I Got A Chinese Motorcycle In A Box!

Yes, A Real Chinese Motorcycle In A Box! A TaoTao TBR7!

TBR7 Arrived.  A Chinese Motorcycle In A Box.  Not gift wrapped?
What’s in the box!!!!! – Seven

It’s here! After much going back and forth indecisiveness, I decided on getting a dual-sport motorcycle. I thought I had to settle for a beat-up used dual-sport motorcycle, but I found a way to get a new dual-sport, The Chinese Motorcycle In A Box Solution!   Yes, I ordered a Cheap Chinese Dual-Sport Motorcycle and it was delivered to my door. What a world we live in.

Almost “Fast-like” Boxed Motorcycle Delivery

I ordered it on the 3rd of January 2021 and now received the motorcycle on the 11th of January 2021. The TBR7 was the motorcycle I ordered, and after I ordered it, the importer sent tracker information for me to follow my motorcycle as it moved from Texas to Pennsylvania. I will give likes and dislikes about the delivery process later. Soon the motorcycle came out of the back of a box truck and was pump-jack wheeled over to my garage and finally in its new home.

My Chinese Motorcycle In A Box Delivery Adventure.


  1.  The Seller processed the order quickly and sent me a tracking link to follow the TBR7 as it crossed several states.
  2. The delivery man was very polite, brought the motorcycle up to my driveway, although short, and placed the motorcycle in my garage.


  1. Time. Oh goodness, this took a while. The delivery time was not a fault of the shipper but my impatience and indecision. I should have ordered the motorcycle sooner. I can’t believe I was having a hard time deciding between the Hawk 250 and the TBR7. Either would be a great first bike. Like a spoiled kid, once I decided, I couldn’t wake for the standard shipping process. I need to grow up a little. 😀
  2. The motorcycle came metal strapped to the crate. Like real metal, more rigid metal than I think the bike is made of. Sharp too if you don’t watch. So if you go the way of the Chinese Motorcycle in a Box solution, have something tough enough to cut the straps.
  3. The pallet is painted. Burning it is out. Again, something trivial.

As you can tell, my like are serious like’s, and my dislikes are very childish, so I hope you determined the delivery process has been rewarding and not a hardship. Just too excited, I got my first motorcycle.

Soon I will have the box open! Keep following!

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