Hawk 250 vs. TBR7 (Specs Vs Opinion)

I have decided to look for a dual-sport as my first motorcycle. After not finding any suitable condition used dual sports, I chose to go with cheap Chinese Dual-sport motorcycles and narrowed it down to Hawk 250 motorcycle or TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle? The Hawk 250 and TBR7 motorcycles seem to have more similarities versus differences, so blindly picking one should not disappoint me.

In this post, I plan to compare the Hawk 250 Specs vs. the TBR7 Specs and weight which motorcycle best suits my needs for a first-time motorcycle. As mentioned before, the Hawk 250 motorcycle specs are very similar to the TBR7 motorcycle specs, so this more or less comes down to what each motorcycle offers by being different from the other.

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Hawk 250 Vs. TaoTao TBR7 Specs Breakdowns

Check: Current Hawk 250 Prices.


Check: Current TaoTao TBR7 Prices.

However, I have gotten this far in my short Motorcyclist life, overthinking things and being very fickle, so why stop now.

Time for the Hawk 250 vs. TBR7 decision, and to help me decide whether the Hawk 250 or the TaoTao TBR7 is a better choice, I wrote up this list of Pros and Cons.

The differences are based on supplier advertisements of both motorcycles, whether they are a Pro or a Con, based on my opinion and intended riding style. If I like something about the Hawk 250, or the TBR7, I will explain why or why not.

I am trying something different with my pro’s and con’s list. I usually list pro’s and con’s side by side on paper, but now that I am down to the final choices for my first beginner motorcycle, I will list differences and who it benefits me if I pick that motorcycle.

I hope the list will provide enough detailed information to give me the slam-dunk decision between the TBR7 or Hawk 250. As a side benefit, hoping this information will give you enough info to make your own decision.

What I’m looking for in my first motorcycle:  

  1. Type, a dual-sport motorcycle, matched my past riding experience on mountain bikes and desired to go off-road with the motorcycle.

  2. Price, I want a cheap first-time motorcycle. Face it, I’m going to drop it, and being a new rider, it will be lower speed ‘crashes’ where if I’m nimble enough, the motorcycle will take the beating, not me.

  3. Simple design. I want to work on the motorcycle, tinker with it, modify it and learn motorcycle maintenance and repair. I am only looking at carbureted models of Hawk 250s and TBR7s.

  4. Riding style: This will be primarily a street bike, and if I don’t go off-road with my first motorcycle, I’m OK. 

Now that I shared information about me and my riding intentions let’s talk about the Hawk 250 and TBR7. If you are on the fence about getting a Hawk 250 or TBR7, and you want to skip ahead to see which one I picked, I will have a conclusion at the end of the post. However, I think it’s best to read through the Hawk 250 vs. TBR7 information to have no second guesses or regrets.

Chinese Dual-Sport Buyer Disclaimer: I am not an expert, just a prospective buyer taking time reading online motorcycle advertisements and the motorcycle importer’s websites for the similarities and differences. My goal is to use the motorcycles’ current model year, giving each motorcycle a fair chance. Apples to apple comparison. Thank you.

Now let the battle begin: Hawk 250 vs. TBR7!

Hawk 250 and TaoTao TBR7 Wheel Sizes And Specs Challenge

Hawk 250 Wheel Sizes And Specs

  • The Hawk 250 comes with a 21-inch front wheel rim and an 18 inch rear wheel rim.

TaoTao TBR7 250 Wheels Size And Specs

  • The TaoTao TBR7 comes with a 19-inch front wheel rim and a 17 inch rear wheel rim.

Wheel Size Hawk 250 vs. TBR7 Winner?

The Hawk 250’s larger wheels, especially the front wheel, lower the Hawk’s rolling friction. This larger wheel size helps it move over rougher ground and not feel slight road/ground imperfections. Also, the Hawk’s larger wheel makes added to the stability(gyroscopic benefits) when in motion. Meaning, the motorcycle will tend to want to stay upright and go straight.

The TBR7 suffers from the rolling friction and smoothness over the rougher ground but gains in on-road performance. Smaller wheels mean faster acceleration, less mass on the tire to get into motion. The smaller front wheel means less resistance to change, so you can change the direction of the front wheel faster and maneuver the motorcycle easier. 

Since I am looking for a street-oriented motorcycle, the TBR7 wins this round against the Hawk 250. Had I wanted a more off-road-oriented motorcycle, the Hawk 250 would have won.

Winner: TaoTao TBR7

My Assembled TBR7 250 Dual Sport Motorcycle.
My TaoTao TBR7 Dual-Sport Motorcycle, made my decision before I bought it.

