What Direction Does A Master Link Clip Go On? – FAQ

Simple answer: A chain’s master link clip should go on such that it stays secure in the chain’s direction of travel. The master link clip should have the opening facing rearward as the chain is moving forward.

TBR7 Master Link Clip Direction.
Notice TBR7 Motorcycle chain master link clip’s direction on rear sprocket.

Are Master Link Clip Directional?

Yes, chain master link clip are directional.

Before I started working on my motorcycles(TaoTao TBR7 dual-sport motorcycle and my second bike, Boom Vader BD125-10 motorcycle), I worked on my first bikes.  

Bikes, as in BMX, road, and mountain bikes. Real pedal bikes.

One thing regular pedal bikes and motorcycles share is their chain’s master link clips are directional.

Now understand the clip can go on either with an opening to the right or left, but how the clip should go on is only one way.

The motorcycle chain, like a regular pedal bike, can have the chain strike objects.  

With a regular bike, typical front chain derailers are designed to push chains left and right, up and down gears on the front sprocket.

Motorcycle chains can rush on dirt or bounce around, striking chain covers.

Knowing this as the chain moves forward if the master link clip is to strike anything, it should do such not to become un-clipped.

Boom Vader motorcycle master link clip direction prep for installation.
Boom Vader motorcycle chain master link clip direction prep.

So the clip should have its opening facing opposite the direction of the chain’s motion.

If the chain is moving forward, typical of the top portion of the chain, the master clip orientation should be the clip’s opening facing rearward.

If the chain is moving rearward, typical of the lower portion of the chain, the master clip orientation should be the clip’s opening facing forward.

With this orientation, if the clip strikes anything, the force would be such to seat the clip instead of removing it.

You can see how I installed my TBR7 Motorcycle chain and my Boom Vader Motorcycle chain.

Which Way Does The Master Link Clip Go On A Dirt Bike?

Similarly, have the master link clip opening facing the opposite of the chain’s direction of motion.

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