Best Motorcycle LED Bulb For Daytime Running Light (TBR7/Hawk 250)

After posting a YT video on how I upgraded my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle’s headlight to an LED bulb, I was asked about a part in the video. What LED bulb did I use to upgrade my motorcycle’s daytime running light?

I talked about how the new LED bulb for the daytime running light was so good someone asked what bulb I used.

Here is the LED bulb I used for my daytime running light.

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FYI.. Extra Info:

Is It Worth Upgrading Your Motorcycle Daytime Running Light To LED?

To be more visible on the road and less likely to hit, yes, but F- Yes!

The LED light is much whiter and brighter. I wish my video showed it better or that any of my photos worked well enough to show the difference. In-person, there is a real difference.

Is It Easy To Replace The Daytime Running Light?


Remove the headlight’s two bolts on top.

Tip the headlight forward and pull out the daytime running light rubber socket.

Pull the old daytime running light bulb and install the new LED bulb. The new bulb is held in by friction.

Reinstall the daytime running light back into the headlight housing.

Test bulb. If it works, continue. If not, investigate why the bulb isn’t powering up.

Reinstall motorcycle headlight housing.

What Is the Best LED Bulb For The Daytime Running Light?

The best LED bulb for me is a cheap one that fits and is available. I will only get around to doing the upgrade if I have all three.

So the LED bulb I found was an LED replacement for the 195 incandescent bulbs. The replacement bulb I picked always seems in stock, and the bulb is usable in some of my cars.  

So many birds, one stone approach. Make it easy, and I will get around to doing it.

Did I Replace Headlight and Daytime Running Lights With LEDs?

Yes, LED bulbs have a longer life, whiter light, and brighter beam.

Since the headlight bulb and daytime running light bulbs are right next to each other in the headlight housing, I just replaced both at the same time.

My TaoTao TBR7 Motorcycle LED Headlight Bulb Upgrade.

Are You Going To Do The LED Upgrade?

This question is for you. I finally got the correct bulbs, and the upgrades were easy. Now I feel safer on my TBR7 motorcycle.  

Tell me your experiences, and leave a comment about what you think about using LED bulbs on your motorcycle.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

Check Prices: LED 194 LED Bulbs

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