TaoTao TBR7 Kickstand Assembly

FYI, for the Hawk 250, Raven 250, etc.?

As I have discussed and many TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle owners have learned, there are no instructions for assembling the motorcycle. The Hawk 250 and TBR7 YouTube videos are dated. Some helpful people in the forums try to explain how to build a motorcycle without photos.

My goal is to help you assemble something dangerous, the kickstand. The dangerous part is, when I was stretching the spring, it shot off and struck me. Once again, safety first.

Please read my post about: My Motorcycle Garage Safety Rules – FAQ, and don’t forget Safety Glasses With Readers for us who use reading glasses.

FYI: Other TBR7 Assembly Instructions I am trying to put together.

Steps To Assembling The TaoTao TBR7’s Kickstand.

Safety Note: My Motorcycle Garage Safety Rules – FAQ

1.- Motorcycle is safe, jacked up, and stable. You will be pushing and tugging on the motorcycle, so a stable motorcycle is a safe motorcycle. Read my post about: Best Motorcycle Lift Jack Type I Use.

FYI: Building My List of Must-Have Tools For Motorcycle Owners

2.- Collect your parts. Many of the parts for the TBR7 are like the other Chinese Dual-sports, mixed up in a bag of other parts. Here are the parts you will need:

TaoTao TBR7 Kickstand Parts For Assembly.
TBR7’s Kickstand Parts

3.- I put grease on the bolt, kept the threads clean, and inserted the bolt while holding the kickstand on the kickstand mounting plate. Now the bolt threads into the other side of the kickstand. This finding was a surprise since I found a nut for the bolt as well. FYI: I used a 17mm wrench. Torque? I had no clue; I couldn’t find any specs about the kickstand, so I just went with ‘snug.’

Kickstand bolt greased.
I used high temp grease on sliding surfaces.

4.- After the kickstand bolt is inserted and threaded in, there are exposed threads on the inner side. I used a thread locker on the nut threads. Ensure the bolt threads are clean of grease. Thread kickstand nut on and tighten; again, I had to go with ‘snug’ for a torque since I couldn’t find any values online.

Blue thread-locker, a TaoTao TBR7's owner's friend.
Blue thread locker is a must with assembling TBR7 parts(Hawk 250 too).

5.- Install the kickstand spring.

Warning: This is dangerous. I have hit myself with a flying spring trying to install the kickstand spring. So please do the following; I know this is a repeat of what I said earlier, and these steps worked for me.

  • Wear safety glasses.
  • Only work on a safe and stable motorcycle.
  • Lower the kickstand. Now this will require stretching the spring further than if the kickstand is up, but for me, it was safer going with an upward angle rather than a sideways angle for the spring.
  • Connect the lower spring to the metal peg mount on the kickstand.
  • Pass through the upper spring hook using a Phillips screwdriver(it doesn’t slide as much as a flathead screwdriver). Place the screwdriver over the upper kickstand spring mount peg. Lift the handle slowly, stretching the spring and keeping the head of the screwdriver on the peg. As you lift the handle, the angle of the screwdriver and the spring will stretch to the point where it will slide off the screwdriver onto the peg.

These assembly photos I hope will help understand what you just read.

TaoTao TBR7's kickstand main spring.
Hook kickstand peg with lower spring hook.
Kickstand's main spring trick installation using a screwdriver.
Notice spring on screwdriver, and head on peg. Lift gentily
Kickstand's main spring sliding on mounting post.
Has you continue to lift the screwdriver handle, the spring will slide onto the peg.

6.- Test Kickstand.

  • Test the kickstand’s ability to move up and down without weight.
  • Test the kickstand’s ability to move up and stay up.
  • Test the kickstand down, and lower motorcycle onto kickstand to test operation. Warning, kickstand needs to be very forward to stay extended when weight is applied. Do not attempt this with a kickstand, not in a fully forward position.

TaoTao TBR7 Kickstand Assembly Final Photos

Use these photos to compare your installation. Remember, any time you lower the motorcycle, lower slowly and ensure the kickstand is set correctly to accept the bike’s weight.

TaoTao TBR7 Motorcycle Kickstand Down

TaoTao TBR7 Kickstand assembled and down.
TaoTao TBR7 Kickstand down for motorcycle’s weight.

TBR7 Kickstand Up:

TBR7 Kickstand Assembled and Up
TaoTao TBR7 Kickstand Up for riding.

I hope this helped you since I managed to mess assembling my TBR7’s kickstand a couple of times. I didn’t find the kickstand nut till the end, and I tried to force the bolt through the backside of the kickstand, not noticing the backside was threaded. I shot the spring at myself too many times. The motorcycling hobby is a dangerous one; please get professional advice when it comes to assembling, riding, or doing maintenance on a motorcycle.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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