Boom Vader 125cc Upgrades To-Do List.

As I crossed my 100-mile milestone with my Boom Vader( Boom Vader 100 Miles Review ), I have had a list of upgrades and aftermarket parts I want-to-do to this motorcycle. The good news is the Boom Vader motorcycle is a “Chinese-Made Honda Grom-Clone” bike. So, Boom Vader 125cc aftermarket parts are easy to find.

BD125-10 Boom Vader Gen 2 125cc motorcycle in front of stone bridge.
First break-in ride of my Boom Vader Motorcycle, yes, upgrades are in the future.

Being a Honda Grom Clone motorcycle, there is a large after-market of Boom Vader parts and upgrades tailored for both the original Honda Grom and these Grom Clone motorcycles. The Honda Grom and Grom Clones are VERY similar in physical features that allow many parts to be interchangeable. Remember, the Boom Vader (BD125-10) is considered a Chonda motorcycle.  

My Boom Vader 125cc Upgrades To-Do List:

  1. Change The Shipping Oil
  2. Boom Vader Front Sprocket Upgrade
  3. Boom Vader New Motorcycle Chain
  4. Boom Vader Carburetor Upgrade
  5. Boom Vader Exhaust Upgrade
  6. Boom Vader Gas Tank Sealing
  7. New Motor Mounts
  8. Better/Bigger Motor Mount Bolts Upgrade
  9. Motorcycle Tail Bag
  10. Auxiliary Spare Fuel Bottle
  11. Motorcycle Cell Phone Holder
  12. Boom Vader Big Bore Kit
  13. New Motorcycle Seat
  14. Motorcycle Fork Oil Change
  15. Rear Sprocket Upgrade For Speed
  16. Grom Fatherz Speed Spacers
  17. Wheel Bearing Replacements

Why So Many Boom Vader Upgrades?

Note, my Boom Vader 125 had parts already fall off( First Ride For Boom Vader Review ), and even though we know that we should be thread-locker (I use blue thread-locker primarily, see: Must Have Tools ), we don’t get around to every part. Upgrades force me to take apart the motorcycle and add new parts with a thread locker. So I feel upgrading my Boom Vader makes for a safer Boom Vader. 😀

My Detailed Boom Vader Gen 2 Upgrades List!

I plan to add to this upgrade to-do list and then link to the actual posts where I completed the upgrade. I hope this helps out my fellow Grom Clone riders.

Just so you don’t miss it, I have a separate page of Boom Vader aftermarket upgrades (with parts) I would recommend to my fellow Grom Clone owners to do to their bikes:

Change That Boom Vader 125cc Shipping Oil!

My goal was to avoid doing any upgrades to the Boom Vader until after I broke the bike in. I am only making a mental list of Grom Clone upgrades I plan to do after the break-in period.

But one thing I had to do on the first day of motorcycle ownership( Bought A Boom Vader; Now What Do I Do? ): a shipping oil change. I do not trust what type of stock shipping oil is put in the motorcycle, and FortNine seems to agree( Which Motorcycle Manufacturer is Best? [Laboratory Test] ).

You will find others say the oil sent with your new Grom Clone motorcycle is a ‘break-in’ oil, but no one would verify what this means or what type of oil (in layperson’s terms) it is.

Author’s Notice: This page contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission by their use. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

So, it’s not ‘break-in’ oil; it’s ‘breaking’ oil. My bike, my oil.

My motorcycle break-in oil, Rotella T4 Engine Oil.
Spoiler Alert, I change the shipping oil. T4 is cheap and works great in my bikes.

My Post: Boom Vader Gen 2 Stock, Except?

Click For Current Rotella T4 Engine Oil Prices.

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Boom Vader’s Front Sprocket Upgrade

Now that my stock Boom Vader 14t sprocket top speed test was done ( Stock Boom Vader’s Top Speed Test ), I realized I need more top-end speed to ride my Grom Clone around town and the back roads, and I haven’t even considered riding this motorcycle on the highway. So for the first performance upgrade, I plan to increase the size of my front sprocket. I ordered the 17-tooth front sprocket: Boom Vader (Grom Clone) Front Sprocket Size Upgrade Time!

Larger Front Sprocket Upgrade for my Boom Vader motorcycle.
The larger front sprocket(17t) much larger than the stock(14t) sprocket.

My Post: Boom Vader 17t Front Sprocket Upgrade

Click For Current Larger Front Sprocket Prices.

