Is The Motorcycle Safety Course Worth It?

Simple answer: Yes! The Motorcycle Safety Course Is Worth It! I have spent time and money on my first motorcycle, but the time I spent taking the motorcycle safety course was the best.

Motorcycle Safety Is No Accident!

I witnessed many motorcycle riders getting hurt, often resulting from being hit by other drivers. I concluded there was nothing you could do as a motorcycle rider, and safety was never an option. I later found my conclusion was flawed.

I had friends who rode motorcycles most of their lives but never heard of them being accidents. I decided to talk to them and do a little research. I found that experience, knowledge, and situational awareness were vital in riding safely.

Now being a new rider, the riding experience would come with time, but how do I get there if I couldn’t first ride safely? Situational awareness makes sense, but what do I look out for? Last factor, knowledge.

Where Does The Motorcycle Safety Class Come In?

The advice I was given only takes advice from people in positions you want to be in. These motorcycle safety course instructors are very seasoned riders, and I want to gain their knowledge.

I can gain their knowledge, and this is not so dependent on time as learning from experience. Also, with the knowledge, I could learn to watch out for unsafe situations that could lead to an accident. With the course, I would have a head start on motorcycle riding.

What Did My Initial Research Tell Me About These Safety Courses?

It was meant for beginners and required a small investment in safety equipment.

Motorcycle Safety Course Equipment Requirements:

  1. Helmet – DOT certified.
  2. Motorcycle Gloves.
  3. Long-sleeve shirt or jacket.
  4. Over the ankle shoes/boots.

My Past Post: My Beginner Motorcycle Protective Gear

Motorcycle Safety Course Prerequisites:

  1. Motorcycle Learners Permit or Motorcycle License.

Motor Cycle Safety Course Time Requirements:

Three days, they are broken into four classes. Two were online safety courses(virtual learning with a live motorcycle instructor), and two were on a closed motorcycle course. 

What Should I Know Before The Motorcycle Safety Course?

Every motorcycle safety course can be different, but the motorcycle safety course I took only required basic balance skills—the skills associated with riding a regular bike. Yes, riding a bicycle (Past Post: Motorcycle Class No Experience Necessary? ) was enough experience to start the motorcycle course.

What I Learned In The Motorcycle Safety Course.

There was so much information I will break it down to these few items:

  1. Covered rules of the road.
  2. Safe, regular motorcycle operations(starting, turning, stopping, etc.)
  3. Emergency motorcycle operations(emergency braking straight and on the turn, etc.)

Should I Take A Motorcycle Safety Course?

By the time you read this far, you hope you will be confident of the value of taking a motorcycle safety course. So this question is rhetorical, I’m sure. But to answer it…

Yes, taking a motorcycle safety course requires minimal financial investment and time to get the most out of riding motorcycles safely.  

The course reinforces the rules of the road, the ability to try motorcycle maneuvers, including emergencies, on a close course with a trained instructor.

Can You Fail The Motorcycle Safety Course?

Failing the course has a couple of impacts.

1. This means you failed to apply the skills and information the safety course offers. This is scary. Since it means you didn’t demonstrate safe motorcycle operations on a closed riding course. Which could mean you would be more unsafe on the road with other drivers. 

2. Since passing the motorcycle safety course was a step in completing my motorcycle license, failing it would set me back. I wouldn’t have obtained a full motorcycle license, which could be a factor for you.

If I Fail The Motorcycle Safety Course, What Now?

Now I didn’t fail, a big surprise, but I had a plan if I did fail. I planned to get a motorcycle(borrowed or bought) and practice the skills in a parking lot. In Pennsylvania, since I have a driver’s license already, with my motorcycle permit, I can ride alone during the day.  

So if I failed, I would do homework, or coursework, to practice the basic operating skills and get ready for the next class.  

Since classes are few and far between, I would sign up for the next class right away if I failed.

Was The Motorcycle Safety Class Easy?

Depends. I watched one rider with actual motorcycle riding experience go down. He was trying a safety maneuver and fell. Glad it was on a closed course. The safety maneuver was necessary for accident avoidance and a lesson well learned.

Now I had NO motorcycle riding experience. I was a passenger a couple of times decades ago but never a driver. I passed.  

So was the motorcycle safety class easy? No. Was it hard? No. It was just right to learn the basics of safe motorcycle operation.

How Much Did The Motorcycle Safety Course Cost?

I live in Pennsylvania, and here in Pennsylvania, the class is taxpayer-funded. So it was technically ‘free’ to the students. However, I am limited to taking the state’s approved vendor’s class to complete my motorcycle license requirements.  Pennsylvania’s Class Provider: 

Meaning a pass on Pa’s approved motorcycle safety course means no need for a separate road test. Taking and passing another vendor’s class doesn’t allow me to skip the Pa motorcycle road test. Past Post: My Motorcycle Safety Class Information.

I am close to New Jersey, and they use the vendor Motorcycle Safety Foundation(MSF) as their class provider. I am not familiar with MSF’s fail policy and repeat class fees. So please check their website( ) for information.

About the MSF, so many experienced riders have to take MSF in the past, I heard nothing but good things about the class. I am curious enough to take the MSF in the future; I live close to NJ.

So… Is The Motorcycle Safety Course Worth It?

Yes, Yes, Yes. YES! Take the class! For peace of mind, safe riding experience, and accident avoidance from unsafe situations…

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