Boom Vader Oil Type – FAQ

One way to start a fight on any Chonda forum, or Chonda FB group, is to ask, “What type of oil does the Boom Vader take?” Every Boom Vader owner, or Chonda owner, has their own opinion about what type of oil their motorcycle should use and brand.

This post is laid out first to answer the oil type question objectively and then subjectively with my opinion.  

Boom Vader motorcycle, BD125-10, with oil collection pan, underneath.
Boom Vader motorcycle, with pan, to collect motor oil.

What type of oil does the Boom Vader take to get it out of the way?

The motorcycle owner’s manual lists a chart with oil as light as 10w single weight and 20w50 multi-weight oil. I believe this chart confuses people and starts the oil-wars argument when oil type is asked.

To narrow this down to a single answer, since the chart allows you to pick different oil types depending on the outside temperature, I will go to the source that offers a single answer.  

The specification plaque on the right side of the swing arm has the oil type listed as 15w40

Boom Vader Oil Weight/Type SE 15w40.
Boom Vader Oil Weight/Type 5w40.

Now, if you find anyone who has started another infamous oil war discussion, you can direct the original poster to the specification plate on the swing-arm.

What Weight Of Oil Do I Use In My Boom Vader Motorcycle?

For the weight, I use the exact weight in motorcycle oil that is listed on the Boom Vader’s swing arm: 15w40. No arguments here from me; follow the manufacturer’s suggestion.

Now the subjective side of this FAQ is purely based on my experience and opinion.

What Type Of Oil Do I Use In My Boom Vader 125?

My practice is based on my research and judgment based on past automotive experience.

For the Motorcycle Break-in period, I use conventional oil. 

Conventional oil is suitable for the motorcycle, cheap enough to encourage frequent oil changes during the Boom Vader’s break-in period. From what I’m told, it allows for proper engine break-in since it’s not too ‘slippery.’

After the break-in period, I use the remaining conventional oil and then swap over to synthetic motorcycle oil. Synthetic motorcycle oil is more temperature stable, something I like for air-cooled engines. Also, an extra layer of protection from high-temperature breakdown since I push the little motorcycles too hard with my upgrades(Boom Vader Upgrades To-Do List). 

What Brand Of Motorcycle Oil Do I Use In My Boom Vader 125?

I have limited experience but a long history of ‘cheapness.’ I own two Chonda bikes(TaoTao TBR7 and The Boom Vader BD125-10).   

I use sound, reasonably priced motorcycle oil to be frugal with my money and want my motorcycles to last the longest. 

Also, being easily distracted by the next shiny object, I try to keep the brand and type consistent for my motorcycle’s reliability.

FYI, What Is The Boom Vader 125cc Oil Capacity?

For Conventional oil, I use Shell’s Rotella T4 Conventional Oil.

Shell Rotella T4 Conventional Motor Oil

For Synthetic oil, I use Shell’s Rotella T6 Synthetic Oil.

Shell Rotella T6 Synthetic Motor Oil

Both are rated for wet motorcycle clutches, and both have served me well with the continued operation of both my Chonda motorcycles.

Shell Rotella T4 Conventional Motor Oil - JASO MA/MA2
Shell Rotella T6 Synthetic Motor Oil - JASO MA/MA2

I hope this FAQ helps prevent oil wars in the forums and keeps your Boom Vader 125 motorcycle running for a long time.

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I added to my motorcycle collection by buying a Boom Vader Gen 2 in 2022, and that Grom-Clone motorcycle has been upgraded by me as well.

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  1. I’d recommend playing with the weight.
    For good brands, like Mobil 1, you can easily go lower in weight.

    Play with 5W30. See if the bike vibrates more or less.

    I found out my roketa bike required 10W40 oil, but mixed equally with 5W30, resulting in ~7W35 was the perfect mixture for me. At this mixture, the bike almost ran vibrationless.


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