Grom Clone Chain Clicking Noise, Fixed!

One of the typical complaints about Grom Clones is the clicking noise from the lower section of the engine; from the motorcycle chain area.

The clicking and slapping noise is present when the chain is in motion and is made worse by how much slack you have in your chain. The motorcycle chain noise when accelerating gets worse is a tip-off, and this repair is an easy fix.

Good thing most repairs and fixes are easy on the Boom Vader motorcycle. I fixed mine and hoped you can fix your Grom Clone’s chain clicking noise.

Why Does My Motorcycle Chain Make A Clicking Noise?

First things first, check your motorcycle bike chain tension. The Boom Vader motorcycle owner’s manual shows how much chain slack you should have. Also, check your motorcycle chain slack with the weight on the seat since this is how the motorcycle typically operates.

After checking chain tension, I’m betting you still have a clicking noise. I’ll explain the reason behind this post and the simple fix I did to eliminate the noise.

Source Of The Motorcycle Chain Clicking Noise.

The lower section of the chain, the chain exiting the front sprocket housing, is making contact with the front sprocket housing. Even if you tighten the chain like a guitar string, the chain still makes contact.

Not sure why my Boom Vader is designed to have this chain, front sprocket housing contact, but I guess it’s Grom Clone thing.

When did your Grom Clone motorcycle start chain making noise? Mine was right after assembly.

What Makes The Chain Clicking Noise Worse?

It seems the clicking noise gets louder with acceleration. I can only guess why, but when you accelerate, there must be some chain stretching, causing the top section, the chain entering the front sprocket housing to get tighter, resulting in more slack on the bottom section. So the bottom section is now making more contact with the front sprocket housing.

The noise gets even louder with increasing the size of the front sprocket. I found out after doing a front sprocket upgrade ( Boom Vader / Grom Clone Front Sprocket Upgrade Steps ) to a 17t version. The chain is lowered by the increased size of the front sprocket, making more solid contact with the lower section of the front sprocket housing.

OK, I just wanted to cover this problem, so no one feels they are alone with this issue. It’s not a biggie, and once you see the solution, you’ll wonder why no one has made this fix sooner.

How I Got Rid Of The Chain Clicking Sound.

Read through all steps first before fixing your motorcycle chain noise problem. There is some metal cutting, and be sure to use safety glasses and have the common motorcycle tools available.

FAQ: Motorcycle Garage Safety Rules

1.- Remove The Motorcycle Front Sprocket Cover.

Two bolts hold on the front sprocket housing. These bolts feel like they are made of mild steel, so go easy and be prepared to use a stripped nut remove. You can find quality replacement bolts at your local hardware store if needed.

Boom Vader Chain guard.
My Boom Vader’s front sprocket motorcycle chain guard.

2.- Identify The Motorcycle Chain Contact Areas.

Look inside the front sprocket housing, and you will see marks. The motorcycle chain makes marks as it strikes the housing.

chain housing chain marks.
Chain marks on lower section of chain housing.

I used a hacksaw, cut in front(toward the front of the sprocket housing) and then along the bottom edge. This process removed a small square of metal. The metal is ‘soft’ as well, and the hack saw went through it quickly.

Boom Vader chain guard contact area cut out.
Cheap hack saw cut right through the front sprocket housing. Notice where the chain was making contact.

4.- Reinstall The Front Sprocket Housing.

Reuse the two bolts; use thread locker as typical for Chonda bikes. Don’t crackdown on the bolts; it might damage the components.

Blue thread locker.
Use thread locker!

5.- Check Your Work.

Does the bike’s chain make contact with the front sprocket housing?

No contact, good job!

Underside image, chain clearing chain guard.
Look underneath, chain clears the sprocket housing, and no chain clicking noise.

Easy Motorcycle Chain Clicking Fix! 

My cutting was done so that it’s not even visible after the front sprocket housing is reinstalled.

Close up of Boom Vader's chain guard, mod not visible.
Boom Vader’s sprocket housing cut was done, and not very visible from the side.

If the chain stretches over time(had TBR7 motorcycle chain stretching too Motorcycle Loose Chain Symptoms ) or you install a larger sprocket, the motorcycle chain making noise might return.

Readjusting your chain, Motorcycle Loose Chain Symptoms, or you might have to trim a little more off your front sprocket guard’s lower section. Check the chain slack first( 10 Steps For My TBR7 Chain Adjustment )

Just trim off a little more metal from the front sprocket housing, and the chain clicking noise should be gone.

Good luck, and tell me what you did to get rid of your motorcycle’s chain clicking noise.

Ride Safe, Ride Fun!

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