My Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review (From Walmart).

I’ve had this full-face motorcycle helmet for a while(it was my helmet for my Pennsylvania motorcycle safety course and the first helmet I ever bought) and thought it was time I would review it. My Fuel full-face motorcycle helmet review is mine and my own.

Not sponsored or subsidized by anyone. I purchased this helmet myself at my local Walmart, off the shelf.

Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review  front view on box.
Frontal view of Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet. One of the off-the-shelf Walmart motorcycle helmets.

Now I wanted to point out this helmet is available at Walmart because of one thing. I was in a rush to get a motorcycle helmet. On the first day of the motorcycle safety class( Day 1 of Motorcycle Safety Course In Pa. ), I was told my assumption that helmets were provided was correct, but the helmets sit on-site in a shed 24/7 and might have become home to critters.  

That said, I was in the last-minute rush to get my helmet that met the motorcycle safety classes requirements( Is The Motorcycle Safety Course Worth It ). The Walmart by me is open 24/7, and these Fuel motorcycle helmets are on the shelf, ready for pickup.  Full-face helmets with other types of motorcycle helmets.

Feature rich helmet box for Fuel Full-face motorcycle helmet.
Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet box with features listed.

I was blessed to find a helmet on the shelf waiting for me and, of course, my size. How I figured my size immediately? Yes, I tried on the motorcycle helmet right there in the aisle. It fits, meets the school’s requirements, and is cheap.

So the Fuel motorcycle helmet was going home with me.

I plan to create this helmet review focused on the new motorcycle rider, like myself, that is looking for a quick and easy motorcycle helmet to pick up and start riding on day one. So don’t expect me to talk about motorcycle helmet features like Bluetooth communicators, heads-up displays, etc.

Fuel helmet box with helmet sizes.
Side of Fuel’s box, showing full-face helmet sizes.

The Fuel Motorcycle Full-Face Helmet is a basic helmet, and this will be a basic helmet review.

Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review Info:

Fuel’s full-face motorcycle helmet is perfect for street motorcycles. Both lightweight & comfortable, this helmet meets or exceeds DOT safety standards to ensure quality and safety. This helmet features adjustable mouth and brow vents as well as a dual top vent diffuser designed to give you the proper ventilation you require. It also has a quick release shield for quickly and easily taking helmet on and off. Removable and washable liner and cheek pad offer easy cleaning options as well.

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What This Full-Face Helmet Means For Comfort?

The Fuel Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturer’s Site states the helmet is lightweight.

Why Is Motorcycle Helmet Weight Important?

I live in a Helmet in an optional state(Pennsylvania). Under certain conditions of age and riding experience, of course. One of the big arguments against helmets is the weight of the helmet under normal riding conditions, and worse, during accidents.

Some riders claim the weight of a motorcycle helmet on the head adds to the possibility of neck injury due to whiplash conditions. Although possible, I do wear a helmet.  FAQ: What is ATGATT?

So I am looking for a lightweight helmet for riding comfort. I want to be able to quickly turn my head(although we use our eyes as well) to identify dangers and enjoy the scenery. So lightweight is excellent.

Now lightweight is subjective. When I put the helmet on in Walmart, I thought I would only use the helmet for the motorcycle safety course, but afterward, I continued to use this Fuel helmet. So lightweight is a great feature.

Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Is Comfortable?

The lightweight was subjective, and the helmet manufacturer’s description got even more subjective. Comfort is in the eye of the beholder, or head of wear in this case.  

So I can only off my opinion, but I can hopefully send you in the right direction.

The Fuel motorcycle helmet was comfortable. I wore the helmet for hours, in less than smooth conditions of first learning to ride a motorcycle and operate its clutch, to bouncy back roads.  

D-link helmet buckle.
D-link buckle, with snap for free end of chin strap securing. Nice feature.

Properly fitted, I picked up a size large and strapped it well with the chin strap, the helmet doesn’t move around, and the interior is smooth and soft enough to wear. I can say it’s comfortable to wear for hours.

Is The Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Safe?

I don’t have a helmet testing lab at home or even know a practical way to test motorcycle helmets, so I rely on the experts.

The Fuel Motorcycle Helmet is advertised as meeting or exceeding DOT safety standards. What does this mean?

The Department Of Transport Is The Expert Here.

From my class and quick web searches, when they mention DOT, they mean the Department Of Transportation (DOT). The DOT set standards for motorcycle helmet safety decades ago, and each manufacturer who meets those standards is allowed to advertise their helmet as “DOT certified.”  

I hear the murmuring. I know the DOT has allowed manufacturers to self-certify with their hired review service providers. Yes, there might be a conflict of interest here, but I have to work with the information I provide.  

DOT certified Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet.
Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet listed as DOT Certified.

Fuel has been making motorcycle helmets for a while, and I couldn’t find anything that suggests their helmets don’t meet DOT standards, so they get my trust.

