My TBR7 Motorcycle Winterize Checklist.

Upon review, I realized I spent so much time reasoning why my TBR7 motorcycle winterize checklist was easy by only addressing the short-term storage goals; I devoted minimal post real estate to the actual checklist.

So I created this post just for my easy motorcycle winterizing checklist for my TBR7 motorcycle, but it has basic steps that apply to many motorcycles. Remember, this winterization checklist was designed around my short-term storage concerns. With the goal of the motorcycle being immediately ready for riding during breaks in the winter weather. I will have a longer-term motorcycle storage checklist later. 

Note, without getting a lot of motorcycles, my goal, I can’t imagine not riding my TBR7 frequent enough to have to worry about a long-term storage challenge.

My Easy TBR7 Motorcycle Winterize Checklist:

Note, if you want to read the longer post with reasons: Easy TBR7 Winterize Motorcycle Checklist & Reasoning.

1.- Limit Exposure Of The Motorcycle To The Elements.  

My second plan is to either store the motorcycle in the garage, my first plan, or get a good cover for the motorcycle to weather the sun, rain, and snow.

2.- Limit Exposure Of The Motorcycle To Low Temperatures.

The TBR7 is an air-cooled motorcycle, so worrying about the coolant system isn’t a concern, but there are the Oil, battery electrolyte, and brake lines.  

I plan to keep my motorcycle stored in my garage, pointing to the front door, ready to be rolled out for a quick ride when the weather breaks. It doesn’t get below freezing in my garage or for any prolonged period.

3.- Stabilize The Fuel With An Additive.

My sta-bil fuel stabilizer.
Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer I will used for stored fuel over the winter.

When I believe I am getting into the final days of riding of the season, I will start adding fuel stabilizer with fill-ups or when I get home.  

Name brand fuel stabilizers have an easy feature to add the right amount to the volume of gasoline. Just check your owner’s manual for your tank’s capacity to estimate how much gasoline is in the tank and how many stabilizers you need.

Read more about gasoline’s storage stability:

4.- Keep The Carburetor Bowl Empty.  

Carburetor fuel bowl drain screw.
My Carburetor drain.

I will stop the fuel supply and run the motorcycle till the engine dies. This way, there is no fuel in the carburetor to varnish up. When ready to ride again, I will open the fuel petcock and be on the road in no time.

5.- Use A Battery Tender.

I can not say how much this cheap item has saved me money and headache with my motorcycle battery. So using the quick disconnect, each time I come home, I plan to plug in the battery tender and not worry about the battery anymore—real peace of mind.

Motorcycle Battery tender/charger I used when motorcycles aren't being ridden.

My Short-Term Plan To Winterize My TBR7 Bike.

I don’t have plans to do any whole winter storage. I am a new motorcyclist, and I ride when I can ride.

I have to prepare for the chance that some unplanned situations will limit my riding ability in the long term to develop a more extended winterization storage plan for the TBR7 motorcycle.

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