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New Motorcycle Chain

After upgrading the front sprocket with a good aftermarket sprocket, I realized I was pushing this bike harder and harder. Chains are only as strong as their weakest link, and the stock chain has some questionable links. If I’m making the Boom Vader run faster with a larger front sprocket, why not ensure the drive train is upgraded. I talk about this here: Is The Stock Boom Vader Chain Good or Bad? and I plan to do my upgrade soon.

New motorcycle chain.
Got my chain long so I could trim it to size for my bike.

My Post: Grom Clone Motorcycle Chain Replaced.

Click For Current Motorcycle Chain Prices.

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Boom Vader Carburetor Upgrade

Like my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle ( I Adjusted The Nibbi Carburetor, Tuning My TBR7 Motorcycle. ), I’m sure the Boom Vader will benefit from an upgraded carburetor. I am on the fence about getting the Nibbi carb ( Opening My TBR7’s New Nibbi Carburetor. ) since it did wonders for my TBR7, but the VM22 comes as a complete kit, intake, filter, carb, etc. I am leaning towards a Mikuni VM-22 kit right now. FYI: Update the new carburetor kit came in: Boom Vader Carb Upgrade Kit Came in, for Grom Clone 125’s

Boom Vader Carburetor Upgrade Kit, VM-26 for 125cc engine.

My Post: Boom Vader 125cc Carburetor Upgraded.

Click For Current Vader Carburetor Upgrade Kit Prices.

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Boom Vader Exhaust Upgrade

My Boom Vader 125cc motorcycle (BD125-10) sounds like an angry weed-whacker. This upgrade to the exhaust was thought of adding to my Boom Vader to-do list after getting some ride time. Feel a suppressed engine sound, also a sign of a suppressed exhaust gas flow from the engine. More Sound = More Power?

The stock exhaust on this Chinese Grom Clone sounds ‘tinny’. No Bass. I have a Boom Vader with no Bass. Darth would not be happy its lack of faith in the force. Yes that was bad. :/

Now I can live with the sound, but I know this sound also reminds me that the current stock exhaust is very restrictive. I found sloppy welds, very narrow turns, etc.

I want to upgrade my Boom Vader’s exhaust to something that has low resistance, high flow characteristics, and comes with a rich sound.

My Boom Vader motorcycle is sporting a shiny new exhaust system(low resistance, high flow piping) and a rich-sounding after-market Grom Clone muffler. Sounds sweet, and I swear I feel more power now. 😀

My Post: Boom Vader Exhaust Upgraded.

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Sealed Gas Tank For Boom Vader Gen 2 (BD125-10)

No secret, Grom Clones have problems with their stock motorcycle gas tanks, and my Boom Vader Gen 2 125cc is no exception.

I had a small leak that I could only smell ( Boom Vader Latest Motorcycle Review @ 400 Miles ), to a larger leak that left a puddle( Why Is My Motorcycle Leaking Gas? ), an easy fix since I thought it was the gasket( My Motorcycle Gas Tank Leak Repair Job ), to a bigger DIY gas tank fix ( Boom Vader Gas Tank Repaired (Again?)! ) which failed, to finally a mechanic welding the gas tank for me( Boom Vader Gas Tank Is Leaking From Bottom, Again!?! ).

Welded Motorcycle Gas tank, my final leaking Boom Vader tank leak solution.
Welded patch to my leaking motorcycle gas tank.

I lost the gas tank level sensor and am now using my trip odometer to keep track of miles until I need the next fill-up. Thinking about carrying spared gas on my motorcycle.

However, my long-term goal is to get another Boom Vader gas tank and treat it with a motorcycle gas tank sealer kit. This way, I get my gas tank level gauge working again.

My Post: Final Boom Vader Motorcycle Gas Tank Fix.

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Change Boom Vader Motor Mount Bolts

One of the first recommends upgrades for Grom Clone motorcycles is to change out the engine mount bolts ASAP, especially before you do any speed or performance upgrades to your Grom Clone.

Well, with my Boom Vader motorcycle, I didn’t follow this advice and suffered a broken motorcycle engine mount bolt. I was lucky to get home safely, where I found the bolt broken. Broke A Motorcycle Motor Mount Bolt.

New Boom Vader engine mount bolts.

Changing the stock engine mount bolts for engine mount bolts made of better material was straightforward and didn’t require any drilling. After I upgraded my Boom Vader engine mount bolts, I later drilled out larger holes in the engine and installed larger engine mount bolts.

I should have had this upgrade closer to the top of my list before the bolt broke. :/

My Post: Replaced Boom Vader Motor Mount Bolts.

