New Dirt Bike Handguards For My TBR7 Motorcycle, Done!

Well, I ordered the new dirt bike handguards for my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle after the stock handguards failed after one low-impact fall. The handguards TaoTao put on their TBR7 motorcycle were all plastic with no metal reinforcement bar.  

The stock handguards protected the hands from light brush but mostly from wind. So admit the stock motorcycle handguards functioned well as windbreaks.

Stock TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle handguards.
The Stock TaoTao TBR7 Motorcycle Handguards did block the wind well.

I Hated The TBR7 Handguards, Why Get Another?

The stock handguards were, at best, windbreaks or light brush guards. If cheap plastic handguards worked that well that I now miss them, real dirt bike handguards would be awesome. 

So being I am a Chonda owner, TaoTao TBR7 is a Chinese Dual-sport motorcycle. I have a code to keep with my fellow Chonda brothers and sisters and stay Frugal. So I ordered a relatively cheap set of dirt-bike handguards off Amazon. 

Being handguards have a function, getting better-constructed dirt bike handguards, and they were cheap(low-priced), it’s a win-win-win for my TBR7 motorcycle. Plus, I like to tinker on my bike, so another win.

What Amazon Dirt Bike Handguards Did I Get?

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Got These Handguards:

Universal Handguards (7/8″/22mm and 1-1/8″/28mm) For Dirt Bikes

Basic white plastic to match my motorcycle. 

Basic white dirt bike handguards.
My new dirt bike handguards, basic white to match my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle.

The aluminum bar for more substantial hand and hand lever protection.

Dirt bike handguard with metal bar reinforcement.
Handguard reinforced with metal bar.

How Do You Put A Handguard On A Dirt Bike?


One concern about these handguards is they are not designed for a specific dirt bike. This feature means there will be many adjustable parts on a Universal item, but the nice thing is dirt bike handguards are straightforward devices.

One end can only connect one way; the outer handlebar end and the adjustable inner clamps are designed only to clamp on the handlebars.

The adjustable feature is between the handlebar clamps and the dirt bike handguard. So the clamps can be adjusted to fit handlebar angles off different dirt bikes.

It was easy for me, so this will be easy for almost anyone. If you are very challenged, get a motorcycle friend to help. You’ll see.

How I Installed The New Handguards.

First thing with any project I do, I ensure myself, the motorcycle, and the area I work in is safe. Practice safe work habits.

FAQ: Motorcycle Garage Safety Rules

Using the right tool for the right job: Must Have Tools For Motorcycle Owners

1.- Removed Handguards From The Package.

With everything out of the wrapping, I can look at the parts and figure out how each handguard will go on the bar.  

2.- Figure Mounting Points On Motorcycle Handlebars.

Very articulated joints wrap around the handlebars towards the bike’s center, but the bar end mounts concern me.

Threaded handlebar end caps on TBR7 motorcycle.
Stock TBR7 Handlebar end did not pop out, it’s fused/welded in.

TaoTao fused closed the handlebar ends. These dirt bike handguards have an end mount that fits inside the handlebar tube. I do not have access to the tube but did come up with a good solution.

3.- Assembled The Inner Mounts Of The Handguards.

I can start assembling the handguards with the clamp primarily built, minus the part of the clamp that goes around the handlebar.

4.- Attach The Inner Mounts Of The Handguards.

Wrap the mount around the handlebar tube and loosely screw everything together.

Handguard inner handlebar mount
Handguard inner handlebar mounts.

You want the handguard attached to the inner section of the motorcycle handlebar but loose enough to reposition the handguard as needed.

5.- Attach The Handguard Bar Ends.

Now, this is where it gets a little tricky.

The left hand grip is fixed and does not twist like the throttle on the right hand grip. So you can bolt the end of the handguard directly to the left side. However, I found this doesn’t look symmetric and seems like a weak connection.

So starting with the right side, the throttle hand grip side, use spacers to push out the handguard end from the throttle allowing for movement.

I reused some ‘spare’ parts I found left over after assembling the TBR7 motorcycle.  

TBR7 parts reused for handguards.
Longer bolt from old stock handguards, and smaller parts left over parts from assembly.

Another option is to get several washers to fill the space between the bar-end plug and the handguard end mount.

New bolt and washers mounting handguard.
Example using better quality new washers and bolt verses reusing old TaoTao Parts.

As for the bolt, I reused some ‘spare’ TBR7 motorcycle parts, the original bolts from the stock plastic handguards.

Reusing TaoTao TBR7 parts for new handguards.
Making it work with old parts.

Note: In hindsight, do not reuse any stock TaoTao parts, the metal is too weak, and new washers and bolts from a hardware store are too cheap to play around with.

Dirt bike handguard bar-end mount spacer bending.
Should not reuse TaoTao Parts, metal parts started bending on installation.

