Draining The Oil In TBR7 Air Filter Box.

I posted before I got excessive amounts of oil in my air filter box. I first had to figure out where it was coming from and then address it. I couldn’t get rid of the problem of oil collecting in my air filter box, but I took steps to slow it down. 

The first step was to minimize wear and tear on my engine, so my motorcycle’s piston rings stay healthy. The second was preventing overfilling of oil after an oil change.  

Excess oil in the motorcycle engine crankcase is a significant source of oil in the air filter box.  

You can read my previous post about this oil in the airbox problem: Why Is There Oil In My Motorcycle Air Filter Box?

Old Way Of Dealing With Oil In The Motorcycle Air Filter Box

I typically took off the seat, then opened the airbox, removed the filter, and then wiped out the oil collecting in the airbox. However, I did find a trick to quickly and occasionally get rid of the oil.

Oil in my air box, problem for TBR7s and I'm sure Hawk 250.
I would open the air filter box and wipe out the oil by hand.

New Way Of Dealing With Oil In The Motorcycle Air Filter Box.

I found the airbox has a drain. Yes, the airbox has a drain, and this is how I used it to get rid of the oil in the airbox.

My Steps To Drain Oil From Air Filter Box.

1.- Safety First, I only work on a cool-to-the-touch motorcycle engine and a motorcycle on a stable surface to prevent it from tipping over.

2.- Use a long-neck funnel like the one you might be already using to fill the motorcycle engine oil sump.

Long Neck Funnel.
A long-necked funnel.

3.- Position an oil collection pan under the motorcycle engine. I typically do the airbox oil drains when I do oil changes and chain re-lubing. So the oil collection pan is already ready for me.

4.- Slide funnel down between the tire and swing-arm, left side of the motorcycle, positioning the funnel under the airbox drain.

Slide funnel under air filter box drain.

5.- Verify the air filter box drain is over the funnel and the oil collection pan is under the funnel.

Funnel in position to drain oil from air box.
Funnel Under Air Filter Box Drain.
Check alignment of funnel, ready for oil.
Funnel Ready To Direct AirBox Oil To Pan.

6.- Remove the air filter box drain cap and allow oil to drip out. This oil is room temperature, so that it might take a while, so I ensure the funnel is stable and let it drain overnight.

Draining oil from air filter box.
With cap removed, the oil from the air filter box will gravity drain into funnel, then pan.

7.- Wipe off the cap and drain on an excellent friction hold, and replace the air filter box drain cap

8.- Remove the funnel, wipe it clean.

9.- Remove oil collection pain(carefully).

10.- Recycle the oil.

I will update my blog when I get a final solution to the oil collecting in the airbox problem, but my steps to prevent oil accumulation and a simple method to drain the oil from the airbox will work for now.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember, Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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