Hawk 250 and TaoTao 250 Engine Specifications Challenge

Hawk 250 Engine Size and Specs

  • 229cc, Air-Cooled Single-Cylinder Four-Stroke CDI Engine

TaoTao TBR7 Engine Size and Specs

  • 229cc, Air-Cooled Single-Cylinder Four-Stroke CDI Engine

Engine Size Hawk 250 vs. TBR7 Winner?

Tied. You can read for yourself, both motorcycles appear to be the same engine, and when I look at the photos online, the only difference I can find is what is printed on the engine. Oil fill/dipstick location, inspection port covers, and overall appearance look the same. It’s not fair to feature that appears equal with both motorcycles, but engine power and size questions did come to mind, so I wanted to address it. Both seem to have the same horsepower and torque as each other. Both have a five-speed transmission with a manual clutch and chain drive system.

Winner: Both the TaoTao TBR7 and Hawk 250 Motorcycles Tied. 

Note: CDI = Capacitive Discharge Ignition; from what I read, both the Hawk 250 and TBR7 have this type of ignition for a real-life reason; it’s simple in operation and repair. Again a win for both motorcycles.

Hawk 250 and TaoTao TBR7 Stock Tires Challenge

Stock Tires Hawk 250?

  • Front tires are 80/100-21’s, and Rear Tires are 110/100-18’s

Stock Tires TaoTao TBR7?

  • Front tires are 90 / 90 – 19’s, and Rear Tires are 110 / 90 – 17’s

Hawk 250 vs. TBR7 Stock Tires Winner?

We covered the benefits of larger wheels and smaller wheels on the motorcycles, so it only expected the larger wheeled Hawk 250 would have larger ‘beefier tires than the TBR7. This category’s decision is purely subjective and based on looking at photos and my option. Hawk 250 tires appear more aggressive, more knobby, with more significant gaps in the tread and not a continuous line down the center. To me, this means the Hawk’s tire must be great off-road for biting into the ground/mud/sand but have a limited contact surface with smooth surfaces like street roads. The TBR7 has smaller gaps in the tread, especially down the center-line, meaning it tries to maintain constant contact with the road, making the ride appear smoother. 

Winner: TBR7 for its more road-oriented stock tires.

Again, if looking at the off-road, the Hawk 250 would have won this round too.

Hawk 250 and TaoTao TBR7 Seat Height Challenge

Hawk 250 Motorcycle Seat Height?

  • Hawk 250’s seat height is about 35 and 1/2 inches.

TaoTao TBR7 Motorcycle Seat Height?

  • TBR7’s Seat height is about 34 inches.

Hawk 250 vs. TBR7 Seat Height Winner?

Both motorcycle seat heights are adjustable with the rear shock, but I can only imagine the TBR7 can be further lowered from its already lower position. I have a short inseam, so going with the lower seat height.

Winner: TaoTao TBR7 Wins again!!!!  

Hawk 250 and TaoTao TBR7 Motorcycle Weight Challenge

Hawk 250 Weight(Listed)?

  • Sources list the Hawk 250’s weight at 119kg “dry.”

TaoTao TBR7 Weight(Listed)?

  • Sources list the TBR7’s weight at 130kg “dry.”

Hawk 250 vs. TBR7 Weight Winner?

Uggg. I imagine dropping my first motorcycle many times, so looking for a lighter motorcycle. It’s clear, the Hawk 250 is lighter than the TBR7 and is the winner for my weak back.

Motorcycle Weight Winner: Hawk 250!!!!

Check: Current Hawk 250 Prices.

Stock Motorcycle Hand Guard Challenge

Hawk 250 Stock Handguards?

  • None, the Hawk250 motorcycle comes with NO hand guards.

TaoTao TBR7 Motorcycle Handguards?

  • Yes! The TBR7 motorcycle comes with two hand guards!

Hawk 250 vs. TBR7 Hand-guard Winner?

I’m told hand-guards are there to protect your hands going through brush, and wind, which don’t seem like it bothers me if they are stock or not. I am focused on street riding and will wear gloves. Where hand-guards come into their own is when you drop the bike. Again, as a new motorcyclist, I will be testing my limits and learning new riding skills, so dropping the motorcycle will happen. I have to accept it. The hand-guards will be there to protect the levers and handlebar equipment. I would hate being out on the road, dropping the bike, and losing the ability to use clutch or breaks. Walking home wouldn’t be fun, and I would hope I picked the lighter bike. So… for me, hand-guards are necessary.