I do not want to go into a discussion about DOT standards versus Snell or ECE. That is for a later conversation, and for now, I bought this helmet for my motorcycle safety course and continued low-speed riding on my own after the class.

Remember ATGATT!

The Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Flow Air?

One thing that envisioned wearing a motorcycle helmet is wearing hard-shelled Styrofoam insulated cooler on your head.

Now the Fuel Motorcycle Helmet is more fashionable than wearing a Colman cooler and much safer, of course, but wearing both will warm your head after a while.

The Fuel motorcycle helmet is advised to have mouth, brow, and top of helmet air vents.

Does it?

Well, it does. Each of the inlet vents is controlled with open and closed shutters. Also, to help ventilate the helmet while riding, the back of the helmet has outlets that appear to create a vacuum, helping to draw the air out.

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Do The Vents Work On This Motorcycle Helmet?

Well… You can imagine many helmets; this helmet gets warm fast with limited airflow and is noticeable in stopped conditions. So would like bigger vents and vents that can be easily adjustable while riding.

The Fuel Motorcycle Helmet vents are either open or closed, and the only adjustments you can make are mixing the combination of what vents are open or closed.

Also, the vent openings are small.  

Me, wearing the Fuel Full-Face Helmet.  I need a shave.
Helmet Vents: Chin vents, brow vents and top vents.

It was explained to me that vents balance functionality and minimize how large the holes are in the safety shell of the helmet.

Do The Vents Work On Hot Summer Days?

Yes. However, I had to crack open the visor on hot days or at very low speeds for more airflow.  

Missing Helmet Feature Is A Win For Hot Weather?

The Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is missing a feature typical of other higher-priced helmets,

A Helmet Chin Curtain.

Opening of Fuel Full-Face Helmet.
No chin curtain on this helmet. Might be a later option for cooler weather.

A chin curtain prevents air from coming up under the helmet, between the neck and chin section, and reduces wind noise. I found the lack of a chin curtain and the ample space between my jaw area and the helmet rather large. 

This space wasn’t great for wind noise at high speeds, but at lower speeds, this helped flow more air up and into the helmet area. I felt cooler at lower speeds.

Note: After buying my second motorcycle helmet, Icon AirFlite, which came with a chin curtain, a chin curtain reduces the noise in a helmet. This change in helmets made me notice riding motorcycles is a noisy hobby, and I started using hearing protection.

Where Is The Fuel Motorcycle Helmet Made?

If you are an owner of a Chinese motorcycle like I am (TaoTao TBR7 and Boom Vader 125cc), you might recognize the manufacturing location of the helmet.  

Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturer's tag.
Manufacturer’s tag, looks like this helmet and my TaoTao TBR7 are made in same place.

Zhejiang seems to be a large manufacturing district in China, and many motorcycle-related products come from that area. So they are focused on the motorcycle industry.

How Long Is The Fuel Motorcycle Helmet Warranty?

What is in writing? According to the helmet manual I received, there is a 90day warranty against defects.

Are 90 Days A Long Enough Motorcycle Helmet Warranty?

Why I posted this question?

Fuel's Motorcycle Helmet Owner's Manual
Fuel’s Motorcycle Helmet Owner’s Manual

The manual states the life of the motorcycle helmet is five years; by staying, it should be replaced every five years.

Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet manual with a 5 year life expectancy with proper care.
The Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet has a 5 year life expectancy with proper care.

So is 90 days long enough to test this helmet and look for defects?

Fuel Helmet 90 day warranty section of manual.
Fuel Helmet Manual with 90 day warranty.

I believe so. Obvious defects will be, well, obvious. The friendly thing bout buying this helmet in Walmart and it was within reach, and I could thoroughly examine the Fuel helmet before taking it to the cashier.

Broken straps, cracked shells, etc., should be easily identified before the warranty period ends. Just have to do what every rider does, inspect your gear.

Overall Opinion Of The Fuel Motorcycle Helmet?

It was my first motorcycle helmet, and it has some sentimental value. However, to be direct, I feel this helmet served its purpose. It kept me safe.

It was a quick and easy helmet purchase that met the requirements of a first-time motorcycle rider and class. It’s cheap, easy to wear, and has ample airflow space for sitting outside in class on the sun-soaked riding course( Day 2, Part 1 of Motorcycle Safety Course In Pa. ).

Not too heavy and just a good helmet for my new rider’s needs.

Note: I have moved on and upgraded my daily wear motorcycle helmet, and the Fuel motorcycle helmet doesn’t get much use anymore.

So the Fuel motorcycle helmet serves another purpose; it’s a great spare helmet for myself or if I get another person to ride with me.

Cheek pads removed from the Fuel full face helmet.
Just a tidbit, the cheek pads come out easily for washing.

Author’s Notice: This page contains affiliate links, for which I may earn a commission by their use. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying Amazon purchases.

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Does Walmart Have Motorcycle Helmets?

I would have included this, but when I talked to my fellow motorcycle safety course classmates, they didn’t know that Walmart had motorcycle helmets.

