How Do I Get A Motorcycle License In Pennsylvania? – FAQ

I got my motorcycle learner’s permit by going to PennDot’s (website) and reading the motorcycle operator’s manual, and brought a completed Pennsylvania Motorcycle Learner’s Form (DL-5) with a check for $10.

The form and payment allowed me to sit for the written exam, and a pass provided me with a Motorcycle (Class M) Learner’s Permit.

With a Pa Motorcycle Learner’s permit, I signed up for a Pennsylvania motorcycle safety course.

Selection of motorcycles I found at my Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Course.

You can read about my adventures getting my Pennsylvania Motorcycle Learner’s Permit, Taking the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Course, and ultimately getting my Pa Motorcycle Driver’s License In these posts:

My later review about using the Pa Motorcycle Safety Course to get my Pa Motorcycle License: Is The Motorcycle Safety Course Worth It?

Picture of me, as a New Motorcyclist.
Just Me…Newly Licensed.

Hi I’m Tom, A New Motorcycle Rider and Blog Author.

I am a new rider(Pa Learners Permit at the end of 2020, and I received a Pa Motorcycle License in 2021 after passing a Motorcycle Safety Course).

I bought my first motorcycle, a TaoTao TBR7, at the beginning of 2021 and have been doing upgrades on that motorcycle since.

I added to my motorcycle collection by buying a Boom Vader Gen 2 in 2022, and that Grom-Clone motorcycle has been upgraded by me as well.

I continue to ride my Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle as well as my TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport bike.

Read more on my About Me page.

Fun Fact: I’ve only been on one group ride.

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