What Is The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance In Pennsylvania?

Now, this thinking-out-loud post isn’t about actual motorcycle insurance quotes. Still, me trying to figure out what types of insurance coverages lend to getting the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania.

Person thinking about the cheapest motorcycle insurance In Pennsylvania (Pa).
Money is a concern. I want to get the cheapest motorcycle insurance In Pa I can.

If you think the cheapest motorcycle insurance is NO motorcycle insurance, please read my past posts. It hoped that by buying car insurance, and cars are bigger and more costly, a motorcycle insurance coverage would be ‘tossed’ in.  

Well, this isn’t the case. Everything costs something. My car insurance is cost me money, and worse yet, I have a clean driving history, am over 50 years old, and am a family man. And, it still costs me a pretty penny.

I’m with you. So before you try to ride your motorcycle without insurance, here are some quick answers to the questions I’m sure you’ve been playing it:

Do I Need Insurance On A Motorcycle In Pennsylvania?

Yes, and Yes! I went over my thinking in earlier posts; feel free to read them( What Minimum Coverage Do I Need For PA Motorcycle Insurance? and What Are Pennsylvania’s Motorcycle Insurance Requirements? ). Once you are on board, we have no choice but to get motorcycle insurance; come back here and help me figure out the cheapest insurance service I can get for my motorcycle. Thank you.

Background about trying to get the cheapest insurance.

I admit I’ve had decades of going over car insurance and paying for the coverage out of my pocket, trying to get the cheapest deal, but insurance isn’t my expertise. So again, I find myself trying to make myself an educated consumer.

In the quest for getting the cheapest car insurance(either by picking a more affordable car insurance provider or tailoring my current insurance policy), I have still overpaid or managed to o under-coverage myself.  

I hope I make the right decisions going forward, but this is based on car insurance requirements.

Each state has minimum motorcycle insurance requirements.  

Pennsylvania is no different. ( What Minimum Coverage Do I Need For PA Motorcycle Insurance ).

However, these minimums coverage levels are established by state insurance boards not to keep you, the insurance payer, from going bankrupt from an accident but to guarantee a certain level of protection to those you harm.

This means the immediate care for anyone you harm will be covered by anything above your insurance. Not having enough insurance coverage or not having the proper type of coverage could be a costly mistake.   

I wrote about my findings about Pa’s minimum legal motorcycle insurance coverage ( What Minimum Coverage Do I Need For PA Motorcycle Insurance? ), which led me to think about full coverage motorcycle insurance ( Do I Need Motorcycle Full Coverage Insurance In Pennsylvania? ). However, full coverage expanded what the insurance covered for me, Not others.  

I plan to have a cheap Chinese motorcycle ( Why Buy A Cheap Chinese Dual-Sport Motorcycles? ) as my only ride, so full motorcycle coverage might not be needed.

I am interested in what is required coverage and how much is required to keep my coverage costs minimum.

What Is Enough Motorcycle Insurance Coverage?

The CDC has state fact sheets to show how much an accident-related death costs our society. https://www.cdc.gov/transportationsafety/pdf/statecosts/2020/CDC-Cost-of-Crash-Deaths-Fact-Sheets_Pennsylvania.pdf

Losing one’s life is a severe cost and cannot ever be covered, which is extreme.

Let’s look at the costs of a more likely motorcycle accident.

  • Hospitalization and rehabilitation.
  • Loss of income.
  • Property repair and replacement.
  • Legal Fee’s

My mind can go on and on, but the truth is, figuring out the costs of an accident has me a hard time counting that high. But, I can quickly figure out that minimum Pa insurance requirements are not enough.

So, what do I have to have, and how much do I have to have?

I already have decent health insurance, and Pa has a PIP(Personal Insurance Protection) requirement, so I feel I’m ‘covered.’  

However, as a new motorcyclist, I am afraid that what if I hit someone and became liable for personal injury and property damage.

So the insurance coverage I want to ensure I have the most of is liability coverage.

So What Can Lower Motorcycle Insurance?

I feel paying for something you don’t need, or want, is the first step to saving money by buying motorcycle insurance. 

1.- I don’t need ‘roadside assistance on my motorcycle insurance; I have triple-A. www.AAA.com I’ve used towing services of AAA and was very satisfied. So no need to get fluff insurance services like roadside assistance for my motorcycle.

2.- I don’t need rental vehicle costs, my motorcycle is for recreational riding, and my primary commuting vehicle is my car.  

Now my car, I might need rental vehicle reimbursement services if I lose the use of my car, but not for my motorcycle. Not buying this service should save money.

I plan to go over my motorcycle insurance quotes, remove unn3ecessary insurance coverage options, and try to get the lowest insurance premiums I can.

Clipboard about motorcycle insurance concerns, finding cheapest motorcycle insurance in Pa.
Money is serious concern when picking motorcycle insurance, want pay less, but get everything I need.

Conclusion: What Is The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance In Pennsylvania?

The motorcycle insurance you need, at the level you need. I plan to carry only the coverage required by law ( What Minimum Coverage Do I Need For PA Motorcycle Insurance? ) but pay for higher levels of protection for liability insurance.

I don’t need to have my hobby bankrupt me due to an accident. Accidents happen, but not preparing for them isn’t an accident.

I was getting my thoughts on paper, figuring out how to save on buying motorcycle insurance.  

If you have experience and want to share your advice or insight, please comment. Thank you!

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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Just Me…Newly Licensed.

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