My Boom Vader (A Grom Clone) 200 Mile Review.

This Grom Clone review is a quick review of my Boom Vader after finally driving 200+ miles. Here is my previous review of my Boom Vader: Boom Vader (Grom Clone) Review (@100 Miles).

My Grom Clone, a Boom Vader, odometer at 200 miles.
Bad image of the Boom Vader’s Odometer, dusty. Gravel and junk on roads still. Ride Safe!

Quick Boom Vader Upgrade Review

Just covering all the upgrades and changes, I did to the Boom Vader motorcycle.

What I’ve Done To The Boom Vader

The only ‘upgrade’ I did was changing the shipping oil for real motorcycle oil. Often I read those previous Chonda owners recommend using the shipping oil for their motorcycle’s break-in period but offer no proof of why we should use this oil.  

I feel there is much questionable quality about this Grom Clone, and that is parts I can see. I do not know anything about the shipping oil. Is it motorcycle oil or just oil to help prevent corrosion and seizing the engine before its first start?

Just asking, thinking bout these unknowns, you can see why I changed the oil immediately. I use a good quality name-brand conventional oil for the motorcycle’s break-in period, and this gives me the peace of mind to know I’m not harming the engine. 

You can do proper break-in with your oil for those pro-shipping oil maniacs, so why don’t you? Why do you risk damage to your motorcycle by being too cheap?

Ok, down to the motorcycle’s review

How Is the Boom Vader, Good or Bad? Worse or Improved?

The Boom Vader is improving!

This Grom Clone behaves just like other Grom Clones do when getting broken in. It’s shifting much better, and the shifting is getting smoother. I can almost get into neutral without fighting, but I can only get into neutral from 2nd gear.  

Yes, I have lots of problems shifting into neutral from 1st gear. 

Also, I have a problem shifting into 2nd from 1st gear if I am standing still. I have to let out a little on the clutch, get into the friction zone, and then clutch in and shift up to get into 2nd gear if the motorcycle is stationary.

Once in 2nd gear, I light tap downward, usually finds neutral.

What’s Next For The Boom Vader?

To ride my Boom Vader more!  

Although I’m still riding with a liner in my jacket, the weather is getting nicer, so I’m getting more riding time out there.  

I admit, not too fond of the bike’s speeds, but this motorcycle feels like it’s trying to be peppy taking off from a stop. Just have to up-shift so fast with it being geared so low.

I might have accidentally felt the front wheel come off the ground a couple of times. 😀

Check back later. I’ll keep you up to date with my adventures with my new Boom Vader!

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!!!!

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