blog to entertain and inform others about the steps I have been taking as a new motorcyclist. I hope the time you spend reading my posts encourages you to research and plan your motorcycle adventure. This motorcycle blog is more about the inspiration … Read more

What Happened To SRK Cycles?

SRK Cycles Front Door In Pennsylvania.

Now, if you don’t know who SRK Cycles is, they are the physical company behind the YouTube Channels “Bikes and Beards” and their namesake “SRK Cycles.” Something happened? What Happened To SRK Cycles? I’ve been a follower of SRK Cycle’s YT channel Bikes and Beards for a while and even visited the SRK Cycles office. … Read more