Best Motorcycle Lift Jack, My Choice.

Before I unboxed my TaoTao TBR7 Motorcycle from the shipping crate, I wanted the best motorcycle lift jack I could get ASAP. Safely holding the bike in an elevated position made it easier to assemble the bike.

Best Motorcycle Lift Jack, a Hydraulic jack from Harbor Freight.
My Motorcycle Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Jack

The plans for the lift jack are to be used for the assembling and maintenance of my new motorcycle. I later decided I wanted to move the motorcycle and turn it around my garage quickly. So you will see how I made my lift jack choices. I wanted the best style lift jack. Since I was using my own money, I wanted to be also frugal about the purchase.

Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Jack or Scissor Lift Jack?

Now I can go back and forth about the best, the hydraulic or scissor motorcycle jack, but will say, ‘yes.’ Each has its benefits, and due to prices, I am considering owning both.

Yes, I do not own a scissor motorcycle jack for now, but I will seriously consider buying one in the future. I purchased a hydraulic motorcycle jack via my local Harbor Freight store, and it will feature what I like and how I use it.

Again, overthinking the most straightforward task with this motorcycle, I looked over many motorcycle lifts, and the winner is……

A Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Jack, and Why:

Some Pro’s of using a Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Jack:

1.- A Lift Jack With A Wide Base.

It has a wide base for the motorcycle to sit on, holding it steady while wrenching and hammering(yes, I have issues). A wide base for itself, so the jack will not tip over and take down the motorcycle as well.

2.- Ease Of Lifting Heavy Motorcycles.

Being a hydraulic lift, it moves the motorcycle upward with minimal effort. A benefit of it multiplying the force I apply to the foot pump.

Some Con’s of using a Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Jack:

It can’t be all unicorns and rainbows with every decision; here are some drawbacks to hydraulic motorcycle life jacks.  

1.- Many Points Of Failure.

The hydraulic jack has more independent moving parts and can suffer a mechanical or hydraulic failure just from having more moving parts.  

2.- The Lift Jack’s Weight.

These are heavy jacks and it will remain floor-bound when you get it home. So set aside space on the floor for storage.

3.- The Jack Takes Up Floor Space.

Because of the weight and the size, the hydraulic motorcycle lift jack will remain on the floor. Now that you are storing this type of jack on the floor, size. The overall size of hydraulic jacks is larger than the typical scissor jack.

My TaoTao TBR7 Dual-sport motorcycle on my lift jack.

Why It’s The Best Motorcycle Lift Jack, I Found:

1.- A Safety Catch.

I was concerned about hydraulic failure(seal failure, air bubbles, etc.) with a lifted motorcycle, which addressed my concerns. When I work on my car, I do NOT work under my care when only supported by a hydraulic jack. I used jack stands.

This motorcycle lift jack has safety catches, and even though the motorcycle isn’t going to weigh thousands of pounds, I practice safety first.  

2.- Low Price.

This jack style was a very reasonably priced Lift jack. I got something to help me lift the motorcycle and keep it safe while working on it for its price.

3.- The Jack Is Easy To Move With Wheels!

The motorcycle can be lifted and moved around my garage. This feature is a biggie for me since I like to stage my projects in a position that best suits me. With the wheels, I can move the motorcycle to my work area.

4.- The Jack Comes With Brakes.

Yes, if you have wheels, you must have brakes to keep the jack from rolling away. This jack lift has two screw knobs for removing the jack’s ability to move out. They do not apply brakes to the wheels but do apply braking force to the floor.

5.- A Long Handle.

Long handle, it might appear that handle will get in the way, but the leverage it provides in moving the jack, and the motorcycle is an excellent benefit. If you want the handle removed, it’s easily removed by removing the pin and r-pin. Also, the handle is easily replaced when needed again.

6.- Availability.

Being impulsive, I wanted to decide and pick up the lift jack as soon as possible. This lift jack is an off-the-shelf item at Harbor Freight if you check store availability before going.  

The above pictures show the lift jack’s safety. It stored out of the way for lowering the motorcycle and engaged for the lifting and holding operations. After lifting the motorcycle, I find it best to ensure the safety is engaged by lowering the lift onto the mechanical stop.

Harbor Freight Motorcycle Lift Jack and Info:

I bought this, my own money, from Harbor Freight, and there is some extra information I want to share with you. Harbor Freight isn’t generally claimed for high-quality tools. I have to say the fit and finish on some of their products makes me avoid some of their products. I like this lift jack, and because I could play with it in the store, I was sold.

Do your research.

For future harbor freight purchases, there are different ‘tiers,’ it seems. There is shelf prices, a sale prices, and a members’ price. I am NOT a member of Harbor Freight, and I missed one of their sales events, so I paid full price for this jack.

That being said, as a new motorcyclist and the low cost of this lift jack, I’m OK with this. Again, do your research to getting the best lift jack for your needs at the best price.

Sorry, too wordy, but the point is, I got mine at Harbor Freight, and later I notice Amazon has the same type of lift jacks that can be delivered to your house. I also like the number of scissor motorcycle jacks they have as well. This post was never meant to be a Harbor Freight post; I just wanted to share with you about the type of motorcycle lift jack I choose and be honest where I got it. Thank you.

Interested In Buying A Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Jack?

Two ways I was interested in buying a motorcycle lift, in-store and online. I picked instore, but looking back, it was a spontaneous purchase. Although glad about buying my hydraulic motorcycle jack in-store, online has many more options.

In-store hydraulic motorcycle Lift Jack Option:

Harbor Freight:

You can pick up and touch a good selection of tools and maintenance parts, and the prices are within reach for new motorcycle owners. With time I will be upgrading many of my Harbor Freight purchases, but for now, I am happy.

Link To Product:

Author’s Notice: This page contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission by their use. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

On-Line Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Jack Option:

Yes, I seem to buy a lot of things from Amazon. The selection is excellent from multiple vendors; I don’t like having to make decisions on more pricey purchases without actually handling the item. The good thing is their return policy.

Link To Product I Like: Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack – 1500 lb. Capacity

Future: Might Buy A Scissor Motorcycle Lift Jack.

As I said before, scissor jacks offer features not found in the hydraulic jacks I was shopping for. So a motorcycle scissor jack from Harbor Freight might be a future addition.

The scissor motorcycle lift jacks have a smaller base and weigh less. This size and weight reduction mean less storage space needed and more options of how to store them. I am running with minimal space in my one-car garage, so having tools that can sit on shelves is beneficial. Scissor jacks seem to require less maintenance, lube and go with time.

Fewer parts to fail. However, some of the features I pointed out on the hydraulic lift jack I picked up are not available on the scissor lift jack.

They have smaller bases, which could cause tipping of the motorcycle and the jack. They are stationary, so I cannot use them to move the motorcycle once lifted. I need something quick to lift and move the motorcycle alone, so I first went with a hydraulic lift.

FYI, I saw TBR7/Hawk250/Brozz owners using 5-gallon buckets as stands, and I do NOT recommend this. Jack stands are cheaper than replacing broken parts and emergency room visits.

I am considering the following scissor motorcycle jack stands. Yes, they are affiliate links and cost nothing extra for you if you purchase, but they can help this blog if you have a scissor jack stand or buying one; comment below what you like and dislike about them.

Thank you.

Remember, Safety is no accident!

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