Fed Up With Oil In My Motorcycle AirBox. :(

Now I have changed my habits to avoid getting so much oil in my airbox. I covered these in an earlier post. (My Post: Why Is There Oil In My Motorcycle Air Filter Box?). After I removed my TBR7’s carburetor air intake and did an air filter pod upgrade(my post: TBR7 Air Filter Pod Replacement, DONE!), I no longer use the airbox for a filter housing(hence why I call it an airbox, no longer an air filter box).

I have taken steps to avoid oil accumulation and regularly remove collected oil by draining it out of the airbox drain port(My Post: Draining The Oil In TBR7 Air Filter Box.). However, after removing the carburetor intake tube, air flowed into the airbox and seemed to slosh around the oil. Look at this mess.

Spray from oil in airbox.  My motorcycle is getting messy.
Not only do you see the oil mess, but how the tubing slopes down towards the airbox.

Now, after the airport upgrade, I only stuffed a rag into the airbox to catch any loose oil but didn’t expect such a mess. I was lazy trying to figure what to do with the airbox, and I have learned a lesson.

Goal: No More Oil In My Motorcycle’s AirBox!

I outlined a design flaw in an earlier post( Why Is There Oil In My Motorcycle Air Filter Box?). The design flaw is the crankcase breather hose oil filter(also called an oil catch) is higher than its outlet in the airbox. This design flaw creates a downward slope for any oil vapor or oil droplets that get past the oil catch and flow into the airbox.

Been thinking about this for a while, and finding a fix: Oil In Airbox Motorcycle Solutions, I Found.

Crankcase breather hose oil catch.  Tube slopes downward after catch.
The tube exiting the oil filter, back ‘acorn’ with numbers on it, slopes downward away from the engine.

I plan on rerouting the engine crankcase breather tube so the tubing slopes back to the motorcycle’s crankcase.

I will update you about my design and changes when I get it worked out. Have a few ideas for the breather tube modifications, one which uses the airbox, another that eliminates the airbox completely.

I just wanted to vent about this oil issue and hopefully forewarn anyone thinking about putting in an air pod upgrade and skipping fixing the oil in the airbox problem.

Thanks for stopping by; Ride Safe, Ride Fun.

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