My New TBR7’s Kickstand Upgrade Arrived!

New Kickstand, unboxed, for my TBR7.
Hmmm…. missing kickstand installation instructions. Typical.

As many TBR7 and Hawk 250 owners quickly learned, the stock kickstand is very long. Adding insult to injury, it cheaply made, rusts easily, and is just downright ugly. Enough about the cosmetic issues, and back to its functionally, the stock kickstand has the bike standing up too tall. It’s uncomfortable trying to put it down while trying to get off the TBR7, and once you get off the bike, it looks like it will fall over.  

Why Change The TBR7 Kickstand?

Well, I covered why the stock kickstand is terrible, but it’s worse. I made it worse. By lowering the bike, I have a short inseam; I made the cycle sit taller on the kickstand. The tall bike has led to a few ooopsies(I fell), so I plan to keep the TBR7 lowered.  

Why A NEW Kickstand?

True, some Hawk 250 and TBR7 owners have cut a midsection of their stock kickstand and re-welded it back together—a couple of reasons why this might not work for me:

  1. I don’t have a welder, so that’s an investment.
  2. I measure once, cut twice kind of guy. I’m sure I would mess it up.
  3. Stuck with stock, rusty, ugly kickstand.

Case Is Settled, Time For A New TBR7 Kickstand!

I searched online for a new kickstand, covering my bases by searching for Hawk 250 parts, and found a cheap solution. Now here it is, and I plan to upgrade pretty soon.

Not Installed, And Not Feeling New Kickstand Love.

Out of the box, I am disappointed with a couple of thing with the new kickstand, and hope after I install it, I will overlook these issues.

  1.  No instructions. Not too much of a problem since I installed the stock kickstand without any instructions.
  2. Weight. Not a real problem, but it seems heavy for what it does. Makes me concerned it’s weak metal? Not sure, but after I install it, I will update my final feelings.
  3. Too technical looking. The TBR7 has more of a Zombie Apocalypse look than Tron. The maker was trying to make a pretty kickstand, and it seems weird compared to the TBR7. Again, guess I’ll have a final opinion once it’s installed.

Where Is The Actual Kickstand Upgrade Post?

I am not done yet. The kickstand just came in and still sitting on my kitchen table. It’s on my To-Do Upgrade list ( My TBR7 Upgrades Post), but currently working on upgrading my rear sprocket. Check back later, and I should have the kickstand upgrade post up soon.

Did You Upgrade Your Motorcycle Kickstand?

Please, leave feedback about your experience or insight in the comments section below. The bike’s safety will be resting on this upgrade. I still have concerns about going this route for upgrading my TBR7’s kickstand.

In the meantime, Have Fun and Ride Safe!!!!

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2 thoughts on “My New TBR7’s Kickstand Upgrade Arrived!”

    • It’s funny you ask; I ordered another universal motorcycle kickstand from Amazon, which never arrived; Amazon listed it as lost/missing in delivery and refunded me. I have been looking for other universal motorcycle kickstands for my TaoTao TBR7. Still, I have yet to see any I want to buy.

      I might pull the trigger and buy the next bolt-on motorcycle kickstand that might fit this riding season.

      Check back later to see if I had any luck. If you find anything, stop back and post it.



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