Opening My TBR7’s New Nibbi Carburetor.

I covered in an earlier post (TaoTao TBR7 Nibbi Carburetor, Unboxing!) what I found when I opened my Nibbi Carburetor (PE30 / PE30mm) box. As I documented my finding of the contents, I was drawn in by the quality of the Nibbi carb. Looking at it, maybe the Nibbi carb is too good for my TaoTao TBR7?  

NOTE: I finally got around to installing my new Nibbi Carburetor on my TaoTao TBR7. Here is the post: My TBR7 Nibbi Carburetor Installation Instructions (Hawk 250 info).

Is The Nibbi Carburetor Any Good For Motorcycles?

New PE30 Nibbi Racing Carburator
New PE30 Nibbi Racing Carburator

I don’t know, but let me go over what I found when I did a closer examination of the PE30 carburetor.

1.- The Nibbi Carburetor Choke Is Different.

Nibbi Carburetor Choke Knob
Left upper side is the Nibbi Carburetor Choke Knob

To increase the fuel/air ratio, when the choke is operated, this choke increases the supply of fuel to the engine. The PE30 choke in the up and locked position opens a port on the carburetor’s outlet side, bypassing the throttle slide and increasing fuel into the engine.  

Nibbi Racing Carb Choke 'off'.
Nibbi Carburetor Choke Knob ‘off’, see the brass color in the port?

Interesting design. I am used to seeing choke actually ‘choking’ the airflow to increase the fuel/air ratio. I can’t wait to see how this works when I get around to installing it on my TBR7. The TBR7 has its quirks but hoping this doesn’t add to them.

Nibbi Carburetor Choke "up/on"
Nibbi Carburetor Choke “up/on”, see how the port is not blocked?

2.- The Nibbi Carburetor Idle Screw Has a Knob.

Nibbi Carburetor Idle Screw Knob
Nibbi Carburetor Idle Screw Knob

We all heard how the TBR7/Hawk 250’s idle rpm changed as we further warmed up the bike. Initially, we have to feed a little extra gas to keep the engine from stalling, but it’s easier to crank down on the carburetor idle screw; then, as the engine warms up, the idle is too high, so we back off the idle screw.

To make these idle speed changes, we have to use a screwdriver for the TBR7 stock carb or the Mikuni carb upgrade. The Nibbi has a little knob instead, and this knob is a nice feature.

3.- Less Fuel Bowl Screws? Nibbi Trust Issues?

Nibbi Carburetor Bottom
Nibbi Carburetor Bottom, only 2 screws?

Not sure if this is a feature, but this shows confidence that the fuel bowl and the bottom of the Nibbi PE30 carburetor should be stiff enough with only two screws instead of four like the TBR7’s stock carb the Mikuni VM-26 Carb have.    

OR, is this an oversight? I will update you on my finding later when I get the Nibbi carb installed.

I Opened The Nibbi Carburetor!

I was afraid, but I knew I had to do it.

Some things inside the PE30 carburetor that I found interesting.

1.- The Carburetor Float Pin Does Not Fall Out.

Nibbi Carburetor Flow
Nibbi Carburetor Flow, upside down.

This fact might be a lame thing to be excited about, but I dropped my Makuni Bowl Float pin and had difficulty finding it. If you held the VM-26 Carb sideways, with the float pin up and down, the pin would fall out, then the float, and then the bowl valve.  

Holding Nibbi Carb vertical and pin remained installed!
Holding Nibbi Carb vertical and pin remained installed! 😀

You make this mistake once! The float and bowl valve stayed closed together on the floor, but the pin disappeared for some time. I used bad words while trying to find them. So don’t hold the Mikuni Carb (clone) VM-26 sideways where the float pin can fall out.

Enough Makuni stories, let’s get back to the Nibbi Racing Carb!!! So, the fuel bowl internal appears solid in construction, and even though the float itself is plastic, it seems stiff enough to last a long time.  

2.- The Throttle Slide Is a Monster!

Nibbi Racing Carb Polished Throttle Slide.
Nibbi Racing Carb Polished Throttle Slide.

Yes, the throttle slide appears very large and weighty. This weight gives me more confidence that Nibbi Carb is very well built, but the amount of material must have gone into just making the slide.  

3.- The Throttle Slide Is Polished.

Again, the Nibbi throttle slide is catching my attention. It’s highly polished. The throttle slide seems to move within the carburetor with little friction. I can’t wait till I feel the throttle twisties. 😀

4.- The Throttle Slide Spring Is Large As well.

Nibbi's Beefier Throttle Slide Spring.
Nibbi’s Beefier Throttle Slide Spring.

I am guessing Nibbi wasn’t just relying on the weight of the throttle slide to close the throttle but added a larger stiffer spring to ensure proper throttle response. Again, I am impressed.

5.- The Air Flow Stream Channel Looks “Round”?

Nibbi's round intake.
Nibbi’s round intake with milled inlet surface.

I noticed this might be weird, but I recall the stock and Mikuni carbs had non-round air flow channels? Not consistently round. Like the air is compressed not so evenly like in the Nibbi Carb. I wonder if this will make a big difference.  

6.- The Air Flow Stream Chanel Appears Smother.

Nibbi's round outlet with a polished surface.
Nibbi’s round outlet with a polished surface.

The inlet side of the Nibbi is machined very smooth, with a slight phono-graph surface. The carburetor outlet is polished. Looks nice, but I also think this helps get controlled airflow through the carburetor and into the engine.  

What Am I Comparing These Nibbi Features To?

My memory. :/

I’ve had little experience with the stock TBR7 carburetor, mostly taking it out and getting the new Mikuni Carb ready for the choke cable installation.

Now the Mikuni Carburetor, VM-26, I have more experience with because I’ve taken it out and reinstalled it several times trying to find the proper main jet for my motorcycle. Not too rich and not lean. 

However, I am relying on my memories of the currently installed carburetor, the Mikuni, and the formerly installed carburetor, the stock TBR7 carb, to compare the new Nibbi carb.  Funny how this all started with a simple idea: Next Upgrade Project: Nibbi Carburetor Replacement.

I plan on making a side-to-side comparison of each one, so you don’t have to rely on my memories. I just wanted to get my thoughts out and written down to reference back to these initial observations after I get around to installing the new Nibbi “Racing” Carburetor, my PE30mm, or some call PE30 carb.

Thank you, Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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