Milky Oil Air Cooled Engine – FAQ

When gasoline is consumed or ignited, water vapor is one of the combustion components.  

Inside a cold engine, this water vapor can condense and collect in the engine oil. You can see the separate components since oil and water don’t mix. Forming a milky appearance in the oil.

FYI, Engine oil can have an anti-emotive oil additive, preventing the water droplets from becoming too big and replacing the engine oil as it flows. This allows oil to keep doing its job without losing viscosity.  

How Do I Fix Milky Oil Air Cooled Engine?

As the motorcycle engine warms up, the trapped water in the engine oil will heat up and convert to vapor. 

This water vapor will be driven out of the engine oil and allowed to exit the engine case via the crankcase vent.

FYI: Good motorcycle oil will help control start up water condensation, and protect the motorcycle engine ( Where To Buy Good Motorcycle Engine Oil).

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