TaoTao TBR7 Exhaust Gasket Mystery.

Hello Fellow TaoTao TBR7 Motorcycle Owners and Fans. When I was unboxing my TBR7 bike and assembling the motorcycle, I found parts I could not explain. Without instructions, I was lost assembling the motorcycle with all its tiny, unlabeled parts.

To help current and new TaoTao TBR7 builders, I came up with an idea to cover each of these TBR7’s mystery parts. This post is about the the first mystery part I found for my motorcycle.

I came across this tiny copper-looking material ring and didn’t know how this part was used. As you will read later, you will find out what happened to me when I didn’t install the exhaust gasket. I hope to cover in future posts the additional TBR7 mystery parts I found.

Part 1 of TaoTao TBR7 Mystery Parts Explained.

Plan on going over a few parts I found that I initially couldn’t figure out, but now in hindsight can help others.

What Mystery TBR7 Part Is It?

Quick answer, you are looking at the TaoTao TBR7 engine exhaust gasket.

This exhaust gasket appears to be made out of copper, but I’m not sure. The engine exhaust gasket always looked shiny or slightly dull to me but never turned copper’s typical green color.

I found this gasket is inserted flat side to the TBR7’s exhaust port. When the TBR7’s exhaust pipe is inserted into the same exhaust port and secured by the exhaust bracket and acorn nuts, it forms a seal.

As to create a secure seal, you tighten the acorn nuts, the exhaust gasket ‘crushes,’ ensuring good contact service between the exhaust piping and the engine’s exhaust outlet.

TBR7 Parts Mystery Number 1: Engine Exhaust Gasket Solved.
A TBR7 Parts Mystery!!!! The TBR7 Exhaust Gasket.

Warning #1: About This TBR7 Exhaust Gasket Gasket! The Gasket Is One Time Use.

The engine exhaust gasket functions; it crushes and deforms to seal between the exhaust piping and exhaust port properly. Also, it’s ‘soft.’ Don’t bend it, step on it, hammer it, to just ‘dry fit’ it with any force.

Warning #2: About This TBR7 Exhaust Gasket Gasket! You Only Get One Gasket.

As with warning #1, the exhaust gasket is a one-time-use part. I make mistakes and plan to upgrade my TBR7’s exhaust later. So since the exhaust gaskets are cheap and you can buy them in packs, I did. I purchased a pack of 10 exhaust gaskets on line.

I plan on doing exhaust tuning and if later I plan on taking my TBR7 Engine apart, having these gaskets ready will make engine modifications easier.

Bag of TBR7 Exhaust Gaskets
A bag of solutions for my mistakes. These exhaust gaskets were cheap.

Warning #3: About This TBR7 Exhaust Gasket Gasket! It’s Important.

I didn’t know about this part and failed to install the exhaust gasket. The acorn nuts to the exhaust bracket were too easy to turn, but the results of my mistake weren’t evident till I started the motorcycle. I had flames shooting out the front of the engine. All around the exhaust port was a loud popping and flames shooting out.

Although the first time I assembled a motorcycle, I quickly realized this was ‘bad.’ I stopped the engine and sat down wondering, what did I do wrong?

Several web searches later, I found what that copper-looking mystery TBR7 Part was that I left lying on my garage floor. I had to wait until the engine cooled down before installing the gasket and determining why flames were shooting out of my motorcycle.

This post was meant to be a short post about something dumb I did and funny the results it gave. I still have leftover TBR7 parts and some I’ve never really found the purpose of. However, when I see a tricky part needing some explanation, I will quickly post about it. 

The TBR7 can be a challenge, and having a pile of parts with no instructions makes it difficult to assemble. I hope I have helped a little.

FYI: Other TBR7 Assembly Instructions I am trying to put together.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and remember, Ride Fun, Ride Safe!!!

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