Back To Boom Vader Upgrade To-Do List

Bigger Boom Vader Engine Mount Bolts?

Now when you post online you picked up a Boom Vader 125cc engine, you will get more than just congrats. You will get a laundry list of upgrade “to-dos” for your Grom Clone motorcycle.

The Boom Vader upgrades will be in different categories: performance, reliability, and comfort.

One of the Boom Vader Reliability Upgrades you will hear over and over is to change the engine mount bolts. People warn the bolts are of poor quality and will break almost immediately. I looked at my engine mount bolts, which have “12.9” stamped on the head. That is a sign of quality, so not worried.

Larger Boom Vader engine mount bolts with drill.
Show honesty here, learn from my mistakes, I didn’t use the washers here.

However, this same Boom Vader upgrade can be related to a comfort upgrade. If you trill out the bike’s frame mount holes from 8mm to 9.5mm(???), I am told the bolts better match the actual engine mounting holes: so less vibration and a stronger connection. Not sure about the larger bolt final size, but will create a post about this upgrade when it’s completed.

So regardless, this is on my to-do list. I plan to upgrade my Boom Vader’s engine mounting bolts, which is not high on my list until I start riding more.

Update: Seems the motor mount bolts needed upgrading sooner for reliability: I Broke A Motorcycle Motor Mount Bolt.

My Post: Boom Vader Motor Mount Bolts Upgraded.

Click For Current Longer Drill Bit Prices.

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Small Motorcycle Tail Bag

After my Boom Vader’s exhaust upgrade( Boom Vader Aftermarket Exhaust Mod Instructions ), an excellent upgrade for the motorcycle, I had a few bloopers( Boom Vader 125 Exhaust Upgrade Bloopers ). I realized I needed fundamental motorcycle tools for the side of the road.

My Boom Vader's small motorcycle tail bag.

I have space under my seat for some small tools, but having room for a small motorcycle tool roll would be best. So looking for a small motorcycle tail bag, large enough to have some carrying capacity but small enough not to take away from the Boom Vader’s beauty. 😀

My Post: Small Boom Vader Motorcycle Tail Bag.

Click For Current Motorcycle Small Tail Bag Prices.

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Spare Motorcycle Auxiliary Fuel Bottle

I’ve reached the point I want to know how to put extra fuel on my motorcycle. During my Boom Vader motorcycle MPG tests( How Many MPG Does A 125cc Bike Get? My Boom Vader 125. ), I found not only was the speedometer ‘off’ but so was my odometer. It makes sense, but I thought at least one would work out of the box ( Boom Vader / Grom Clone Assembly Problems & Concerns ). So using the odometer as a warning for low gas might not be the best idea. Gas tank sensor with the final fix for my gas tank leak.

My motorcycle spare fuel bottle.

So just in case, I want to carry a little extra fuel on my motorcycle and get a suitable holder for that fuel. I might run into problems with my Boom Vader’s fuel level. Bouncing between a small gas can and a bottle, I will cross that bridge when I upgrade my bike.

Currently considering only carrying the bottle in my small motorcycle tail bag, but looking for a fuel bottle holder to mount on my motorcycle.

So far considering a burrito storage tube for a motorcycle to store the spare fuel bottle in, just like the upgrade I did for my TaoTao TBR7 Tool Kit Storage, A burrito storage tube.

>> 1/2 Done: Got a Spare Gas Bottle For My Motorcycle.

Click For Current Spare Fuel Bottle Prices.

Back To Boom Vader Upgrade To-Do List

Boom Vader Motorcycle Cell Phone Holder

I installed a cellphone holder on my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle( Best Budget Motorcycle Handlebar Cell Phone Mount, Under $20 ) and need to do the same for my Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle. I am having your cellphone screen visible while riding is handy and safer than trying to hold it for directions.

My Boom Vader Motorcycle handlebar cellphone holder.

No need to go into too much detail; I’m sure many of you add a cellphone holder as soon as you get a new bike.

My Post: Best Budget Motorcycle Handlebar Phone Mount.

Click For Current Motorcycle Handlebar Cell Phone Holder.

Back To Boom Vader Upgrade To-Do List

Boom Vader 141cc Big Bore Kit

Everyone takes about doing the 190cc and 212cc engine swap, but I understand my Boom Vader is a tiny bike. If I want more significant engines, I’ll get a bigger bike. Bigger bikes do better at higher speeds with stability and highway riding, and my Boom Vader is NO big bike.

