My Boom Vader (A Grom Clone) Latest Motorcycle Review @ 400 Miles!

Boom Vader (A Grom Clone) Odometer over 400 miles
Over 400 miles with this Grom Clone! Really liking this Boom Vader motorcycle.

This Grom Clone review is a quick review of my Boom Vader after finally driving 400+ miles. You might be asking why I”m doing such frequent reviews of this Grom Clone; well, it’s a Grom Clone.  

Grom clones are not real Groms. Therefore, they arrive at us really ‘rough.’ It is often broken ( Boom Vader / Grom Clone Assembly Problems & Concerns ), metal parts are cut with rough edges, and nothing fits right. Just riding around in the motorcycle usually loosens parts or even damages them. I want you to be prepared to consider a Grom Clone motorcycle.

My Boom Vader has had its issues, but please comment below if you’ve had your own Chonda bike issues. I would love to hear your motorcycle reviews.

Here are my previous reviews of my Boom Vader:

Quick Boom Vader Upgrade Review

Here is a list of changes I made to my Boom Vader Motorcycle

Boom Vader Upgrades For This Review

1.- I upgraded the oil.

I changed the mystery oil the motorcycle was shipped with to name-brand conventional motorcycle oil: My Boom Vader Gen 2 Will Stay Stock, For Now, Except?

2.- Changed the front sprocket.

The Boom Vader came geared very low, guess to give it that peppy feeling taking off from a complete stop or to help do wheelies better. 

Regardless, I had to shift from 1st gear through all the gears to 4th gear almost immediately. I wanted more range for the gears. 

Also, top-end speed tests with the stock 14 tooth front sprocket weren’t all that great:  

So, I upgraded to the 17th front sprocket and found a higher top end(stopping at 7500+ RPMs), but now I lost a lot of torque. So I can only reach the red line in 4th gear heading downhill, with the wind behind me, full tuck, etc. 😀

See my Front sprocket upgrade post: My Boom Vader (Grom Clone) 17t Front Sprocket Upgrade Steps.

3.- Changed out the stock motorcycle chain.

If you go to any Chonda Forums or FB groups, people will post their experiences with a failed stock Grom Clone chain. These photos show chains that broke free, smashing the front sprocket chain guard, some breaking the gear shifter, and thankfully none that hurt the rider. 

I feel I wouldn’t be so lucky to only equipment damage.

I am asking more and more from my Boom Vader, so extra stress is being put on this machine.  

To compensate, I have to be prepared to change out stock parts not just for performance upgrades but also for reliability upgrades. The motorcycle chain was one of them. Chain upgrade post: My Grom Clone Motorcycle Chain Replacement Instructions

OK, down to this Grom Clone motorcycle’s review

How Is the Boom Vader, Good or Bad? Worse or Improved?

The Boom Vader is continuously improving!

I documented the shifting improvement in the 200-mile review ( My Boom Vader (A Grom Clone) 200 Mile Review. ), it is.

However, I still cannot shift into neutral from 1st gear. The shifting while riding feels better, but neutral seems only obtainable from 2nd gear.

Overall really enjoy this bike, even though it only cruises about 45+ and some back roads have 50mph speed limits, with hills. I am working on improving the Boom Vader’s performance over time.

Or I could lose weight. Ha ha, ha, like that will happen. 😀

I Have Mystery Gas Problem!

There is a smell of gasoline, and I cannot find it. No puddles, no obvious wet spots, but the smell is there.

Grom Clones are known for bad carbs, and not just performance-wise. The carburetor fuel bowls are known for falling off or splitting and spilling gasoline on to the ground. I am thinking about putting in an inline fuel cut-off to supplement the fuel cut-off on the carburetor just in case.

There are no leaks around the carburetor, but I will keep an eye on possible gasoline leaks. My nose says there is one, but I can’t tell where. Check back later. I’m sure I will find it before I upgrade the carburetor.

My Grom Clone Speedometer Not Working Properly

I can’t figure out how to fix it, is my Grom Clone has a faulty speedometer. Typically reads about 25% higher than the actual GPS speed. I tried doing this YT solution:, but it doesn’t work.

Please comment below if you know how to fix a Grom Clone’s speedometer.

What’s Next For The Boom Vader Motorcycle?

To ride my Boom Vader Motorcycle and enjoy the weather!  

The weather is getting nicer and nicer. I enjoy the back roads of Bucks county, and there are open farms and covered bridges. I hope to get some photos up for you guys to see.  

Just focusing on riding the bike and enjoying the bike’s feel between I start doing more performance upgrades to it.

I’m still not fond of the motorcycle’s top speed ( My Stock Boom Vader’s Top Speed Test. ) , but sure, with a new air filter, carburetor, and exhaust, I can get more out of the little engine. The Boom Vader might be looking at a big bore kit in the future. Who knows?

Check back later. I plan to do additional reviews as I continue to break in this little motorcycle.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!!!!

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