Boom Vader Motorcycle Gas Cap Stuck Off

I see this in many forums and groups, asking how they close their Grom Clone’s Gas cap. I’ve experienced this: my Boom Vader motorcycle gas cap stuck off or opened.

I had to fiddle with it and found the solution to return my motorcycle gas cap to the closed position more quickly.

So let’s cover this problem.

Things To Know About The Boom Vader Motorcycle Gas Cap.

1.- The Motorcycle Gas Cap Is A Locking Gas Cap.

You use the ignition key to unlock the gas cap.

2.- The Motorcycle Gas Cap Traps The Ignition Key.

The ignition key is trapped in the locking mechanism when the gas cap is off the tank. To release the key, you must return the gas cap to the motorcycle in the closed position.

Boom Vader motorcycle gas cap unlocked with key in it.

3.- The Key And Lock Alignment Tells If The Gas Cap Is In Locked Position.

With the key slot in a perpendicular position as the center line of the motorcycle, the motorcycle gas cap is locked.

Boom Vader motorcycle gas cap locked.

The gas cap lock is unlocked with the key slot and key is inline with the motorcycle body.

How I Close The Boom Vader Locking Motorcycle Gas Cap:

Now, this is for Grom Clone bikes like my Boom Vader motorcycle, but sure, the principle works the same for many locking motorcycle gas caps.

1.- Is The Ignition Key In The Unlocked Position On the Gas Cap?

Too often, I put the gas cap on the pump, and when I retrieved it, the key appeared out of position. I wouldn’t noticed till I couldn’t fit the gas cap back on the tank, but now the first thing I look at is the key lined up with the “Front” Mark on the cap. 

Boom Vader motorcycle gas cap unlocked, with key capture.

This key position is perpendicular to the bike’s body when the cap is installed and is the unlocked position.

2.- Gas Cap Gasket Is In The Correct Position.

If you had to deal with vacuum locking of the gas tank on the Boom Vader, some people call it “vapor lock“, you know there is a suitable gasket on the gas tank cap.

FYI: True Vapor Lock Definition.

The gasket can be folded under itself, but the typical problem I find with the gas cap gasket is that it has rotated out of position.

Boom Vader motorcycle gas cap gasket.

The notches in the gas cap gasket must align with the high spots in the gas cap. If they do not, the gasket stops the gas cap from seating properly.

So now I look at the underside of the motorcycle gas cap right before placing it back on the tank to ensure the gasket is present and in the correct position.

3.- Position The Motorcycle Gas Cap Correctly.

There is a “Front” mark on the gas cap; the bike’s gas cap must line up with the front of the bike.

Boom Vader motorcycle gas cap unlocked with key trapped.

To assist, the gas cap sits better when properly lined up due to the shape of the underside of the gas cap. 

I put the cap on and gave a couple of giggles counter and clockwise to ensure the cap was correctly seated.

4.- Apply Pressure To Both The Left And Right Of The Gas Cap.

I can do this one-handed now, but I initially had to use both hands.

How I push down on the gas cap, with sometimes a slight rocking left and right till the gas cap ‘clicks’ or I see the ignition key turn to line up with the bike.

Applying pressure to both left and right side of locking Boom Vader motorcycle gas cap.

The Two-handed method I used was applying pressure on the left and right sides of the gas cap with my thumbs till the key rotated.

FYI: Should a gas cap always click?

It doesn’t always click for me, but the ignition key rotating in the gas cap is a good indication the cap is installed and the key can be removed.

FYI: Should the gas cap be tight?

With the gasket, the motorcycle gas cap seals against gas fumes from escaping the gas tank. So, the gas cap should feel ‘solid’ once it is installed.

5.- Remove The Ignition Key And Flip The Dust Cover.

Once the motorcycle gas cap is closed and locked, the key should come out with little resistance. Now, I can use it to start the bike.

My Boom Vader Motorcycle Gas Cap, sometimes got stuck.

Boom Vader Motorcycle Gas Cap Stuck Off Gas Tank, Recap.

I hope this helped. I was frustrated with how my Boom Vader motorcycle gas cap got stuck off the bike at a gas station. Now, with just a few simple steps and commitment to muscle memory, I no longer have this problem.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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