This Fuel full-face motorcycle helmet might be the last helmet I buy from a big box store, but I got some fair use from it. It’s a good, cheap helmet for a new motorcycle rider like myself.

My Future Fuel Motorcycle Helmet Plans.

I mentioned how the Fuel Motorcycle Helmet serves as a spare helmet for myself or another rider, but I have real plans for it.

I might be looking for something other than another off-the-shelf Walmart motorcycle helmet. Still, I am becoming a real Local Cycle Gear Store fan. I love their off-the-shelf options for motorcycle helmets.

This helmet has a great chin area, and I plan to mount a camera on it for future riding adventures. The helmet’s surfaces seem great for mounting equipment, and I record my rides. 

So check back later; I hope to have videos to share. Also, I get more time to wear this helmet and see if there are any long-term issues with the helmet.

If you have a Fuel Motorcycle Helmet, I would be happy to hear about your experiences; please leave a comment below.

Picture of me, as a New Motorcyclist.
Just Me…Newly Licensed.

Hi I’m Tom, A New Motorcycle Rider and Blog Author.

I am a new rider(Pa Learners Permit at the end of 2020, and I received a Pa Motorcycle License in 2021 after passing a Motorcycle Safety Course).

I bought my first motorcycle, a TaoTao TBR7, at the beginning of 2021 and have been doing upgrades on that motorcycle since.

I added to my motorcycle collection by buying a Boom Vader Gen 2 in 2022, and that Grom-Clone motorcycle has been upgraded by me as well.

I continue to ride my Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle as well as my TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport bike.

Read more on my About Me page.

Fun Fact: I’ve only been on one group ride.

7 thoughts on “My Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Review (From Walmart).”

  1. So the reason you trust the helmet is…you haven’t seen any studies that Fuel helmets don’t meet DOT standards? Solid logic, I’d trust my life to that. 🤦‍♂️

    • Scott,

      That is a solid point you are making.

      My understanding(and I could be very wrong, so reply):

      A Motorcycle Helmet’s DOT certification is a self-certification program carried out by the manufacturer, declaring the motorcycle helmet meets NHTSA standards (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 218). Also, this claim is verified by a third-party tester the manufacturer chooses.

      So is there potential for a conflict of interest? Yes. I share your same concerns about this.

      However, I learned the NHSTA does do random audits of equipment to verify the manufacturer’s claim, and they post the failed results in their online database:

      I did check, and Model FF001 Full Face Fuel Motorcycle Helmet is not on the list of failures.

      So…. till proven otherwise, as a consumer, I have to trust the equipment. Another course is to buy a helmet of another certification standard I trust more, which I did later when I upgraded my motorcycle helmet, or live with the certification and ride as safely as possible.

      Scott, good point you are making; DOT certification is more reactive than proactive in the testing from this layperson; thanks for your support.


  2. Thanks for taking the time to provide your thoughts about the helmet, store and your experience. I remember well my safety course, taken a few years ago with my daughter.
    Kelsey was attending college at the time, and I purchased a Honda Metropolitan scooter so she would have reliable, cheap transportation around school, and to her job at the Chinese restaurant 10 miles away.
    My wife wasn’t happy with my plan, and in an effort to placate her and to put my own fears to rest, the course and all of the gear for riding were made available.
    A few helmets were acquired, two each for both of us, so a pillion riders were covered.
    As time went on my reading increased about safety gear.
    You will inevitably come across Snell, ECE and of course DOT in this venture.
    My takeaway, Snell is the best safety review and standard available today.
    I own at least one Snell approved helmet made by Bell. But truth be told I wear my HJC with DOT, and ECE certifications, most. I like the fit etc and HJC is one of the largest manufacturers out there. Based in Korea I think. I’ve been there and am well aware of their proud people who make many things we trust, from Samsung to KIA.
    Keep writing and riding.
    Have a great and safe 2023.

  3. Fuel Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets have generally received positive feedback from users. They are known for their strong build quality, comfortable fit, and good ventilation. It is important to note that individual preferences may vary, so it’s always recommended to try on a helmet and ensure it meets your specific needs and requirements.

    • Agreed, this finally comes down to the user. If users feel the full-face motorcycle helmet doesn’t meet their needs, they won’t wear it.

      From my experience, any helmet(authentic motorcycle helmet) is better than none, but I’ve noticed facial injuries are common with serious accidents.

      I once arrived at a scene, motorcycle vs. delivery truck; the rider was down, alert, and oriented, complaining of typical frontal crash pains(legs, neck, arms, etc.). I looked at the side of the delivery truck and was amazed to see spots where the handlebars dented the truck, and right in between these two small dents, a larger dent.

      The truck turned left in front of the rider, and the rider t-boned into the car, face-planting as he went over the bars.

      We agreed that having a full-face helmet would allow him to eat real food that night. 😀

      I was glad he had a helmet, especially one with full face protection.


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