Chinese Motorcycle Insurance Problems, Deja Vu Again?

As anyone knows, owning a Chinese-built motorcycle has its challenges—quality of parts, safe assembly issues, and recognition of your Chinese motorcycle VIN. (Vehicle Identification Number). This VIN recognition issue can cause problems getting Chinese motorcycle insurance coverage, and my Boom Vader is going through it.

I went through problems with getting registrations for my 2021 TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle and insurance quotes. The TBR7 came up as a custom motorcycle under its VIN, and the state wanted special costly inspections. My motorcycle insurance company jacked up the insurance rates just for basic liability insurance (What Minimum Coverage Do I Need For PA Motorcycle Insurance?).

Thinking about money photo.
How much is this motorcycle insurance going to cost, if I ever get it?

Boom Vader Motorcycle Insurance Deje Vu!

I have a motorcycle insurance company already for my TBR7 motorcycle, and from my finding, a cheap motorcycle insurance company for the services I get. Easy to use service, local people all a phone call away, and from the quotes I received, very compatible with big-name insurance companies.

So I thought after all the steps it took to get my first motorcycle insurance, having a second motorcycle insured would be easy.  

Not so FAST, Chinese Clone Motorbike Owner!

I submitted my information with the insurance company, simple motorbike information, VIN, manufacturer, size, etc. All this information can be read directly off the Boom Vader’s Manufactures Certificate of Origin (MCO).

Being a Grom Clone, the Boom Vader motorcycle is manufactured in China. The VIN’s usually begin with the letter “L”. At the start of the Vin, this simple letter seems to cause problems with understanding what type of motorcycle these Chinese Clones are.

When a motorcycle’s VIN isn’t recognized, DMV’s motorcycle services default to it being a custom-built bike. No, my Chinese Grom Clone wasn’t custom-built for me. I might later customize it, but it’s a generic motorcycle for this moment.

The State of Pennsylvania determined my TBR7 motorcycle was custom-built. I wasn’t a custom motorcycle builder, so I had to subject my motorcycle to an enhanced (more expensive) motorcycle inspection process. Glad Vermont understood my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle is a mass-produced imported motorbike. ( TaoTao TBR7 Review & Specs (OOB))

My motorcycle insurance problems now were like before; no one recognizes the motorcycle’s VIN. At first, the TBR7 motorcycle was getting back really high insurance quotes, which prevented from insuring it initially. With time(a few weeks), the insurance company I picked worked with me. The underwriters investigated to find my TBR7 motorcycle was a factory-produced motorcycle, not a custom motorcycle build.

Again, my Boom Vader motorcycle is coming back as a custom build motorcycle since the VIN does not match anything in my insurance company’s database. I am not even getting an insurance quote back since they are unsure what type of motorcycle it is. I get the insurance company asking vague questions about my motorbike but trying to answer.  

I find out I’m speaking to an insurance company’s customer service repetitively, and it’s the insurance company’s underwriters that make the decisions about insurance risks and coverage requirements/costs. This poor lady was playing middle-person to an eager motorcycle owner and a backroom motorcycle insurance underwriter, and I’m sure it was frustrating for her.

Possible Coverage Solution To Prove My Boom Vader Is A Basic Motorcycle.

The insurance company requested a copy of the MCO and a couple of my Boom Vader motorcycle photos. 

Sending an MCO copy was easy. I’m trying to pick out generic photos of my great Boom Vader not so much since my Boom Vader looks so awesome. :p

Right side view of my Boom Vader motorcycle.
Admit it, my Boom Vader Motorcycle Looks Awesome! Even with no Grom Clone Mods yet.

I was instructed to provide a photo of each side of my Grom Clone. Now, I want the lowest, cheapest insurance quote for my motorcycle insurance so that I might have picked the most basic lighting and background for my motorcycle photos. My Boom Vader still looks fantastic, but just a couple of basic pictures for this motorcycle policy.

We all know Boom Vader’s are spectacular motorcycles, but it’s just a basic Chinese motorbike for the insurance application. 😀

Where I Stand With The Chinese Motorcycle Insurance Process.

1.- Applied For Motorcycle Insurance As A Regular Motorcycle Owner.

I have an existing insurance policy with my current provider, so I figured to have my Boom Vader as a new add on the motorcycle.

2.- Informed Couldn’t Process Motorcycle Insurance Application.

My motorcycle’s VIN wasn’t recognized, so the Chinese motorcycle was treated as a custom motorcycle. Additional motorcycle information was needed to disprove this assumption.  

3.- My Boom Vader Motorcycle Is From A Chinese Factor.

To prove my Grom Clone is a basic Chinese-made motorcycle, I provided a copy of the Boom Vader’s MCO and two photos(one of each side of the bike) to the insurance company.

4.- Now Waiting For Motorcycle Insurance Company Response.

Crossing fingers, the Boom Vader has some issues out of the box( Boom Vader / Grom Clone Assembly Problems & Concerns ), with only one preventing it from betting-ridden, the rear brake issue. Now that the seller corrected this problem, I got a generic Grom Clone rear brake reservoir and tubing ( Boom Vader Motorcycle Brake Fluid Reservoir Replacement. ). I want to ride my motorcycle (imagine me stopping my feet 😀 ).


Without motorcycle riding insurance, I will not apply for my motorcycle’s registration ( Vermont Motorcycle Registration Loophole? ), so my Boom Vader has no plate, and if I ride up and down my street, I risk a ticket/arrest. So like a good boy, I wait.

Conclusion With Motorcycle Insurance Policies and Chinese Motorcycles!

Submit Everything!

If you are submitting information online, get a way to submit copies of your bill of sale, your motorcycle’s MCO, and a couple of ‘basic’ photos of your bike.  

If you talk to your motorcycle insurance company via phone, get an email address to send them all your supporting information. Again, the motorcycle bill of sale, the MCO, and a couple of “basic” photos of your Chinese motorcycle.

Make this more manageable for the insurance company to say “yes!” and “yes” with as cheap an insurance quote as they can offer. Ch-Ching!!!!

For The Future, Motorbike Insurance Solutions?

I am waiting, and I plan to update this blog about the outcome. I’m sure the underwriters will return with either an approved motorcycle policy status, or request additional information. The process is like watching a very slow tennis game. Back and forth, forth and back. 

Getting motorcycle insurance is necessary to ride on my state’s roads( What Are Pennsylvania’s Motorcycle Insurance Requirements? ). Like everyone, I don’t want to overpay for insurance, especially since I purchased a low-cost Chinese Grom Clone as my motorcycle.

Ride Safe; Ride Insured; Ride Fun!

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