TBR7 New Dirt Bike Handguards – Ordered

As I posted in the past, I broke the TaoTao TBR7’s stock plastic dirt bike handguards.(TBR7 Plastic Handguards) I was not impressed with how easy they broke from a low-energy fall. The stock TaoTao handguards were not the best dirt bike handguards.

After some additional dropping of the TBR7 motorcycle problems, I decided I need new handguards and wanted the best dirt bike handguards I could find for my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle.

Flimsy dirt-bike handguards that came with my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle.
The stock TBR7 bike handguards look like big plastic spoons, that break easily. :/

My thinking processes:

Replacement Stock Dirt Bike Handguards, Why?

Let’s not forget basic motorcycle garage steps:

There have been no issues for about a month since I broke one of the stock motorcycle handguards. I removed the broken hand guard and the last survivor, and I was OK with riding my TBR7 motorcycle without any handguards.

Just notice the stock handguards blocked the wind, which would only be a concern when riding in colder temperatures.

Then, while backing up the TBR7 motorcycle, I dropped it (again). This time, I slipped, lost control of the bike, and to prevent falling on top of the motorcycle, I let go—a painful moment. I broke my rear brake lever. The rear brake lever was severely bent. I tried straightening the brake lever, and it snapped.

Broken TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle Brake Lever sitting on bike front fender.
Broken TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle Brake Lever.

The original stock plastic handguards might have offered protection from the first fall, but truthfully, this second drop was harder. Stock hand guards or not, the TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle would suffer some damage.

Truthfully, the real damage was to my ego; I dropped the motorcycle twice. Geez… in the same way too!

What Are Dirt Bike Handguards Used For?

A simple review of what I learned about handguards: handguards guard the hand areas. OK, not being smart here, but pointing they protect several items in the hand areas.

First, your hands. When riding off-road, the brush can strike the hand area, and the handguards will deflect and absorb the energy. If you fall and continue to hold on to the handlebars, the handguards will protect your hands again.

Second, the equipment. The clutch levers, brake levers, brake reserves, and handlebar ends are exposed to passing objects, like the said brush earlier. Also, if you don’t have handguards like me in a fall, you can break one or more of your levers, like I broke my brake lever.

Are Dirt Bike Handguards Necessary For The TBR7?

I was looking for the best adventure motorcycle handguards; since even the TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle is a dual-sport motorcycle. I am more focused on street riding(my TBR7 Upgrades), but do a little light off road riding like on gravel roads or fire trails. A riding style more in line with adventure motorcycle riding. However, I changed my mind about what product I was looking for.

Adventure motorcycling is very popular today, and even Harley Davidson has announced their version of the adventure motorcycle. So, anything with the word “adventure” seems to extract a higher premium than other motorcycle product types.

In general, Dirt Bikes (Dual-sports) were cheaper than full adventure bikes.

The range of prices for dirt bikes and dirt bike accessories is vast, with it going deeper into the more affordable range. Dirt bikes are bought for kids, and I’m sure parents don’t want to go bankrupt buying dirt bike products, and the manufacturers know this.

I opted for a Dirt Bike oriented handguard. Not for design or strength, but because of price and product selection.

Now The Dark Side Of Dirt Bike Handguards!

Are Dirt Bike Handguards Dangerous?

There are rare stories; I can’t find anyone who did this, where a person is thrown over the handlebars in a crash, and the handguards trap his hands, resulting in additional hand, wrist, and arm injuries. The stories seem more theoretical rather than actual. The purpose of the handguards is to prevent physical damage, so stories about them causing additional injury are scary. I didn’t discount the stories, but I focused on their more prominent warning of them. Don’t crash. I went there and wished it were as easy as saying it. There is a risk with everything, and so far, I’ve dropped the TBR7 motorcycle twice, and the handlebar ends suffered some damage. So I’m opting for handguards.

OK, after all this over-thinking, I made my choice.

Ordered New Dirt Bike Handguards For My TBR7.

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My TBR7 New Dirt Bike Handguards.

Universal 7/8″(22mm) – 1-1/8″(28mm) Dirt Bike Handguards

Where did these new dirt bike handguards from? Where else. Amazon.

It made it most convenient to order the cheapest/best dirt bike handguard replacements for my TBR7 motorcycle.

I am not one for being told what to do sometimes, and I want to know why. Being a new motorcyclist and an over-thinker, I want to know the why, when, and how. Personal protection is essential to me, and I want to be sure Handguards are right for me and what type offers the best protection for me and my motorcycle. Just documenting my thinking and decision process, please get involved with experienced motorcyclists for your protection equipment advice. I am still a novice!

Thank you, and Ride Safe!!!

P.S. I will posting a follow up on how I installed the new dirt bike handguards and my later review. Stay tuned!

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