Hawk 250 Storage Options For My TBR7? Burrito Tubes?

The TaoTao TBR7 comes with a small tool roll storage compartment on the left side of the motorcycle. I keep the original TBR7 tool-set in that storage compartment, with enough space for my motorcycle registration and insurance card. I am looking for other storage options and found some RPS Hawk 250 owners were posting what options they found for creating additional storage space on their motorcycle.  Not arguing Hawk 250 vs. TBR7 here, just that Hawk 250s are Chonda-Cousins with my TBR7. 😀

My Motorcycle Storage Goal?

I want a storage system that can be scaled up and down as needed. I don’t want my motorcycle to act as a pickup truck, but I like options. Some storage is required for day-by-day use, while other storage options are needed for long-distance overnight trips.

I am not making overnight trips yet. So I need a day-to-day storage option for my daily motorcycle needs.  

Thinking About My Motorcycle Storage Options.

I need storage for a tool kit, a kit very lacking in options itself, but that tool kit is all I have for now. I also want to consider that I will be upgrading the motorcycle tool kit, either by adding additional tools or buying a whole new tool kit. So I need to consider growing room for my everyday storage needs.

I need to carry my motorcycle papers, registration, and insurance card, on the motorcycle, so I need space for easy retrieval of these items. If I get pulled over by a police officer, I’m sure digging through compartments for these necessary papers isn’t going to make the police happy. So, having easily accessible space for these papers will also be needed.  

Now that I looked at the size of my daily storage needs, I also want to consider that I ride my motorcycle in adverse weather and that my storage should keep items dry. Also, even if I ride my motorcycle during dry days, my stored items should stay clean and dust-free. I’m sure we can all agree on this need.

What Are My Current Storage Options?

Get the first idea out of the way quickly. Under-seat storage on the motorcycle. Some people have recommended this small space that the Hawk 250 and TBR7s share in their design. However, to get to this under-seat space on the motorcycle: the rear side panels need to be removed and the seat.

This under-seat access is done with bolts and Allen screws. Getting under a Hawk 250 or TBR7 seat is not a quick process to produce items quickly. I read some Hawk 250 owners recommending keeping survival items under this space, but if I need to get to anything fast, using the under-seat area is not a good storage option unless it’s for something I can wait to get to.

My current storage option is the standard storage tube that came with the TBR7 motorcycle, and it’s a small ‘lockable’ box on the left side of the motorcycle.

Let’s Review The TBR7’s Stock Storage Option.

TBR7 Motorcycle Storage Tube
My Stock TBR7 Motorcycle Storage Tube, almost constantly open. 🙁

I’m sure fellow Hawk 250 owners feel my pain. OK, let’s go.

TBR7 Motorcycle Storage Tube Lid
TBR7 Motorcycle Storage Tube Lid doesn’t stay closed.

Lockable? The lock is a twist lock where you can use your motorcycle key to lock and unlock the lid. Sure it locks, but also spontaneously unlock, and the top opens even after short rides on the motorcycle. Once I saw the storage lid open by itself, just warming up the motorcycle. So lockable, but also self-unlocking.

TBR7 Motorcycle Storage Tube Lid Lock
TBR7 Motorcycle Storage Tube Lid Lock can be opened with a screwdriver, or thumbnail.

Secure? Let’s imagine the storage compartment doesn’t self unlock. Let’s assume the ‘lock’ secures the lid. In this imaginary land, it does till almost anything is inserted, and the lock is twisted. I used a non-motorcycle key, a screwdriver, and at this point, I can turn it with my fingers. Not secure.

Spacious? No, it barely fits the stock motorcycle tool kit, and the tool kit is light on tools. After inserting the motorcycle tool kit, I have to force my motorcycle paperwork into what little space I have left.

Weather-tight? No, just having the lid spontaneously open now is proof, but before this started happening, the inside got ‘dirty.’ So I stored my motorcycle paperwork inside a zip-lock bag.

Final Verdict? It sucks. The stock motorcycle storage container is too small, insecure, dirty, and likely to spill its contents on the road.

My Next Storage Option?

I did some searching Chonda websites, and video’s for a daily storage option and found some Hawk 250 owners replaced their stock storage compartment with an upgrade. The upgrade is Burrito Tubes. They look like plastic thermoses with a screw top.

What Makes Burrito Tubes A Storage Option?

They appear weather-tight, spacious and hold contents securely. They seem designed around carrying small metal containers of fuel. Therefore they should be well designed to maintain my current stock motorcycle tool kit and my future tool kit upgrades. There should be ample space left over for my motorcycle’s insurance and registration paperwork. 

Are Burrito Tubes Lockable?

I don’t see any lock option for the Burrito Tube, but I might try to figure out how to make them lockable once I get them. At this point, my stock TBR7 storage tube is lockable but too quickly auto-unlock-able, and I’ve lived with it, and I could live with a Burrito Tube that, too, is not lockable.

Possible Storage Ideas With Burrito Tubes?

I found that many of the upgrade posts talked about completely replacing the stock storage tube, but I got the idea that I might be able to use a second tube. This idea was inspired by the fact that there was a deep discount ordering two Burrito Tubes versus just one. I’m sure I can use a second Burrito Tube for my next motorcycle, but I wonder if I can find a second place for a Burrito Tube on my TBR7.   

So, I am looking forward to getting the Burrito Tubes. Yes, I ordered my Burrito Tubes(a two-pack) off Amazon. I love Amazon’s business model and am an Amazon Affiliate member, and I plan only to support businesses that support us as consumers.  

I will update this blog when the Burrito Tubes come to give my first impressions, and if I like them, I will cover how I installed them. MY goal is to help you, and good or bad, I hope I can save you time and inspire you with upgrading your motorcycle. 

Author’s Notice: This page contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission by their use. Also, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

If you cannot wait for my findings, you can order your own Burrito Tubes off Amazon here:
Waterproof Motorcycle Tools Tube Storage Organizer

In the meantime, Ride Safe, Ride Fun!!!!

Note: Found out MSR fuel bottles(30oz size) fit into the burrito storage tubes I bought.

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