Milky Oil Air Cooled Engine – FAQ

When gasoline is consumed or ignited, water vapor is one of the combustion components.   Inside a cold engine, this water vapor can condense and collect in the engine oil. You can see the separate components since oil and water don’t mix. Forming a milky appearance in the oil. FYI, Engine oil can have an anti-emotive … Read more

Hawk 250 vs. TBR7 (Specs Vs Opinion)

I have decided to look for a dual-sport as my first motorcycle. After not finding any suitable condition used dual sports, I chose to go with cheap Chinese Dual-sport motorcycles and narrowed it down to Hawk 250 motorcycle or TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle? The Hawk 250 and TBR7 motorcycles seem to have more similarities versus differences, so blindly picking … Read more

ISO Cheap Dual-Sport Motorcycles!

OK, I finally settled my fickle mind and decided to go with a dual-sport motorcycle as my beginner bike. Also, a used one so I don’t cry the first time I drop it. A small dual-sport motorcycle matches my riding experience on mountain bikes. After convincing myself, I can’t seem to find a cheap one. … Read more

Best First-Time Motorcycle To Buy?

Now I have my Pa motorcycle license, after the motorcycle safety course, I want to ride on the street. Considering my options, what is the best first-time motorcycle to buy? I decided to buy a motorcycle was the best choice, versus borrowing one, so now left with the question, what is the best first-time bike … Read more

A Motorcycle Safety Course Accident?

Yes, a student rider had a motorcycle safety course accident. On the last day of my Motorcycle Safety Course, we rode around covering the basics we performed during the first riding day. What was added was emergency-stopping. What Motorcycle Accident, What Happened? We already learned how to make regular turns, but emergency stops were added … Read more

Last Day For Motorcycle Safety Course In Pa

It’s my last day for the motorcycle safety course in Pa! This Safety Course comes in four parts, over three days. The first day was a remote learning session. The second day was split into two parts: the first half being taught on a closed motorcycle riding course and the second half in a remote … Read more

Pa Motorcycle Safety Course: Day 2/Part 2.

Today’s Motorcycle Safety Course Format As with Day 1 of this Motorcycle Safety Course in Pa, this is done via teleconferencing. As before to participate in class, a virtual classroom format is performed. Please read the previous post for more details. Motorcycle Safety Course Material We covered much of what we learned from the Pennsyvlanial … Read more

Day 2, Part 1 of Motorcycle Safety Course In Pa.

Day 1 of this Motorcycle Safety Course in Pa is complete. Today is split into two parts, and this post will cover the first part. The most fun part. The part where we ride motorcycles!!! Yay!!!! Motorcycle Course Checking in Process.The instructor collected our Pa Driver’s licenses and Pa Motorcycle Learner’s Permits. We filled out … Read more

Day 1: Motorcycle Safety Course In Pa.

On my first training day, I am finally taking my motorcycle safety class. Yay! The Basic Rider’s course, provided by Total Control Training, is the motorcycle safety course in Pa that is also recognized as the road test. Pennsylvania prepays this motorcycle safety course, so technically ‘free’ to students with a Pa Motorcycle Learner’s Permit. … Read more

My Beginner Motorcycle Protective Gear.

I am registered for Total Control Training’s Basic Rider Course, and I talked about my Required Items in my last post, Motorcycle Safety Class Information. This motorcycle safety class isn’t just obviously crucial for my safety as a rider but also counts as my rider test for turning my motorcycle learner’s permit into a full … Read more

My Motorcycle Safety Class Information.

Motorcycle Class Background Information I found. Now was you have read before, I’m a total motorcycle novice. I have just gotten my Motorcycle Learner’s Permit and decided against buying or borrowing a motorcycle for now. So I am focusing on taking the Motorcycle Safety Class. After some research found Pennsylvania both chooses and prepays for … Read more

Motorcycle Class No Experience Necessary?

I want to ride motorcycles, but I have no motorcycle driving experience. and wondered if I could take a safety motorcycle class with no experience. This is what I found: Can I Take A Motorcycle Class With No Experience? The short answer, YES! After reading over Total Control Training’s (website), I found the Basic Rider … Read more

Motorcycle Learner’s Permit; Now What?

Next Step Is Turning My Learner’s Permit Into A Motorcycle License. So, I still have to pass the motorcycle driving test( How Do I Complete My Pennsylvania Motorcycle Road Test? – FAQ ). I need practice and some way to get it. I do not have a motorcycle, so after some research my options are: … Read more

I Got My Pa Motorcycle Learner’s Permit!

Believe it or note, I got my Pa Motorcycle Learner’s permit. 😀 My Steps To a Pa Motorcycle Learner’s Permit: Now, the process of me getting a Motorcycle Learner’s Permit was reasonably smooth, after I decided I Want To Ride Motorcycles. The steps seemed more manageable than what is outlined on the Pennsylvania Department of … Read more