But!!!! After the front sprocket upgrade, with the carburetor upgrade and exhaust upgrade, the bike wants to go faster. However, the little 125cc engine struggles with hills. Now I can lose a little weight, I’m sure, but getting an extra few cc’s into the engine will surely be more straightforward.

Grom Clone Big Bore Kits aren’t too expensive but still cost a few bucks, and I won’t jump into this upgrade and plan to give you guys a review after doing it. Maybe I will notice nothing since I’m told I should also do a head and cam upgrade( Example: YX Engine Head Kit Equipped with Z40 Racing Camshaft Kit ). We’ll see you know for the sake of testing upgrades individually and reviewing them one time; you know I will also do these upgrades one at a time. Check back later.

FYI: Looking at: Would appreciate feedback if you did this upgrade already. Thanks!

Back To Boom Vader Upgrade To-Do List

A Boom Vader/Grom Clone Seat Swap

I went with the Boom Vader Gen 2 because I liked the body design, especially the headlights. As I ride more and more on my little motorcycle, I notice how the seat is shaped, pushing me forward onto the gas tank.

Being constantly pushed forward leaves little room to move around, and the seat has the least amount of padding; the more forward you go.

I’m looking for a flatter seat for my Boom Vader. This way, I can move back and forth and stretch my arms and legs, and when braking hard, I get more weight over that rear wheel.

The bike is light, and getting more of my large body over the back of the bike will help prevent the rear wheel from breaking free and fishtailing.

Oh, I am looking at more comfort for my rear too. If you guys have suggestions, leave a comment! Thank you!

Back To Boom Vader Upgrade To-Do List

Boom Vader Fork Oil Change

Some Grom Clone Owners recommend swapping out the stock forks for genuine Honda Grom forks, but where is the fun? I bought a Grom CLONE, and if I just wanted Honda Grom parts, I would have purchased a Honda Grom.

So, I plan to try to get the stock Boom Vader forks to feel ‘better.’ Less squishy. The plan is to change the stock fork oil, put in name-brand fork oil, and see if I can preload the forks with some spacers.

Not sure how to go about this, but changing the fork oil is on my to-do list. When I get around to it, you can bet I’ll share my lessons learned. Stay tuned!

Back To Boom Vader Upgrade To-Do List

Boom Vader Rear Sprocket Upgrade

Now I have some issues with acceleration and reaching top RPMs after upgrading the front sprocket to a larger size. However, I figure when I get around to doing more performance upgrades, I can reduce the rear sprocket size and help increase the top speed of my Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle.

It’s on the far back burner, but this upgrade will be considered more in the future as I get better acceleration from the little bike. If you have any suggestions as to what size I should change my rear sprocket too, leave feedback below. Thanks!

Back To Boom Vader Upgrade To-Do List

Install Grom Fatherz Speed Spacers?

Now I hear that these Fatherz Speed Spacers improve the top speed/acceleration of the Groms, so figuring they would be a great addition to my Boom Vader.

These Speed Spacers are supposed to reduce rolling resistance and allow more of the little motorcycle engine power being used for speed versus bearing/brake drag.

This is a pricey upgrade for a couple of chunks of metal, so I hope someone would give some feedback if they are truly worth it. Thank you!

Back To Boom Vader Upgrade To-Do List

Wheel Bearing Replacements

This upgrade might be considered more a maintenance item than a real upgrade. But… the stock wheel bearings my Boom Vader came with are considered “OK”.

There are wheel bearings with higher quality and with less rolling resistance. This way, there is less bearing drag, and more of the little engine’s power can be used to increase the bike’s top speed and acceleration characters.

So, as I mentioned, this might be a maintenance item. Still, I will move towards better-performing wheel bearings as I replace worn wheel bearings.

Back To Boom Vader Upgrade To-Do List

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Boom Vader Gen 2 Upgrades

Reasons For My Boom Vader Gen 2 Upgrades?

1.- The quality of stock Grom Clone motorcycle parts.

This tiny 125cc motorcycle is very affordable. As a result, the stock parts have a lower quality than I am comfortable with, but it was what I could afford.  

I had a similar experience with my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle (Out of the box: TaoTao TBR7 Review & Specs ). Out of the box, it felt cheap. But after my upgrades ( TaoTao TBR7 Upgrades To-do List ), I felt it turned into the first motorcycle I was very comfortable riding and having fun on ( TaoTao TBR7 One Year Motorcycle Review ).

Now that I have the motorcycle, I can enjoy riding it and build into it the quality I want with the upgrades I plan.

2.- The generic Honda Grom Clone factor.

