Found Cheap Foam Hand Grips For My Motorcycle.

As I got to ride my TaoTao TBR7 Chinese dual-sport motorcycle further and further, my on the road time went longer and longer. I found a consequence of these longer motorcycle rides were pins and needles in my hands.

This ride made me look at why my hands felt ‘buzzy’ and if something as simple as cheap foam hand grips for the motorcycle would be the answer.

Simple answer: Comfortable Cheap Foam Grips For My Motorcycle.

First I Thought: Carpal Tunnel From A Motorcycle?

I ride a mountain bike and have done so for hours upon hours. I am putting a lot of weight on my hands and wrists by standing and pedaling. I never felt the pins and needles like I have to ride my TBR7 after mountain biking. I do not suspect I have carpal tunnel.  

If you suspect you have carpel tunnel, please seek advice from your primary care provider.

Simple Solution: Comfortable Foam Hand Grips.

My New Comfortable Foam Handlebar Grips, that slip on the motorcycle handbar.
My New Foam Handlebar Grip Covers. Cheap and effective.

I searched and found that people who own a single-cylinder motorcycle like the TBR7 have suffered similar ‘buzzy’ hands. The TBR7 bike has a counter-balanced engine, which will minimize the engine vibration but not eliminate it.  

I knew the bike vibrated, but not to the point that it affected my hands long after riding. Not like the feeling, so the solution I found mentioned the most in forums was to get foam hand grips for my motorcycle.

What Are The Most Comfortable Motorcycle Grips?

I found various motorcycle grips, one or two brand names kept coming up, but being a Chinese Dual-Sport owner, I am known for being frugal and trying to get away with spending the least amount of money. Well, I found the foam grips. They were cheap.

FYI: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. However, the prices are so low; I think I make pennies on it, so buy the foam grips where ever you like.

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How do you put on foam motorcycle grips?

Once I got the cheap foam grips, I searched for several ways to place them on over the grips. I found solutions involving wire ties, hair spray, heat, etc.

Here is my wire-tie attempt. The idea is to have the grip slide inside the foam, and once the grips are installed, pull out each wire tie. The foam is held in place by friction. 

TBR7 New Motorcycle Foam Grips, wire tie installation fail.
Just failed, with this attempt to install the foam grips.

It didn’t go well, so I moved on to another solution: Heat. The idea is to heat the grips, I used a hairdryer, and the foam grips will soften and easily expand as you slide them over the handlebar grips. Nope, it didn’t work for me.

What Worked?  Hot Soapy Water.

Yes, I first ran hot water through the grips, thoroughly wetting the inside surface. Then with a tiny bit of dish soap, I coated the inside surface with soap. Quickly moved to slide the foam grips over the handlebar grips. 

It worked! I took a dish towel squeezed the grips helping the water evacuate faster. The grips dried later and did a great job adhering to the handles.  

In the last step, the new foam grips were too long, so I trimmed the ends of excess foam.

Are foam grips good?

Yes, I have to say yes. I know buying and installing your solutions gives you a bias, but the grips appear to have reduced, not eliminated, the engine’s vibration when riding for long periods.  

It was money well spent by me.

How do I make my grips softer?

Initially, the foam grips felt stiff, rigid, but with use, they became softer and supportive while still protecting the hands from vibrations.

Are The The Best Motorcycle Foam Grips?

It depends. Do the foam grips work while remaining cheap? Yes! Do they give you bragging rights about having name-brand foam grips on your motorcycle? No. 

I am satisfied with the upgrade and the price; this was one of the best upgrades for my TBR7. These foam grips should also work for my Chonda motorcycle cousins like the RPS Hawk 250, Raven 250, and the Bashan Brozz 250.

My question for you guys. Do the non-counter balanced engine bikes like the Hawk 250 vibrate worse?  

Leave your answer and any feedback below.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun.

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Foam Motorcycle Handlebar Grips Upgrade!

These foam grips made my review for Best TBR7 Comfort Upgrade For About 10 Bucks!

Since I installed these grips, they have become a little torn up and might need replacement, but being so cheap, I will be upgrading my TBR7 motorcycle again in the future with these grips.

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