My TBR7 New Nibbi Ignition Coil Came In!

New TBR7 Nibbi Ignition Coil
My TBR7’s New Nibbi Ignition Coil, says “Racing” Too. 😀

I early wrote about my concerns about the stock TaoTao TBR7 spark plug boot being resistive and restricting power delivery to my spark plug. As I thought about it, I wondered about the power delivery and the part that delivers the power—the stock TBR7 ignition coil.

Let’s face it if you are a TBR7 owner, or Hawk 250, or Brozz 250, you are not overwhelmed by the quality of the stock equipment that came with our motorcycles. However, that’s the fun part about our motorcycles, they are crying for upgrades, and you can get some wrench time in.

So, concerned about my TBR7’s stock ignition coil, I ordered a ‘racing’ Nibbi Ignition Coil. Will I be ‘racing’ with the TBR7? No, but when I push my TBR7 to highway speeds, it sounds like it’s racing. 😀

So What Was The Ignition Coil Replacement Cost?

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Drum roll, please…

I got the “Racing” Nibbi Ignition Coil for less than $20!

Click for the current prices: NIBBI Performance Ignition Coil

Now, this post is about finally getting the new ignition coil for the upgrade, but not the actual upgrade. I promise to post when I get around to upgrading my TBR7’s ignition coil.

In the meantime, please feel free to oggly at the Nibbi’s pretty yellow color. Sad that once this new ignition coil is installed, it will be hidden by the motorcycle fuel tank, and only the yellow spark plug wire will be peaking out, revealing the hidden “racing” Nibbi Ignition Coil.

Where Did I Get Inspired To Change The Ignition Coil?

I always found several posts by Hawk 250 owners raving about their ignition coil upgrade. Not many TBR7 owner posts. 🙁

These Hawk 250 owners inspired me, but I want to post about my experience with my TBR7.

Did I Need To Replace My Ignition Coil?

I have had symptoms of needing to replace or upgrade my TBR7’s whole ignition system. I plan to change from the stock resistor spark plug boot to a non-resistor spark plug boot (Previous Post: TBR7 Motorcycle Spark Plug Boot Upgrade? ). Hopes to deliver more energy to the spark plug.   

As I thought about it, I felt more was going on with my stock ignition system. Based on my research, I had to answer these questions:

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Ignition Coil?

Loss of Power.

Poor Fuel Economy.

Hard To Crank Starts And Engine Stalling.

Engine Spluttering and Misfire Sounds.

Motorcycle Jerking and Vibrating.

Does this sound like a TaoTao TBR7, kind of? After upgrading my carburetor to a Mikini VM-26 “clone” (Previous Post: Completed My TBR7’s Carburetor Upgrade!), I could eliminate most of these issues with proper carburetor jet tuning. However, I feel the motorcycle could be better.

I feel a cheap upgrade item like a bonafide Nibbi Ignition coil for my TBR7 will improve my motorcycle.

Will A New Ignition Coil Improve Performance?

Based on my research, an ignition coil better constructed with heavier gauge wiring and performance in mind will generate more spark energy. This energy can be transferred to the spark plug for a bitter ignition source to extract more energy from the fuel, thereby increasing the power delivered by the engine.

So Can Ignition Coils Add Horsepower?

Generally No. Sad, but the overall design of the engine limits the total engine.  

However, if you have a bad coil, which I suspect my stock one is acting like, a new, better ignition coil can improve engine reliability and energy extraction from the fuel. So if there is lost power, ‘horse-power,’ a new ignition coil can help recover this lost power. 

Doublespeak, right?

As I read what I wrote, it did. Let me try this again.

  • A new ignition coil will not increase the design engine power output.  
  • However, suppose your engine isn’t working at top performance as designed due to a lousy ignition coil. In that case, an ignition coil replacement might improve your engine, reaching its total potential power output.

I believe my TBR7 is not living to its full potential. So a new and improved ignition coil will help my motorcycle reach its full potential.

I hope this clears up my thinking.

Do High-Performance Ignition Coils Make A Difference?

Increasing the energy delivered to the combustion chamber through a more powerful spark. The spark is the starting point for converting fuel’s potential energy into the motorcycle’s kinetic energy. More power makes the rear wheel start the conversion faster and more thoroughly.

This process is how I conceptualize the material I read about improving your motorcycle output by improving how energy is converted from one form to another.   

Can I Replace The Ignition Coil Myself?

I am hoping I can replace the coil myself. I’ve had the fuel tank off and seen the stock ignition coil, and it’s very accessible. So I plan to change the coil with no other help than what I’ve read from the web.

Check back later, and I will hopefully update you about the outcome.

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I was inspired, so let me inspire you. This way, if you upgrade your ignition coil, we can compare notes. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks again, Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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