Best TBR7 Comfort Upgrade For About 10 Bucks!

As always, my TBR7 belongs to the Chonda-Family(Chinese Honda Clone Motorcycles), so this comfort upgrade will automatically work with the Hawk 25, Brozz, and Raven 250. However, today this upgrade will work with many motorcycles since it doesn’t depend on the Chonda design.

What Is Cheap Comfort Upgrade?

Foam Motorcycle Handlebar Grips

My New Motorcycle Foam Handlebar Grip Covers
My Cheap Solution to Buzy-hands. Foam Motorcycle Grip Covers.

Wait, not kidding! I thought upgrading my handlebar grips with foam slip one wouldn’t matter, but they made a world of difference.

I had issues with my hands feeling ‘buzzy’ after long rides on my TBR7. I found that other riders were complaining about the same things with their TBR7’s and even the more common Hawk 250’s.

The single-cylinder engine, being pushed hard with longer distance street riding, was exposing my hands to the constant vibration of the motorcycle engine. I usually make this worse with continuous riding, and I like riding and running the little motor with a higher RPM than expected.

With staying in a lower gear, I feel I have more control over the TBR7. I can accelerate faster and slow faster with engine braking. This riding habit made the motorcycle vibrate too much.

Did You Pay For The Foam Motorcycle Handlebar Grips?

Yes, I bought the foam covers for my motorcycle handlebar grips. I used my own money; the foam covers were not gifts from anyone. 

The nice thing about buying my own, I have no conflict in recommending this comfort upgrade to other TBR7 owners, Chonda Owners(Hawk 250, Brozz, Raven, etc.), or any motorcycle owner. The upgrade brought comfort to my longer motorcycle riding adventures.

I am aggressive on the grips; being a new rider, I seem to white-knuckle the handlebar grips. However, the wear and tear I noticed on the foam grips have been from laying the bike down a few times. The nice thing about the TBR7 motorcycle’s price, playing the dirt and dropping the bike doesn’t bring too many tears to my eyes.   

I digress; the point is, the grips are ‘wearing’ on the outer edges. I might have to buy new foam grip covers in the future, and considering how cheap and effective they were, I will not cry about having to replace them if I have to. These were well worth it.

How Much Was The Foam Motorcycle Handlebar Grips?

A couple of things:

First, I am an Amazon Fan. I love their service and upfront refund policies, why I am an Amazon Associate and can earn from qualifying purchases through the following links. So I bought my foam motorcycle handlebar grips off Amazon.

Second, I bought knock off-brand. I didn’t get name brand Grip-Puppies. In hindsight, I could and still am happy since Grip-Puppies are less than $20. (Click For Current Prices: The Original Grip Puppy Comfort Grips) The price will be important when you read the next item.

Third, in April, I bought these motorcycle foam handlebar grips; the price was ten bucks, and since then, the price has changed. (Click For Current Prices: Motorcycle Foam Handlebar Grips) I bought the foam grip covers at the start of the riding season.

If you clicked the above link, you might notice the price did go up. The Grip-Puppies stayed under 20 bucks, and the knock-off brands have increased. So if you want to want name-brand foam handlebar grip covers, the name brand isn’t far out of reach.

Author’s Notice: This page contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission by their use. Also, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

As the riding season wanes, the prices of the knock-off foam grip covers should drop and return to the about ten bucks range. If you want to wait and name-brand isn’t your requirement, there might be a sale in the future.

OK, I’m done here. If you want to read about the simple installation process, here is an earlier post: Found Cheap Foam Hand Grips For My Motorcycle.

Ride Fun, Ride Safe!!!

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