What Is The Vermont Motorcycle Registration Loophole?

My intent is not to cover a legal loophole(if the Vermont Loophole actually existed), but discuss what others are calling the “Vermont Motorcycle Registration Loophole.” Accept information here purely as entertainment purposes and to initiate discussions between motorcycle owners.

I am NOT a Lawyer and intend to cover this topic with only my opinions, registration experience, and understanding about how to do a Vermont out-of-state motorcycle registration.

Remember, just as you need to follow Vermont’s laws for motorcycle registration, if you intend to register your motorcycle in Vermont, you should also ensure you follow your home state’s laws for motorcycle registrations.

If you have questions about registering your motorcycle in Vermont, in state or out of state, please contact the Vermont DMV. They will provider you with the most current rules and regulations for their motorcycle registration process.

This information is current as of the date of this post and based on my experience and opinion, Also is subject to change. Please do your own research. This is not a how-to post, but a post about my observations and understanding of out-of-state Vermont motorcycle registrations. Simply a Layperson’s point of view.

What Is The Big Picture View Of The Vermont Loophole?

It’s not a legal loophole. Legal loopholes are weaknesses or omissions in law that people intentionally use to circumvent the law or legal intent of the law. IMHO: Although not ‘breaking’ the law, people avoid conflict with the law to do what the law was created to prevent.

Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loophole

What people might think is a loophole is that Vermont allows registration of out-of-state vehicles by mail. This non-in-person type of vehicle transaction might seem very ‘back-alley’ for motorcycle owners used to interrogation techniques of their local State’s DMV.

People Feel Registering A Motorcycle In Vermont Is A Loophole?

When I follow the Chonda Motorcycle forums, I find that many people feel they can use Vermont to register motorcycles that are otherwise unable to register in their home states.

In this case, they are performing a task; in this case, registering a street-legal motorcycle while unable to do so in their home state is seen as a legal loophole. 

Is This A ‘Legal’ Vermont Loophole?

Again, not a lawyer. You are not avoiding the law; you are just using the laws of another state to do what is required of you as a motorcycle owner. You are registering a motorcycle as necessary to use on the street.  

Is This Legal In VT?  

Viewing it from the State of Vermont viewpoint, Yes. When you register a motorcycle with the State Of Vermont, they require you to own the motorcycle legally, they require proof of insurance(well I send a copy of mine), they need you to pay state sales tax, and they require you to pay for your motorcycle’s registration.

Does This Type Of Motorcycle Registration Sound Like a Loophole?

Not to this layperson. It sounds like a standard motorcycle registration process, and you are registering your motorcycle with a state entity with proof of ownership and insurance.

What Is Different About Vermont’s Motorcycle Registration?

I can only speak from limited experience as a new motorcycle owner living in Pennsylvania. I will list what I learned as a new motorcycle owner but remember still not a lawyer or an expert at this. I feel I am just as a layperson as you are and might help you better understand what I learned.

Note: If you are reading this page, I feel you are just like me, an owner of a Chonda(TaoTao TBR7, Hawk 250, Brozz, Raven 250, etc.), and you are wondering how you can get your motorcycle street legal without going through the hassle of explaining what Chonda is to your local DMV.  

So as we advance, most of the research and information I am sharing is about registering Chonda motorcycles. Small 250cc Chinese dual-sport motorcycles and street-only Chinese motorcycles. Just sharing what I learned, not an expert.

What Is Different Between Pennsylvania and Vermont?  

Again based on my smaller Chonda motorcycle (<300cc’s motor) ( TaoTao TBR7 Review & Specs )

Annual Motorcycle Inspections:

In Pennsylvania, Pa registered motorcycles are required to have a annual motorcycle inspection.

No Printed Motorcycle Titles From Vermont:

Under certain conditions, a small motorcycle(<300cc’s) can be registered with only a completed Vermont Bill Of Sale form. This is very beneficial to us who buy these used Chinese motorcycles online. Often the seller has lost the title/Manufactures Certificate Of Origin (MCO).

Can I Get A Motorcycle Title With A Bill Of Sale In Vermont?

I learned since my motorcycle is a small enough engine(<= 300cc’s), Vermont does not issue a motorcycle title, and I received a Vermont motorcycle registration only.

Your situation might be different. So as mentioned, proof of ownership is required, and in some cases, proof of possession or existence, VIN verification is necessary.

What Are Out Of State Vermont Motorcycle Benefits?

Especially for us Chinese motorcycle owners, who do not have an actual motorcycle title, but a Manufactures Certificate Of Origin (MCO).

Some complaints by Chinese motorcycle owners are the MCO wasn’t an actual motorcycle title, which is correct. The MCO comes from the motorcycle factory, not a DMV, and DMV issues titles from my experiences.

