Nibbi Carburetor Upgrade From AutoZone!

Let me give you some background. I upgraded my TaoTao TBR7 motrocycle with a new Nibbi Carburetor Upgrade (PE30), and after the installation, there was something I didn’t like. How the new carburator was positioned on the intake manifold.

I couldn’t figure out how to ‘fix’ it since I ordered only official Nibbi parts. I figured I would live with the Nibbi installed, but I found my fix at Auto Zone. 

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Was My Nibbi Carburetor Upgrade Flawed?

No. I did exactly what was expected, and I ordered only Nibbi Parts (PE30 carburetor, Nibbi air cone filter, and Nibbi manifold). I installed the Nibbi with no problems on my TBR7, but something bothered me.

When you installed the carburetor, the only thing holding the Nibbi carburetor in place was the rubber boot. The boot isn’t a problem, except I had a hard time getting the rubber boot to insert the engine manifold fully.

This limited insertion space meant minimal contact between the Nibbi boot and the intake manifold. Now there is a hose clamp holding the boot to the intake manifold, but I was not too fond of it for some reason.

Nibbi intake manifold boot installed.
Very little boot is on the intake manifold to the right.

What Did I Want?

I wanted a longer intake boot.   

The limited contact was due to the current Nibbi boot being very straight and short. Due to limited space, the carburetor is slightly angled, and the intake boot isn’t long enough to get compensated for the angle and spacing between the carburetor and the engine manifold.

Just the Nibbi boot in place, without the Nibbi carburetor.
See how little boot material intact with intake before carburetor’s angle twists it off further?

Was There A Real Nibbi Carburetor Problem?

Not sure. I went motorcycle riding a couple of days ago and loved how the TBR7 is handling. It was awesome. The Nibbi upgrades (ignition coil and carburetor) came together to produce good results.

I had to look a gift horse in the mouth and started checking my installation and found the carburetor felt like it was hanging off the boot. It seems like the boot heated up, and it moved. Maybe getting softer with the heat had something to do with it.  

I was uncomfortable with a carburetor ‘hanging’ off a soft rubber boot with a limited contact surface to the engine intake.

I felt I was making a mountain out of a molehill, and the molehill was just a figment of my brain overthinking.

Solution Found, At Auto Zone!

I took off my Nibbi intake boot, brought it to Auto Zone, and showed it to a counter person. I explained its purpose, and I guessed I could use a radiator hose in its place.

Well, the counter person quickly had a handful of sections of radiator hoses to choose from, and I found one that could fit. The proper sized internal diameter had a slight bend to compensate for the Nibbi carburetor’s angle against the TBR7 frame.

Nibbi Carburetor Upgrade to to min intake, a radiator hose.
New radiator hose next to Nibbi rubber mount.

New MacGyver Nibbi Carb Boot Installation:

1.- First, I focused on safety cause safety is no accident. 

  • TBR7 engine cool to the touch.
  • Motorcycle secured against rolling away.
  • A fire extinguisher is nearby.
  • First aid kit.

2.- Tools Staged, since I lose things quickly.

  • Wire cutters for trimming hose.
  • Marker for marking, duh.
  • Screwdriver to secure hose clamps.

FYI: Building My List of Must-Have Tools For Motorcycle Owners

3.- Shop materials, making the job easier.

  • High temp grease to aid in slipping on the boot.

4.- Dry fitted hose to Nibbi carburetor outlet – Worked!

Note: I used a little grease on the inside of the hose to ensure full insertion. I know there is a joke here, but let’s move on.

Radiator hose dry fit to Nibbi Racing Carb outlet.
New radiator hose fits on Nibbi carburetor outlet.

5.- Dry fitted hose to engine manifold – Worked!

Dry-fitting new radiator hose to Nibbi engine manifold.
New hose fits Nibbi engine manifold.

6.- With hose fully inserted onto engine manifold, feel for intake manifold and mark about a 1″+ from the end of the intake manifold on the hose.

7.- Remove the hose, and continue mark around the hose for even cutting.

Marking hose for trimming.
Marking hose for trimming.

8.- Using wire cutters, I nibbled/cut around the hose, but I left an additional 1/4″ past the mark to allow for trimming.

Added trimmed radiator hose less than planned for fine tuning.
Added trimmed less than planned for fine tuning.

9.- I put the hose back on the manifold, fully inserted, angling the bend in the hose outward.

10-. I then inserted the outlet of the Nibbi carb onto the hose. Again a tiny layer of grease on the inside of the hose helped with this step.

Radiator hose fitted on Nibbi carb and Nibbi engine manifold.
Look at how much contact surface the new DIY boot has with intake manifold.

11.- Examined work, could trim that extra 1/4″ I used but didn’t feel like doing it. So now the boot is a little longer than expected, but it’s going to work.

12.- Once happy with work, I secured the installation with the hose clamps. Since I didn’t want to remove the carburetor, I just opened the clamps and wrapped them around the hose to install them.

Hose clamp for secured installation.
Opened hose clamps like this to fish around the boot.
Nibbi racing carb mounted with radiator hose, using hose clamps.
New DIY boot installed with hose clamps.

14.- Tested my work. I started and ran the motorcycle, and it worked. There was a funny smell, but I figure the grease and new radiator hose were getting heated up for the first time.

My Future Plans:

Today we have a snow storm going on, a very wet slushy one. I plan to thoroughly test out my MacGyver job with an excellent ride once the weather warms up. I will keep you up to date with this modification.  

Just in case I didn’t throw away the original Nibbi boot, it’s in a safe place and might be placed in my new on-bike burrito storage tube: Quick TBR7 Tool Storage Upgrade.

Thanks for reading along, and check back for the happy ending to this story.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

FYI, if you are interested in visiting Auto Zone for this part, you can search for it online:

New radiator hose numbers.

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Nibbi Carburetor With Radiator Hose Experiment Update:

Still going strong, the Nibbi Carburetor isn’t having any problems and feels secure on the radiator hose, but I took additional steps that you might want to know:

There are concerns that the radiator hose will fail and fail at the worse time. I was told the hose is not designed for long-term exposure to gas products. Also found when idle, the walls of the radiator hose appear to shrink. Meaning the hose is moving a lot.

So, I took the original Nibbi rubber hose and placed it in my upgraded motorcycle storage tube. There is a lot of room in this burrito tube ( TBR7 Motorcycle Tool Storage Upgrade ), and glad about this.

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  1. Try finding a silicone style radiator hose. These are more suited for various chemical types compared to the rubber style.


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