How To Install Exhaust Wrap On A Motorcycle. (My Mistakes)

I joke that I installed the exhaust wrap wrong, but it worked. The installation looks good, and it worked. What was wrong was I made it more complicated than it should have been. I under-thought the process and thought it would be faster to take shortcuts wrapping the exhaust while the exhaust was still installed on the motorcycle.  

What Did I Do Wrong To The Exhaust Wrap Installation?

I didn’t remove the exhaust piping before installing the exhaust wrap, which created more work, and I had to guess how much wrap I needed and cut it earlier than I wanted. It was a guess, and glad I assumed right.

Extra motorcycle exhaust wrap.
Notice extra exhaust wrap I back wound? I could have removed the exhaust and took out guess work.

Working the wrap can release loose fibers into the air and become an irritant to you. So faster/cleaner, you can install the wrap the better for you.

To get some quick questions out of the way, so I clarify why I think it was wrong how I installed the exhaust wrap:

Can You Install Exhaust Wrap On Installed Exhaust Pipes?

Yes, I did.  I installed the my exhaust wraps while my motorcycle exhaust was installed.

Is it ideal? No, it created more work.

Does The Final Exhaust Wrap Look Good?

Yes. At least I feel the final ascetics of the exhaust wrap look good; however, if I am ever to install or reinstall the exhaust wrap, I will remove the exhaust piping to make it easier for me.

TBR7 motorcycle exhaust wrap installed.
My new TBR7 motorcycle exhaust wrap looks good to me.

Does Installing The Exhaust Wrap This Way Save Money?

Yes, it did. Not much. If you remove the exhaust piping, you will need another engine exhaust gasket for re-installation. These gaskets are one-time-use crush types. Remove the old one and then reinstall the new one.

Just in case you don’t know what an exhaust gasket for the TBR7 looks like, here is a previous post: TaoTao TBR7 Exhaust Gasket Mystery.

Motorcycle exhaust gaskets.
Bag of exhaust gaskets.

What Is The Point Of This Post?

Again, much of the theme of my blog is not that I am creating a how-to guide to motorcycle ownership, use, and maintenance. But I am simply documenting my adventure with my new hobby. 

So my point is for you to avoid any motorcycle exhaust wrap installation problems, since the end result looks great and was practical for my goals of helping to reduce the amount of heat the engine collected.

I hope through reading my posts; you are inspired to research your modifications and have fun with your motorcycle.

Are You Going To Show Your Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Results?

Yes. I plan on posting a longer detailed post about the process I completed to install the new wrap. I have to say my TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport motorcycle looks more zombie apocalypse with it on, and that is a great look for it. 😀

Stay tuned… There will be more posts about my engine exhaust wrap adventure.

TBR7 Motorcycle Exhaust Installation Update:

I got around to posting the steps I took to install the engine exhaust wrap. Here is the post: Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Installation (TBR7 / Hawk 250 / etc).

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The Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap I purchased and installed from Amazon:

My motorcycle exhaust wrap with some tools and parts I used.

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