Also, I heard some Chinese bike owners complain the MCO’s information wasn’t clear enough to clear the new motorcycle for on-road use. So the Chinese dual-sport motorcycles are viewed as only off-road dirt bikes. 🙁

As you have read, there are many benefits, but let me run through some scenarios where registering your motorcycle out-of-state in Vermont could help you. Based on shared stories.

Hypothetical Motorcycle Registration Scenario #1:

You bought a new motorcycle online, and your state is stonewalling you.

Many complaints from new Chonda owners, they can’t get their motorcycle registered in their home state.  

Examples I read are:

  • Vin doesn’t match any existing database.
  • The manufacturer is listed differently than the importer, so there is no match.
  • Motorcycle completed by owners, so the motorcycle requires a very special inspection that is both time-consuming and expensive.

Because of these problems and Vermont being very friendly to motorcycle owners, people chose to go to Vermont for their Chonda motorcycle registration needs.  

So armed with your bill of sale/invoice and MCO from where you bought your motorcycle, using the Vermont Registration Wizard( https://appengine.egov.com/apps/vt/DMV/requireddocumentswizard ), you can register the motorcycle with:

  • A completed motorcycle Registration Form (Form VD-119 Vermont Registration Tax and Title Application).
  • Your Manufactures Certificate Of Origin (MCO).
  • Your Invoice/Bill Of Sale.

Hypothetical Motorcycle Registration Scenario #2.

You bought a used motorcycle(Hawk 250, TBR7, etc.) without a title.

It is not unusual that smaller, cheaper motorcycles are not well cared for. As a result, owners don’t take the time to ensure the title is safe and secure. Resulting in the motorcycle being listed for sale online, missing its title.

Based on following the Vermont Registration Wizard( https://appengine.egov.com/apps/vt/DMV/requireddocumentswizard ), you can register the motorcycle with:

  • A completed Vermont Bill of Sale and Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form VT-005). This form looks to be completed by you and the seller.
  • A completed motorcycle Registration Form (Form VD-119 Vermont Registration Tax and Title Application).

Remember to include all applicable fees.

FYI: Because the typical Chonda(TBR7, Hawk 250, Raven 250, Boom Vader and other Grom Clones, etc.) is less than 300cc’s, no Vermont VIN Verification is needed per their website.

FAQ: Where Is The VIN On A Motorcycle?

Finally, Is A Vermont Registered Motorcycle A Loophole?

If you got this far, you read how I was sharing with you what I learned, and it’s up to you to see if anyone is circumnavigating laws to do what is required by law basely. Register your street motorcycle.

What Is The End Game With A Vermont Motorcycle Registration?

As expected, to have a street-legal motorcycle, you can enjoy.

However, there are further intentions of some people…. let’s say you were in the scenario where you had a motorcycle without a title. I am told after you get the out-of-state Vermont motorcycle registration, you can transfer it to your state and have an instate motorcycle registration and title generated.  

You have created a new motorcycle title with minimal effort as a result.

Can I Break The Law?


I’m sure if you tried to register a stolen motorcycle in Vermont or committed fraud by listing fake information on the registration paperwork, some law enforcement agency might visit you.  

Going across state lines to commit a crime might even have some three-letter federal agency-type people reaching out to you for comment, or worse.


What Now?

This post was just a report of information floating around on the internet about fellow Chonda owners using Vermont’s amicable out-of-state motorcycle registration process to speed up getting their motorcycle ready for the road.

What Are My Bike Registration Instructions?

Stay legal! Loopholes are for those trying to avoid following laws. Just follow the law.

It’s Easy To Register A Motorcycle In Vermont Without A Title. Just be sure you meet your state’s motorcycle laws as well as Vermont’s motorcycle laws.

Do not read into this just again: not a lawyer; I just wanted to share some Chonda-related information that could benefit someone searching for a consolidated source of information.

A How To Register A Motorcycle In Vermont Without A Title Post?

Once I compile my experiences with registering my motorcycles with the state of Vermont and how I filled out the paperwork, I will post my experiences.

This post is not how a “how-to” post on registering your motorcycle. I wanted to share my opinion about the negative discussions about how registering your bike out of state with Vermont was a legal loophole.

Stay tuned for a follow-up post. Thank you.

Rides Safe, Ride Legal, Ride Fun!

FYI: Vermont Motorcycle Registration Information Website: https://dmv.vermont.gov/registrations/new

Information Disclaimer:

Information contained in this post and on this site is based on my very novice opinions and understanding of motorcycle issues. I am constantly learning as a new motorcycle rider, tinkerer, and owner.

So, do your own research, and understand this site is for entertainment purposes only as I document my growth as a new motorcyclist.

If I make a mistake with any of my understanding, please reach out to me. Motorcycling can be a dangerous activity, and we all can help each other enjoy it safely.

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