Once you figure out how much space you have to add to the end of the handguard and the handlebar on the right side(throttle side), add the same to the left side(clutch side) to even out the handguard look.

6.- Position And Tighten All Fasteners.

Move the handguards up and down to cover the motorcycle levelers(where your fingers will be, too) and tighten the handlebar end mounting bolts.  

Once the handguard ends are tight, play around with the inner mounting clamps until they are all tight.  

7.- Operational Inspection Of Handguards.

Get on the bike and test out the controls on the handlebars.  

Can you operate the clutch? Can you squeeze and release the clutch without any handguard interference?

Can you operate the front brake? Can you squeeze and release the front brake without any handguard interference?

Does the throttle operate freely? Can you twist the throttle? Does it return to the closed position without obstruction if you release the throttle?  

If no to any of these questions, loose and reposition the handguards, so they don’t interfere with the motorcycle’s controls.

8.- Visual Inspection Of The Handguards.

How do they look?

New dirt bike handguards installed.
The new handguards look nice. Not so much for my garage though. 😀

Looking from the front of the motorcycle, do the handguards look even? Symmetrical? 

If not, make these cosmetic adjustments last. Ensure any adjustments you finish with tight fasteners and a solid installation.

9.- Test Ride.

My favorite part.  

You can sit on the bike and test the bike’s controls, but your body position is often not the same as riding the motorcycle.

I went out and slowly tested my hand positions versus the handguards while riding from seated to standing on the pegs.

To be sure my hands were not trapped, or I couldn’t operate the controls. Safety First!

10.- Clean up. 

I just thought I would toss this part in to have an even number and maybe title this post: Dirt Bike Handguard Installation In 10 Steps!

Maybe not, but we are done with the installation.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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Extra Info About My Dirt Bike Handguards

How Universal Are These Handguards?

When I was installing these handguards, I found the outer mount, the end of the handguard that attaches to the handlebar end, wasn’t very adjustable. However, the inner section of the hand guards’ support, the handlebar clamp section, moved around very quickly.

This ability to move around allowed me to move the handguards into different positions. I was adjusting the handguards at different angles to adequately cover the bike’s levers and my hands.

After I got the handguard angle correct, I tightened all the bolts, and the handguard had a solid installation.

Because of the different angles, the handlebar clamps could be positioned. I feel these handguards were built for all regular dirt bike handlebars. Yeah, I guess Universal.

Will These Handguards Fit A Hawk 250 Motorcycle?

Based on my experience, explained above with the question about them being “Universal,” also how closely the TaoTao TBR7 and Hawk 250 handlebars resemble each other, I feel these would make for great Hawk 250 handguards.

It works for my Chonda, so it should work for all Chondas: Brozz 250, Magchian, Hawk 250, etc.

Do Dirt Bike Handguards Protect Levers?

Yes, lessons learned as a new rider, there was a reason for handguards where on all the training motorcycles at my initial licensing motorcycle safety course.

I dropped the bike, with resulted in a low-impact fall that left one handguard broken( TaoTao TBR7 Plastic Handguards Are Trashed ), and afterward had another fall. This lack of handguards resulted in the fall breaking the TBR7 motorcycle’s front brake lever.

Broken motorcycle brake lever
Broken motorcycle brake lever. 🙁

If I had real dirt bike handguards, they would have survived the original fall and protected the levers from the more severe falls.

So being a new rider, acceptable dirt bike handguards protect the motorcycle levers.

Do Handguards Keep Hands Warm?

Installing these handguards on my TBR7 motorcycle in March was an excellent test. If you wanted to know if handguards keep your hands warm; Well, they sure do!

After I got the handguards back on, I noticed while riding my TBR7 motorcycle; my hands stayed warmer.

Now I have insulated motorcycle riding gloves, thicker than the typical glove, and my hands get cold after a while, especially my fingers.

I picked up these handguards for the fall protection they offer and focused more on the metal bar construction than the larger plastic deflector(white plastic on my handguards). Even with small handguard deflectors, their installation made a difference.

I was thinking about removing the handguard deflectors and running the handguards with only the metal bar. Glad, in hindsight, I didn’t.

Warmer hands in winter allow me to enjoy my little bike riding time more.


Are Motorcycle Handguards Worth It?

I got three answers for you: yes, Yes, and YES!

These dirt bike handguards are of good robust construction and do a great job covering the levers and hands for protection(I don’t ride in the brush, but sure they would be great brush guards for finger/hand protection), and the deflectors act as windbreaks.

Any Regrets?

Yes, There can be a happy balance between large handguard deflectors and small handguard deflectors. This way, you get the best protection without feeling like your hand is too enclosed.

I opted for the smaller handguard deflectors, they work, but I could get better wind protection if I upsized.

Not a problem, these dirt bike handguards work great, and I plan on doing more reviews of them as they get beaten up. As a new rider, I will find ways to fall and test them out.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!!!

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