Motorcycle Hand Guard Winner: TaoTao TBR7!!!!!

Let’s wrap this up. Again, I am looking for a dual-sport motorcycle, on top of that, a cheap dual-sport motorcycle, and on top of that, one is in ridable condition on day one. I have had very little luck finding a used/cheap dual-sport motorcycle in the online classifieds in good enough condition to ride the first day. So after seeing these cheap Chinese Dual-sport motorcycles, Hawk 250 and TBR7, I focused on only two choices. There are many other Cheap Chinese Dual-sport motorcycle versions, the Raven, the magician, and the Brozz, to name a few. I wanted to stick with the two versions that seem to have the most outstanding user support base on the web. So here it is, Hawk 250 vs. TBR7. My decision…… Drum roll, please!!!!

Conclusion of Hawk 250 vs. TBR7 Specs Review: The TaoTao TBR7!!!!

Winner: TaoTao TBR7

My Assembled TBR7 250 Dual Sport Motorcycle.
My TaoTao TBR7 Dual-Sport Motorcycle, made my decision before I bought it.

The TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle has some of the most significant stock features(more road-friendly tires and hand-guards) and wheel dimensions(smaller rims/tires, especially the front) for road riding (What Are The TaoTao TBR7 Tire Sizes? – FAQ) . I am not happy that the dry weight of the TBR7 is listed as more than the Hawk 250, really going to have to learn to lift with my legs after dropping the bike.

This is a long post, and being a very frugal person, I wanted to buy a beginner bike that was practical and fun for me. I also am impatient. I know used motorcycles are slim pickings now, guessing the lock-downs no one wants to sell their old motorcycles, and pickings will worsen come spring.

Note: I keep saying I want a ride-able motorcycle on day one, and I know if I buy the unassembled version of the TBR7, per past buyer’s experiences, it can be assembled by a layperson in 1 day. So hope this clears up my assumptions.

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Author’s Notice: This page contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission by their use. Also, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

Compare Hawk 250 Vs. TaoTao TBR7:

Check: Current Hawk 250 Prices.


Check: Current TaoTao TBR7 Prices.

The Hawk 250 motorcycle is a great motorcycle, just as the TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle is a great motorcycle (TaoTao TBR7 Review & Specs). I have to admit; that I have a strong confirmation bias. I like the TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle and concluded I was getting it as my first motorcycle. So this post is more a review of my decision-making process, not that the TaoTao TBR7 is superior to the Hawk 250 motorcycle.

Although my mind, the TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle is. :p

TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle in front of covered bridge.
Look how great my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle looks. Better after I removed the decals and front fairing. 😀

You can’t do wrong with these motorcycles in this price range. Getting a brand new dual-sport bike for less than $2k is crazy. I told my friends about these motorcycles, and they thought I was crazy till I showed them the Amazon pages.

If you have feedback you would like to share about either the TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle or the Hawk 250 motorcycle, leave a comment below.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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Picture of me, as a New Motorcyclist.
Just Me…Newly Licensed.

Hi I’m Tom, A New Motorcycle Rider and Blog Author.

I am a new rider(Pa Learners Permit at the end of 2020, and I received a Pa Motorcycle License in 2021 after passing a Motorcycle Safety Course).

I bought my first motorcycle, a TaoTao TBR7, at the beginning of 2021 and have been doing upgrades on that motorcycle since.

I added to my motorcycle collection by buying a Boom Vader Gen 2 in 2022, and that Grom-Clone motorcycle has been upgraded by me as well.

I continue to ride my Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle as well as my TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport bike.

Read more on my About Me page.

Fun Fact: I’ve only been on one group ride.

2 thoughts on “Hawk 250 vs. TBR7 (Specs Vs Opinion)”

  1. If I would have done more research, I probably would have gotten the TBR7 for all the reasons you mentioned. With the modifications I’ve made, my Hawk is becoming more like a TBR7. The main reason I chose the Hawk was because I preferred the disc rear brake system over the drum.

    • The Hawk 250 is a great bike, and just that, I wanted something closer to a street motorcycle while maintaining the feel of an oversized mountain bike. Just found the TBR7 closer to a jack of all trades kind of first-timer motorcycle.

      Now, if I am looking at getting a low-priced dual-sport that is more focused on off-road use, the Hawk 250 will be my choice. I plan to have more than one motorcycle as I go forward, and having a TBR7 and Hawk 250 in the same stable is a pretty cool idea.

      It won’t be TaoTao TBR7 vs. RPS Hawk 250, but TaoTao TBR7 AND RPS Hawk 250. 😀

      Thanks for your feedback.


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