TaoTao TBR7 Kickstand Upgrade Fail.

Just a quick post about today’s upgrade adventures: A TaoTao TBR7 Kickstand Upgrade Failure.

After lowering my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle, I noticed the motorcycle stands more upright on the stock kickstand. So I thought I would change the kickstand rather than cut and modify the stock kickstand. Many others complained that their TBR7 (Hawk 250, Raven 250, other Chinese dual-sport, etc.) motorcycle does not lean correctly after lowering their bike. So, since I figured this was a universal problem, I would find a universal solution…

Enter Universal Replacement Kickstand!

I was set! After months of looking at my TBR7 ready to tip over the opposite way or having to angle the motorcycle on the street based on road slope, I was prepared for a quick solution. I ordered a universal replacement kickstand from Amazon.

New TBR7 kickstand out of box.

Then the universal kickstand arrived, and I was ready to go. One problem, it was red. I ordered black. I filed a free refund/replacement, and the black version was in the mail. Then the black universal kickstand was here. I was ready to go, but life stepped in—clutch problems, etc.

Comments on the new kickstand’s looks this new kickstand looks tough. A thick block of metal, CNC’d per advertisement, had to think fine thread screws and a spring that looks like it won’t rust as fast as my stock TBR7 kickstand is doing. I was happy.

Time To Upgrade TBR7’s Kickstand.

The universal kickstand’s length is adjustable. I installed the new kickstand. Too short. I tried to lean the bike over on it, and it looked like the TBR7 was falling to the ground. I extended the kickstand, and guess what? Again too short. I had maxed out the length of this replacement kickstand; it was still too short. The motorcycle leaned too far.

Universal Kickstand Fully Extended.
New Kickstand Fully Extended.
TBR7 Leaning on new kickstand upgrade.
I don’t lean this far when I’m riding, my little riding buddy looks scared!

Universal Kickstand Goes Away, And TBR7 Stock Returns.

It wasn’t a problem with putting the stock kickstand back on was a quick operation ( TBR7 Kickstand Assembly). From my experience, I knew how to avoid accidents( Motorcycle Garage Safety Rules ). Safety Glasses(Safety Glasses With Readers), motorcycle stable and safe, and taking my time with the kickstand spring.

Universal Kickstand Not Easy To Return.

Since I returned the originally ordered kickstand due to being sent the wrong color and received a replacement, there was a hiccup with returning this kickstand. The order had no return option via my order history I could find.

I was able to contact Amazon, and they generated a return label they emailed to me. I am happy. Soon the universal kickstand replacement will return, my money will return, and my adventure to find a replacement, a shorter kickstand for my TBR7, continues.

Thank you, and I hope this post helps you avoid getting your hopes too high for a ‘universal kickstand replacement. I will continue to look for a new kickstand solution for my TBR7, and if I find one, I will post it here.

Just a quick shout-out. These upgrades and, ultimately, product reviews are paid for by myself. I don’t mind paying for things and reviewing them if they work, and I get to enjoy them on my motorcycle. This kickstand upgrade didn’t work, and even though it was cheap, I was pleased that Amazon worked with me to get a full refund.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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