Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket Review (My Jacket).

In this Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket Review, I want to share my experience purchasing, owning, upgrading, and riding with my Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket, starting at the high-level review and getting deeper into the ownership and customization of the Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket. Just my opinions contained in this beginner motorcycle jacket review, and gives new riders something to think about.

Background: Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket Review.

When I finally got my Pa motorcycle license( Got My Pa Motorcycle Learner’s Permit! ), I considered riding safety(ATGATT). Often I do not overthink about my safety, but as an over-thinker and parent, I start thinking the worse.

So, I was interested in a cheap first motorcycle jacket that offered good slide protection( Wear A Motorcycle Jacket All The Time? ) and certified impact armor. After some research, I found that CE armor was the measure of protection, and this Alpha Gear Motorcycle Jacket came with some.

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Review Of Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket Features:

1.- Price.

The Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket is very low priced; after riding for a few years, for the features, it’s very Cheap for what you get. Real protection from cheap cycle gear.

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2.- Tough Outer Shell Material.

The Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket’s outer shell is 1000 D Cordura Fabric( This material might not be rumored to be as tough as thick leather. However, it is cheaper and more flexible than leather, offering excellent slide protection.

The material is very durable. I tried stretching it, and when I retire this motorcycle jacket, I might take a belt sander to it and post how well this material stood up to the abuse.

Plus, the material seems very ‘water-resistant.’ The Alpha motorcycle jacket is my wet-weather riding jacket during the warmer months.

3.- The Inner Insulated Jacket Liner.

I bought this motorcycle jacket in December of 2020; yes had it for over two years now, so my focus was wearing something warm while riding the motorcycle.  

Now I can layer with regular clothes, but having a motorcycle jacket, you can zip in the inner lining, and having the jacket ready 24/7 for cooler weather is very convenient.  

So picking up a motorcycle jacket with a removable insulated liner is a nice feature.

4.- Included Certified Motorcycle Armor.

Sure a few motorcycle jackets still don’t come with Armor, allowing you to pick and choose your armor combination for your riding comfort.

Example of included motorcycle jacket armor.

However, as new motorcycle riders, we might need to know which armor to buy, and making a choice and following through might be a challenge. So having the Alpha motorcycle jacket come with armor is a great feature.

On top of armor, the Alpha Motorcycle Jacket comes with back armor. Yes, most riding jackets sold with armor often exclude back armor or might include a foam pad. 

The Alpha motorcycle jacket includes certified forearm/elbow, shoulder, and back armor. 

5.-Fit And Feel.

I am 5’8″, about 190 pounds, and I wear a size large.  

It fits well, and the material’s flexibility wears well enough to avoid any complications with operating the motorcycle.  

When moving around, I can move my arms well and don’t feel any bunching up of material.

Now with the optional insulated jacket insert, you can feel the material get thicker and lose some flexibility. Still, I manage to ride even with adding additional layers under the jacket for warmth.

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Review Of Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket Cons:

Now with all products, there are pros and cons, so to be a truthful review, we must address this jacket’s short failings.

1.- “All Season?” 

Sure, look at the product pages of this riding jacket. You will find Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket advertised as all season.

Let’s break this down.

Winter Time Motorcycle Riding.

Sure, the motorcycle jacket has a removable insulated jacket that will help keep you warm.

Sure, the jacket material is weather resistant.

However, the insulation is a little thin. This jacket’s thinness can be good since the outer shell and insulated lining can be part of a total system for staying warm through layering. While remaining lightweight and flexible.

So for winter, the Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket does well enough.

Spring Time Motorcycle Riding.

When still cool outside, the Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket functions well. With both the insulation and the weather warming up as you ride, there are vents to help regulate temperature.

Once warm enough, the insulated jacket insert comes out, and Vents help keep you cool while riding.

Summer Time Motorcycle Riding

With the hot weather, of course, by now, the insulated jacket insert is removed, and the jacket vents are fully open.

Fall Time Motorcycle Riding.

Vents start opening on the jacket, and the optional insulated jacket insert can try to regulate comfort levels as the temperatures decrease.  

How I Use My Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket

I use my Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket for Winter rides and cool spring and fall rides, and during the summer, I use it for cool night rides or days with wet weather.

How I Don’t Use This Motorcycle Jacket:

If it’s too hot, after removing the insulated jacket and with the vents fully open, put the Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket away, and switch to an open mess jacket. 

I plan to review my Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket later, but for now, focusing on reviewing this jacket.

Do I store away the Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket till fall?

No, during the warmer summer months, I use my Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket if I plan to ride on days that can get wet or chilly night riding. 

So for regular, warm summer days, I do not use this motorcycle jacket.

Mods I Made To My Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket

Now I spoke that this jacket comes with CE Level 1 armor was a feature. Still, after riding for a while and learning more about motorcycle armor, I upgraded.

Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket Armor Examples.

The default motorcycle armor is good. I tested it by hitting the armor with objects and feeling the energy attenuated. I could feel the energy absorbed, and when sharp edges struck the armor, the feel was changed to dull.  

Now this was not a very scientific test and was very subjective. However, going from CE level 1 motorcycle armor to CE level 2 is very objective.  

Wearing certified motorcycle gear is essential to me, and CE 2 upgrades I bought were light and in-flexible. They were thicker pads and appeared to be made from better-quality material(Absorbing soft memory-foam type of motorcycle armor, that should help with protecting me from the weather as well.)

The default Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle armor feels like compressed foam pads. As I said, they appeared to work, but no name-brand logo made me feel better upgrading. 

I am open about how I use this jacket. 

Alpha cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket case.
Came with nice storage case for off-season riding for this motorcycle jacket.

Summary Of My Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket Review.

I like it. After using the Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket for winter, cooler spring and fall riding days, plus wet weather summer days, I plan to continue to use it.

This jacket replaces my basic beginner-level motorcycle gear, long-sleeve shirt, and flannel jacket of my motorcycle safety course days.   

In the motorcycle safety course, we learned to ride in a closed course at low speeds. Even then, I witnessed a real bike accident on the course, and it was a blessing the rider was wearing real motorcycle gear. Not the thrift store armor I was wearing. So when I ride now, I ride safe( FAQ: ATGATT ):D

It was well-priced and full of basic features like a robust outer shell, motorcycle armor in arms, shoulders, and back, including a removable insulated jacket.

This riding jacket has to be almost the perfect beginner motorcycle rider jacket.

Now if you have and use the Alpha Cycle Gear Motorcycle Jacket, please leave a comment. Let me know your likes and dislikes about this motorcycle jacket.

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Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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