Got A Super-cheap Motorcycle Engine Compression Tester, From Amazon.

I have noticed excessive gasses coming out of my crankcase vent. If you read my past posts about my struggles with oil in my airbox(Fed Up With Oil In My Motorcycle AirBox. 🙁 ), you might understand I am acting weird about this topic. I am concerned that there are many engine cylinder piston blow-by, so I decided to pick up a super-cheap motorcycle engine compression tester from Amazon.

Before I get the helpful comments, I know engine compression testers aren’t specific to cars or motorcycles. However, there are different adapters for each spark plug size. I searched explicitly on amazon for an engine compression tester for my bike. My motorcycle is a 2021 TaoTao TBR7, and I found a compression tester for it.

Now I want to show it to you if you are interested in getting your engine compression tester for your motorcycle.  

My New SUPER-Cheap Motorcycle Engine Compression Tester.

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Motorcycle Engine Compression Test Kit.
My New Super-Cheap Engine Compression Tester Kit. Under $20!

I bought: Motorcycle Engine Compressor Test Kit

I sometimes find a real deal with Harbor Freight, but I smashed a home-run with getting this kit from Amazon this time.

What Next?

Now that I got this compression tester kit, I plan to to a compression test my TaoTao TBR7 engine compression. I’ve had concerns about how the bike runs after my first real engine overheating event( Overheated Motorcycle Engine Problem(s) ).

Note, please be aware of overheating: Air-Cooled Engine Overheating Symptoms?

Now the TBR7 motorcycle continued to improve after every performance and reliability upgrade( My TaoTao TBR7 Upgrades To Do List ) I did, but finding those metal shavings in the engine oil( Metal Shavings In The Motorcycle Oil!!! ) worries me.

So, the plan is to do a motorcycle engine compression test on my TBR7. Follow along. Thanks!

My Intent On Sharing My New Engine Compressor Tester Find

By sharing this new find, I am hoping that if you have experience, you can share with me what you know about engine compression tests.

I’ve never done an engine compression test, if you haven’t noticed by my excitement and the last statement. 

I only know the basics from reading several sites based on ‘healthy’ motorcycle specs. To summarize compression rules, I found:

What Is a Good Compression Test For Motorcycle Engine?

  1. The expected typical motorcycle engine compression test results should range from 110 to 130 psi.
  2. A motorcycle should have above 100 psi of compression in its engine cylinders. Anything less than 100 psi can cause poor engine operation.
  3. Also, all engine cylinders should be within 10% pressure of each other.  

If you cannot have at least 100 psi in every motorcycle engine cylinder, expect to have to invest where the pressure is being lost through damaged valves, cylinder leaks, or worn piston rings.

I Did Math For Compression Test Specs For My TBR7 Motorcycle

Based on TaoTao specs for a TBR7, it has a 9.0 to 1 compression engine.

I live about 400 feet above sea level. According to: my atmospheric pressure is about 14.485 psi.

With my engine supposed to do a 9.0 times compression:

9.0 x 14.485 = 130.635 psi.

My guess, when I get around to testing my TBR7’s engine compression in a perfectly sealed engine, it should be about 131 psi.  

Check my math, please.

I Am Reaching Out For Feedback.

I have just given the extent of my expertise on doing an engine compression test. If you have feedback or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

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