Next Upgrade Project: Nibbi Carburetor Replacement.

Yes, I have the Mikuni carburetor upgrade(Previous Post: URL) that I have been running on my TBR7 for several months and enjoy. I feel the Mukuni VM26 is good, but now that I am finally getting it tuned to the point it gives the most performance for my motorcycle, I want more. Satisfying this desire is where the Nibbi Carburetor comes in. Some nicknamed it “The Nibbi Racing Performance Motorcycle Carburetor,” and that name got my attention.

Nibbi Racing Carb PE30 Ouf of box with all the parts, instructions and stickers.
Nibbi Carburetor Open Box Photo.

My Amazon package arrived, and it contains the Nibbi Carburetor and Upgrade Parts.  Will cover everything I ordered later, but I ordered parts for the full installation to my TaoTao TBR7.

NOTE: I finally got around to installing my new Nibbi Carburetor on my TaoTao TBR7. Here is the post: My TBR7 Nibbi Carburetor Installation Instructions (Hawk 250 info).

Nibbi Racing Performance Motorcycle Carburetor Live Up To Its Nick Name?

I hope so. 😀  

If Nibbi carburetors are known as “racing carburetors,” this might be the boost I want out of my TBR7 motorcycle. After all the modifications and performance upgrades:

I feel I was getting the most out of my TBR7, to the point I don’t think that TaoTao ever designed the TBR7 to run highway speeds(70’s). Running faster in my TBR7 made it uncomfortable riding after longer trips, why I installed foam motorcycle grips(Previous Post: Found Cheap Foam Hand Grips For My Motorcycle.) and a padded seat (Previous Post: New TBR7 Seat Upgrade With This Cover.).

What Did Tuning the Mikuni(clone) VM26 Carburetor Get Me?

Living in Pennsylvania, we have serious changes in seasons, temperature, humidity, etc. I had difficulty keeping the Mikuni clone jetted perfect and had to accept the occasional backfire or bogging with weather changes. I compensated(slower throttle twisting, downshifting, etc.) and lived with it. As I got the VM26 working great, only had a little mid-range bogging, I started wondering, can I get more out of the Mikuni (clone) carburetor? The answer seemed to be no.

Was The Mikuni (Clone) Carburetor Bad?

No! It runs great and was relatively cheap(it was under $30 when I ordered the carburetor back in January) and wasn’t a monster to tune with some basic knowledge(studied posts from Hawk 250 owners, since TBR7 sources were limited) and a jet kit.

I have enjoyed the Mikuni (clone) Carburetor and would do the upgrade again if I got another TBR7 or one of its Chonda cousins(RPS Hawk 250, Raven 250, or even the Brozz).  

The Nibbi Carburetor Verses The Mukuni (clone) VM26 Carburetor.

Once I tell you this, it will be easy to understand one big difference; I got the Nibbi PE30 Carburetor. Yes, the numbers are different. I learned that the PE30 has an opening of 30mm, while the VM26 has one of 26mm. A 4mm difference.  

If this is true, there is a significant difference in the area through which air can move through.

Is 4mm A Big Difference?  

That’s what she said. I can’t believe I went there. Sorry.

OK, the math. The area of a circle is radius squared times pi.

Note: the radius is 1/2 diameter for those of us out of school too long.

26mm diameter = 13mm(squared) x Pi = (13x13x3.14159) = about 531mm^2

30mm diameter = 15mm(squared) x Pi = (15x15x3.14159) = about 707mm^2

What Is The Air Flow Area Difference Between 26mm & 30mm Openings?

Well, let’s figure the percent increase in the size difference between the PE30 and the VM26.

((707mm2 – 531mm2) / 531mm2) x 100 = 33% increase!!!!

The increase in airflow, and of course fuel, could be 33% more!!!!

Does This Mean My TBR7 Will Go 33% Faster?

No. No one has ever posted such speed increases on their motorcycles. And we all know how the Hawk 250 owners like to brag about their motorcycle upgrades.

It just means that now the carburetor will not be the weakest link in the chain of air/fuel to energy to the rear wheel problem. There are physical limits to cylinder capacity, intake and exhaust valve opening sizes, port restrictions, etc.

So Why Upgrade To The Nibbi Carburetor.

I like to tinker, and winter is coming upon us. I was pre-buying parts to have items to work on. I have received feedback on taking time to share my adventures in motorcycling, especially sharing posts about my upgrades to the TaoTao TBR7.  

Let’s face it; you can find RPS Hawk 250 posts everywhere. Although the Hawk 250 and TBR7 share the same engine, TBR7 owners felt left out not having information specifically related to the TBR7.

My first(and still only) motorcycle is the TBR7, and I am experimenting with what I can do with this motorcycle until I can do no more. Then I believe I will move on to a second motorcycle.

OK, Things About This New Nibbi Carburetor I See.

I have not installed the carburetor and will later post more about the process, of course, but for now, these are the out of box observations.

  1. Color: I bought the ‘plain’ Nibbi carburetor, which is grey since I felt it matched the plain look I am focusing on, so the color is the same as the Mikuni (clone) carburetor.
  2. Idle Speed Control: The Nibbi lacks an idle speed control screw, but it has an actual idle speed control knob. I love the idea, how often you come to start up your carburetor motorcycle, and the engine idle speed is off, so you tweak the idle screw. Then you drive a while, and the engine is warmed up, it’s off again, and then tweak again, then you drive the long distance, then the engine fully warmed up/hot (Yes, I have heating issues with my TBR7, Previous Post: Overheated Motorcycle Engine Problem(s).), and you tweak it again. Only to shut off the engine and start the process again when you go riding later. The knob is a welcome improvement versus carrying a screwdriver in my pocket.
  3. Air/Fuel Screw: The Nibbi Carburetor Air/Fuel Screw is accessible? On the Mikuni, the air/fuel screw is not fully accessible without taking off the carburetor. After-market parts allow you to put an extended knob on the Mikuni, but I wasn’t interested in spending more money on a ‘cheap’ upgrade. Just felt like spending more money on another upgrade. 😀
  4. Choke: The Nibbi Carburetor Choke is different. Not an expert, but there is a knob on top of the carb, on the outlet side, and when you pull it up, it opens a small port. I am guessing this en-riches the stream by adding more fuel, unlike the Mikuni that constricts airflow to make the engine inlet richer. I will have to research this more.
  5. Carburetor’s Inner Surfaces: The slide is polished, looks chrome, and the inner surfaces appear smooth and somewhat polished. These steps, I hope, allow the engine to save energy trying to breathe and direct that energy out towards the rear wheel. 😀

So, Is The Nibbi Carburetor Any Good For Motorcycles?

I hear the Nibbi carburetor is good for Hawk 250s, and soon will test my new PE30 on my TBR7. Till then, I can’t personally answer this question. Is it good? I hope so. If not, I will be disappointed, and regardless I will share my outcome with you.

Fellow Chonda owners are a frugal bunch, and we don’t want to waste money. So I will help save you money or help you improve your motorcycle with my final reviews later.

Since this post has grown very long, I hope to end it here. Stay tuned to further adventures with my TBR7 and its upgrades. In the meantime, check out the upgrades I did at the end of this post. Also, feel free to read more of my posts and leave feedback in the comment section.

Ride Fun, Ride Safe!!

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NOTE: I finally got around to installing my new Nibbi Carburetor on my TaoTao TBR7. Here is the post: My TBR7 Nibbi Carburetor Installation Instructions (Hawk 250 info).

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