My Boom Vader Motorcycle Gas Tank Is Leaking From Bottom, Again!?!

Yup! I wasn’t sure if the gas tank leak was fixed ( Motorcycle Gas Tank Leak Repair Job. ), but I was hopeful, and it held long enough for me to put the motorcycle body panels back on. I put a newspaper under the motorcycle, like an un-house-broken puppy; my Boom Vader left a mess on the paper. The Boom Vader gas tank is leaking from the bottom again. 🙁

J-B Weld patch on leaking gas tank inside.
Look at how the J-B Weld compound bubbled up and opened. Even Superman had kryptonite.

Why Oh Why Didn’t Plan “A” Work?

Well, plan “A” was to spot fix the pinholes in the gas tank with J-B Weld.  

J-B Weld has a good history of working well in a pinch. J-B Weld even adversities it’s fuel resistant. There is a dent in J-B Weld’s armor for it to fail so fast. Only a couple of days.  

My Theory Why My Motorcycle Gas Tank Is Leaking Again.


I wasn’t drinking alcohol, and I used regular ethanol gasoline. It seems that J-B Weld’s weakness is alcohol.

I don’t have easy access to non-alcohol gasoline, and I suspected there could be a problem. So, I crossed my fingers and waited it out.

I drained The Gas Tank And Figuring Out The Latest Fix.

I had a plan “B” to coat the inside of the gas tank with a commercial gas tank sealing product, but debating that now. Or at least till I figure out how to clean up the bad J-B Weld compound. Looks nasty from the photos. My gas tank leak repair plans: Boom Vader Motorcycle Gas Tank Gasket ISN’T Leaking? 🙁

Drained Boom Vader gas tank, JB Weld failed and leaking.
Drained Boom Vader Gas Tank, and look at the patch, it’s cracked and pulled way from the metal. :/

Check back for my next plan to fix the leaks. If you have any suggestions or experience with a leaking motorcycle gas tank, please comment below.

Stock Boom Vader Gas Tank Leak UPDATE!

I was thinking about cleaning out the interior of my Boom Vader’s gas tank and retrying to seal it again, but I was losing ride time. I gunked up the inside of the gas tank with the J-B weld and figured I made it more challenging to seal it myself.

I wanted to try out one of those DIY gas tank sealing kits you read online.

So I went with another option, took my little motorcycle’s gas tank down to my local mechanic, and asked for a cheap and quick solution.

I did the nuclear option on my little bike:

Boom Vader Gas Tank Repaired Again(Now Welded)!

In the meantime, Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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