Although the Boom Vader comes with a cool name, it’s got a generic Grom Clone look and build. There are no decals, solid color, and the same basic shape as all the other Grom Clones. This basic shape gives the Boom Vader potential for many after-market body upgrades; until it’s upgraded, the bike looks like it just came out of the box.

By adding after-market upgrades, you can customize the bike (looks, sounds, performance, etc.) to your desired level.

3.- Easy of Honda Grom Clone motorcycle upgrades.

The Boom Vader 125 motorcycle is based on a popular bike, the Honda Grom, and the Honda Grom has a strong following. Therefore, there are many aftermarket parts in the price range that a Chinese Grom Clone owner can afford. So finding Grom Clone upgrades is easy.

4.- Interchangeable 125cc parts and upgrades.

The Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle shares many dimensions and the same small 125cc engine as its fellow Chinese Grom Clone bikes. The TaoTao Hellcat, X-pro Vader, etc. The similar designs allow for a massive market of consumers, and upgrade manufacturers will pump out products that are interchangeable between these Chinese-made Grom Clones.

Even if a bike comes with a different-sized engine, like a 150cc engine, many bike body parts are interchangeable with the Boom Vader 125cc parts.

I initially thought having a carbureted engine would be a problem. Still, after doing upgrades on my first motorcycle, the TaoTao TBR7, I found carburetors to be finicky but not impossible to work with. This comfort level allowed me to buy a Grom clone rather than a Honda Grom since the Honda Grom comes with fuel injection, and I save money for tinkering around and doing lower-cost upgrades.

5.-Savings big bucks with the initial motorcycle purchase.

When you thought about buying a motorcycle, there were fears it would be too expensive. After purchasing the Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle, I had money left over for doing the needed and wanted motorcycle upgrades.

6.- Upgrading your Grom Clone motorcycle is fun!

I know the main reason to buy a bike was to ride it, but you can spend time working on your bike when the weather is terrible and wrench time is still quality motorcycle time.

Plus, this engine on the Boom Vader 125 motorcycle is small. Little changes and upgrades can feel like you really wake up this engine and see some performance boosts.

7.- So easy to find upgrade information.

The Grom Clone motorcycle owner forums, and FB groups, are full of owners who upgraded and modified their motorcycles. I am glad for these posts and plan to do many of the same upgrades to my Boom Vader.  

8.- Face it; Boom Vader 125cc Aftermarket Parts Are Cheap!

When I listen to people talking about their motorcycles, it seems like a competition in speed and performance and how much they can spend on upgrading their motorcycles. My Boom Vader is fun, and getting aftermarket 125cc parts are cheap(er) than many oversized motorcycles.

I can upgrade, and if I don’t like it, I can return to stock motorcycle parts and not cry too much over the lost money. My Boom Vader motorcycle is saving me money by being a low-cost hobby.

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Boom Vader Gen 2 Upgrades

Picture of me, as a New Motorcyclist.
Just Me…Newly Licensed.

Hi I’m Tom, A New Motorcycle Rider and Blog Author.

I am a new rider(Pa Learners Permit at the end of 2020, and I received a Pa Motorcycle License in 2021 after passing a Motorcycle Safety Course).

I bought my first motorcycle, a TaoTao TBR7, at the beginning of 2021 and have been doing upgrades on that motorcycle since.

I added to my motorcycle collection by buying a Boom Vader Gen 2 in 2022, and that Grom-Clone motorcycle has been upgraded by me as well.

I continue to ride my Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle as well as my TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport bike.

Read more on my About Me page.

Fun Fact: I’ve only been on one group ride.

2 thoughts on “Boom Vader 125cc Upgrades To-Do List.”

  1. Tom, thank you for the excellent instructions and chronicles of your MBV improvement project! I bought a vader and am going to assemble it, break it in, do some improvements, then give it to my step-son. You blog is sure gonna come in handy!

  2. Subj: A Boom Vader/Grom Clone Seat Swap

    Tom, I just did this, you may want to try it. Get a set of spanners from amazon for the rear shock. The preload is set quite high, at about 1/2 way up the shock. There is a smaller jam nut under the big nut (different size too). Loosen the jam nut and turn it to within 2-3 threads of absolute bottom. Now work on running the main nut down toward the bottom. It is under some spring tension so you cant just loosen it by hand. When you get the main nut within 2-3 threads of bottom, tighten the jam nut against the main nut and you’re done. You have just lowered you vader by about 1 inch! In my experience, 1 inch here or there can make a huge diff in comfort level when riding. Good luck!


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